Lil Kesh Responded To Reekado Banks Jibe

Kesh replied Reekado

Keshi Vs Reeky
Keshi and Reeky

Lil Kesh has finally responded to the jab fellow Nigerian artiste Reekado might have thrown at him

While the likes of Davido and Wizkid have squashed their beef which have been dragged on for years, it seems the unfortunate baton may have been passed to another set of entertainers. This was as a result of the controversy that surrounded the 2015 Headies Award where Reekado was awarded the Next Rated Artiste, which came with a new SUV.

This caused a major outrage on social media as many people believed Lil Kesh was more deserving of the award. The event pushed a wedge between the two acts. However, Reekado proved himself worthy in the year 2017 as he released hits after hits making him one of the hottest artistes in Nigeria today. Perhaps, Reekado was not satisfied with the point he prove as he recently stated during a performance that he was better than Lil kesh.

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Lil Kesh however has been silent about the actions of Reekado until recently when he finally spoke about it in an interview. According to the No Fake Love crooner, he wasn’t the least bit bothered about what Reekado or anybody else thought about him. He further went on to talk about his decision to leave YBNL and how the move has affected him so far.

He said: “I saw the video online where Reekado Banks said that he was better than me, but I have nothing to say about that. I don’t care what anybody says, and I don’t have any feelings regarding what he said because I am just in my own world.”

“I was not scared when I took the step to leave Olamide’s record label. I am never scared; I just knew it was the right move, so I was never scared. So far, I think the steps have helped me more as a person and as a brand. For one, I am a better person mentally and right now, I am not an instrument for the growth of someone’s business. Instead, I am instrumental to my own growth.”

“Looking at the financial side as well, it was a good step. I cannot say I would reap what I have sown immediately, but every move I make now is to ensure I have a brighter future. I am doing all this for the future.

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When I announced that I left Olamide’s record label, some people were sceptical, but I proved them wrong by releasing hit songs. To me, there was no option of failure; it was a win-win situation. That was my strength and my fans have been so amazing in motivating me. Thanks to my fans. With little effort, the results have always been amazing.

Life as a label owner compared to when I was under a record label is good, but I have more responsibilities now. Life is a bit tougher now because of the responsibilities; it depicts growth and leaving YBNL was a very big step in my life,” the singer said.


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