A Father’s Pain – Four

A fictional story

Episode 5
A father's pain - Episode 5

Episode 4

My heart must have stopped beating. I starred in horror and disbelief at the two naked people on my bed. So much deep were they in the throes of lovemaking that they were not aware of my presence.

All kinds of thoughts run through my mind in those few seconds as I stared at them. I am sure if I had a gun in my hand, I would have fired and kill them without blinking an eye. I also felt the urge to run to the bed, grab Edwin and beat the life out of him. However, somehow, I restrained myself. Recognizing that this was the end of my marriage as far as I was concerned, I quietly reached into my pocket for my phone, got the video working and then started recording what was going on.

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For almost twenty seconds, I filmed my wife and my best friend making love on my bed in my bedroom. The most heart wrenching of what was going on is the groans of pleasure coming from my wife and the sort of things she was saying.

She was the one who saw me first. She screamed and pushed my friend away from her the moment she did. Then with her eyes wide open in fear, she pulled the bed-sheet to cover her nudity. It was then that Edwin too saw me.

“Oh my God! Oh my God!” he kept on repeating as he stared at me. I was still recording them. I heard my wife plead with me to stop it. I ignored her. In fact, her voice was very provoking but I simply ignored her.

“Paul, please, forgive me,” Edwin started saying as he reached towards his clothes. I moved quickly to the clothes and got them before he got there. Looking back, I can only be thankful that I didn’t own a gun. Definitely, I would have killed the two if I had.

My wife was at this time crying. I switched the phone back from video and then placed a call to the police. I told them I had an emergency so I needed them within minutes. The officer who picked my call promised they will be at my place in five minutes.

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Edwin went down on his knees and started begging me to forgive him. I screamed at him to shut up. The venom in my voice when I ordered him to shut up rattled him. He could see that I was in a murderous mood and if he gives me the cause, I could kill him.

My wife, on hearing that I had called the police tried to reach for her dress but I got to it and tucked it under my armpit. She burst into fresh tears saying she still loved me and that it was the devil which had made her do what she did. I ignored her.

Soon, the police arrived. They came to the bedroom door. I let them in. They probably were expecting an armed robbery attack on me or a murder. What they saw was one they were not expecting.

“Officer, I returned home to see this man, my b—m friend, having s-x with my wife. As you can see, he is still naked because I will not let him dress up. My wife is also naked. I recorded what they were doing,” I told the Sergeant who led the police team into the room.

The police officers pleaded with me to give Edwin back his dress so they can deal with him. Reluctantly, I agreed. Quickly, a shame-faced, he dressed up. My estranged wife, Nora, was also given one of her dresses to dress up. She did so while still sitting on the bed with the bed-sheet still covering her.

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Finally they were done. The police told Edwin he was under arrest and then proceeded to tell him his charge and his rights. I told the police to their surprise, and to Edwin’s surprise and relief, that there was no need to arrest him.

“Pardon, sir,” the Sergeant said.

“Officer, no need to arrest him, I will not be pressing charges against him. I only wanted you to see everything yourself. Please just take this man from my house,” I said.

Edwin began to thank me, compelling me to scream at him to shut up. I told him the sound of his voice was something I did not want to hear again.

The Sergeant insisted that Nora too has to leave the house. I saw his point. He was afraid I may do something nasty to her if they allowed her to spend the night under my roof. I said I will be happy if they took her too away.

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The police thus led a shame-faced but grateful Edwin as well as Nora away. The Sergeant promised to call me later. He did; she said my wife had checked into the Marriot’s Hotel and that she would spend the night there. Seriously, I didn’t care where Nora will spend the night. I didn’t care even if she was going to spend the night at Edwin’s place. I no longer had any interest in her.

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