Broken But Not Beyond Repair

Don't let the heartbreak destroy you.

Not totally broken
Broken but not beyond repair


We keep relationships for so many reasons. So. Many. Reasons. Our reasons for keeping a relationship stem from our urgent need as an individual down to the opinions of others. Humans are choosy even when it comes to issues that affect the heart. It can’t be true that some people do not have a heart, yet they are choosy. Every one of US keeps a relationship for the benefit(s) we think we can gain or those we perceive to be possible. Below are examples:

  1. He would keep a relationship for sex and she would keep such for money, and vice versa.
  2. He would keep a relationship for fame and she would keep such for the paparazzi, and vice versa.
  3. She would keep a relationship for companionship and he would keep such for trophies, and vice versa.
  4. She would keep a relationship for security and he would keep such for control.
  5. She would keep a relationship for time and he would keep such for rite, and vice versa.

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Whatever reason that is not of the above is FOR LOVE. The heart is fragile, especially that of the first time lovers. “He likes me a lot”. “She is so caring”. “He is very hardworking”. “She is perfect”. “We would make a good couple”….. And more were the statements made when one is in love for the first time. It actually comes like it is in the movies: Disagree for a while and later fall in love, or meet a lady or a man of your dream for the first time and you flow. Yes. It becomes perfect. You gave out your heart. Shared dreams. Made promises. Imagined the future. It was really beautiful. You wanted the moment for eternity.

Then they suddenly change. First by changing their attitudes towards you: Ignoring your calls. Choosing new play mates. Having fun without you. You did not understand. You called, texted, sent friends yet they ignored all. Breaking up was not on the list. “He/She loves me than call it over” – You argued until they finally cut you heart through a text, a call or through a friend. “I am sorry, it is over.” The nicest of them would give you an excuse (a reason that is not genuine) while most won’t even tell you a thing (Shits happen). Then you played the guess game till you ran out of options. You could only cry because you thought you were the best person in a perfect relationship.

Love game is over
Game Over

Well, you were dumped because the benefit was no longer refreshing, someone came with a better offer. And like most football players do, they jumped ship. And all you have are the haunting memories.
Then you promised to never love again. Promised to never keep any intimate relationship with anyone and for any reason. So, you became love-proof and would resist any attempt by anyone to love you.

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My dear, it is time to let go off the grudges of betrayal. Do not trap the pain in your heart forever. They were wrong. Make them see reasons. Live happily and erase the fear of what people would say if they knew. You are not to be blamed because you kept your own side of the deal. It is HE/HER that should feel the pain of losing a diamond. You have to start a career. Get over it and do things elegantly.

It is normal to be down but do not let the heartbreak bury you beyond resurrection. It is your life not theirs. Do not let a past failure destroy your dream for a bright future. Wake up. Face your fear. Do things they thought you couldn’t do, look gorgeous or handsome. Repair yourself. Open up for another relationship, but hey, this time give it time and be sure of what they seek. It is only a mistake the first time. Heartbreak is not the end of the world. If Adele could win several Grammys even after her heartbreak, then you can fulfill your dreams too. You heart is broken but not beyond repair. The heart respond greatly to emotions and emotions psychologically affect us and what we do.

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Pick up the ruins and move on
Broken but not beyond repair

Do not be victimized by your broken heart as every heart can be repaired with time. The only way to really pay people back is by being successful.
You are broken but not beyond repair. Think Clear!


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