What Would You Do For Money

Money is the root of all...

Money - Naira notes

I learnt it is written somewhere that MONEY MAKES MONEY, I didn’t believe this until I read Robert’s “Business of the 21st Century”.

I was moved. I wanted money too. I wanted to be rich in seconds. I wanted to neglect the hard work. I wanted to bridge the time. I just wanted to be rich. After so many thoughts, I discovered so many things: It is not easy to make legit money, it is harder to keep money and it is hardest to invest money.

Davido sang IF. There is a line in that song that I couldn’t bear, 30 billion for the account. Just a young lad in his early 20s. But here I am, chasing the theories of the earth that is supposed to teach money, I thought even though I was wrong.

What will I do for the money? No! What will you do for the money? What shall we do for the money?

Money! The unique paper produced in banks for the government that is not evenly distributed among the people. Ori mi je kin lowo o! (My head, let me have money o)

The world won’t cherish you without it, you are nobody without it. It is the reason Brothers kill Brothers, Fathers kill Children, Mothers betray Family, Children rebel against Authorities, Youths engage in crimes. The list goes on and on. Money then is the root of all evil! (The Holy Book rightly says)

What would you do for money? Please reflect. Money can make you a monster while you think you are fair.

Anything for money
What would you do for the money?

Perhaps, the best question to be asked is What have you done for MONEY? Politicians become corrupt for money, when the mouth eats, the eyes must close. We all want to end poverty at all costs. Ladies become wild at night: Use what you have to get what you want syndrome.

Guys do not sleep at midnight until someone pays involuntarily: Cybercrimes can’t be stopped. Everyone wants to be tipped before performing duties: It is how bribery reigns. Few people owned much more than three generations needed: The reason why embezzlement cannot be stopped. The society needs money than ever: The idea behind moral decadence. Money is the bastard we all wanted. The false reasons to go to war and a way to kill millions of innocents just to sell weapons. Money now controls power even when it is not power. Money controls education, this is even worse in underdeveloped countries.

Irrespective of the purpose, we all wanted it. For money must be made, and in most cases before classes (levels) could be changed. In church, in mosques, in the society and in other gatherings, money is now the standard unit of measurement. You are most celebrated when you have full pockets. No one cares about how you earned it, they just wish to spend. And probably go extra miles just to mint theirs too.

A 15 year education is just to make money, a lifetime work-slavery just to make money. It is even worse in our developing country and countries. The only reason why we wanted so much money than ever needed is to satisfy the greed and fear. I have done a lot for money, sometimes I regret and beg for forgiveness, sometimes I don’t because the society is not helping.

We first have to earn it before we give it all up, as Bill Gates recently demonstrated by donating more percent of his Microsoft shares to charity. For the luxury that only money can buy, for the entertainment that only money can get, for the post that only money can acquire, and for the future that only money can secure, what will you do to have MONEY? Or what have you done to have it?

Think Clear!


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