A Father’s Pain – Three

A fictional story

Episode 5
A father's pain - Episode 5

Episode 3

After about ten minutes, I managed to calm myself down. All around me, activities were going on. It was a typical market scene. Taking deep breaths, I drove away knowing very well my wife was hiding somewhere in the crowd, watching me.

I drove back to Prof. Laryea’s chamber and found him and my lawyer standing in front of his building. Both lawyers looked worried. There was no sign of Nana Kweku. I guess he had come after me and his sister but lost us.

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“Paul, calm down! You have to calm down. What you did was reckless! Where is your wife?” my lawyer asked me, coming towards me. Prof. Laryea did not follow him but he too waited eagerly for my answer. Calmly, I told my lawyer my wife escaped. I saw Prof. Laryea sigh in relief.

“Paul, you cannot take the law into your own hands. You could have gotten one of you or both of you killed or you may have killed somebody as you went chasing her. I understand your anger but you have to calm down. I am here to represent your interest and I can assure you that no one will take your children away from you” my lawyer said.

I saw Prof. Laryea take out his cell phone and place a call to somebody. I guessed he was calling my estranged wife to find out if she was truly fine. While he was talking to her, my lawyer took me aside and told me he had just managed to talk Prof. Laryea out of suing me for assault. I told my lawyer I would not be bothered.

“Paul, you don’t get it. Why get yourself jailed? Do you think you would have access to your children once you have been jailed? Think well, man. Your wife’s claims will be put to scientific test and we shall all know the truth” my lawyer said.

“What do you mean we shall all know the truth?” I asked him angrily. “I don’t need to undergo a test to prove that Peter and Pamela are my children. Or, is it that you too believe that my wife is telling the truth; that my children are not my biological children?” I asked angrily.

“I am not saying your wife is telling the truth” my lawyer replied. “She is taking the matter to court. The court will order a DNA test. This will prove she is lying or not.”

Of course, I knew about DNA tests. But I did not know what it had to do with me and my children. I told my lawyer I was not going to submit myself to any test to satisfy myself my children are my biological children.

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We left Prof. Laryea’s chamber a few minutes later. I returned home in a fit of anger and placed several calls to my wife but she would not answer. I sent text messages still she would not reply. Since she moved out of her matrimonial home, I had been able to locate where she was living with our children.

I could not believe that my wife will so cheat on me. Images of she and my best friend making love on our matrimonial bed as I walked into the room came to mind once again.

“Unbelievable” I heard myself say after the umpteenth call to my wife went unanswered. I took off my dress, showered and then went to sit in my study to reflect on what had happened so far.

Thoughts of the Sunday I caught my wife cheating on me came to mind once again. She and our two children, Peter, aged 9 and Pamela, 5, had seen me off at the airport that evening. I was heading for the United States of America to attend a conference.

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At the airport, we spent time at the Landing Restaurant, eating and chatting. Then at 7:00pm, I kissed her and our two children good bye and then started going through the departure formalities. There was no need for them to wait to see my flight leave because unlike the days of yore, they would no longer see me once I enter the departure hall. Neither would they be in a position to see my plane take off. At about 7:45, I was through. At 9:00pm, I received a call from my wife to say she and the children had arrived home.

As I sat among other passengers that evening, waiting to board our flight, I exchange romantic text messages as I always did with my wife. Finally, I bade her bye as we began to board the plane. I told her I would call her once I arrived in the U.S.

We never took off because of bad weather. After about forty-five minutes, we were told the weather was so very bad that it would be dangerous for our plane to undertake the journey. As a result, our pilot had been advised to abandon the trip. We were told we would leave the following evening.

The airline had booked a hotel for all the passengers so they could spend the night there. But I chose to go back home and return the following day.

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I did not call my wife to tell her the trip could not come on because I reasoned she would be asleep by then, believing that I was airborne. So, I got a taxi to take me home.

It was raining when I arrived home to find that the gate man was not on duty. That was strange. I paid the taxi driver off and carried my suitcase through the rain to the living room door. With my key, I opened the door gently and entered the living room. All seemed to be quiet; I guessed my wife and children were asleep. Not wanting to wake them up, I tip-toed to my bedroom door and gently turned the knob. The door opened. I stepped into my bedroom only to find my wife and my closest friend in my bed, making love.

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