Similarities And Differences Between Christianity And Islam

Plenty similarities exist between The Christian and Muslim Religion

Islam and Christianity
Islam and Christianity

Christians and Muslims may be at loggerheads, yet they have a lot in common. They have similarities and differences, remove them and both become one.

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Both believe in one God: Yahweh or Jehovah for Christians and Allah for Muslims.

They both believe in Fasting and Prayer.

The two are Abrahamic (originated from the generations of Abraham).

They have similar Prophets and Messengers e.g. Adam, Abraham (Ibrahim) and Moses (Musa).

Both had holy wars: called Crusade in Christianity and Jihad in Islam.

Both taught peace and love.

They both believe in cheerful donations.

Christianity and Islam believe and use Holy Books (The Bible for Christians and The Quran for Muslims).

They both have denominations, divisions and branches.

Both share a common holy site (Jerusalem).

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Christianity believes in The Trinity of God (God The Father, God The Son and God The Holy Spirit) while Islam does not.

Islam believes Mohammed is the Last Messenger of Allah and the greatest of them, while Christianity believes that Jesus Christ after resurrection, sent the Holy Spirit as promised. Also, Islam does not believe in the Holy Spirit.

Christianity believes that Jesus is The Son of God, Islam does not believe that, instead, it believes Jesus to be a messenger of Allah.Hence, Christians follow the way of Christ as Muslims follow the way of Allah.

They have different modes of praying and worship. One asks through Jesus as well as directly, while the other, Islam, only pray directly to God.

Islam referenced Jesus as Isa while Christianity does not reference Mohammed.

Pray five times a day and fulfil a principle in Islam, but you can pray as much as you like in Christianity, and usually as the Holy Spirit leads, even after rendering Our Lord’s Prayer.

Muslims who have money should give 1/ 40th of their money to charity (Zakaat), while Christians should 1/10th of their earnings (all) to the church as tithe.

Festive periods are different.

Christianity favours the more usage of symbols than Islam.

Islam and Christianity
Islam and Christianity

Did you see that there is no need to discriminate a Christian for being Christian or a Muslim for being Muslim. If all men could read this and follow the truth in his religion, then the world will be better. It is up to you to decide.

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