What Marriage Is Really Like

Marriage is different from what we thought, yet it is so wonderful!

marriage is believing in this other individual
marriage is believing in this other individual

To be married, partnered, or in any long haul relationship, you must forget every romantic Hollywood, Bollywood, Nollywood and any other Wood movie you have ever watched and acknowledge the fact that you are binding/restricting yourself to somebody who will know the greater part of your blemishes and who will once in a while call them out to you.

Your husband might not be the one to show his love with flowers, or chocolates, or fancy jewelry(gifts). Still, he has that one thing that no other person has and does it especially in a way you never imagined.

Your wife might not be romantic as you wanted, yet she makes a good mother of your children giving them good food and quality home training. You always wanted a good home and she is at the centre of it, you know that.

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Here are few other things that you should realize about marriage:

Marriage is forgetting about all of the times you had to get up early and prepare for the day.

Marriage is influencing chicken soup, and many other traditional meals to happen.

Marriage is making an effort not to discuss the children when you are out on a date(trip), however coming up short. You cannot really do without them any longer.

Marriage is being in a social circumstance and having somebody who can perfectly time the eye-roll that you are feeling.

Marriage is somebody advising you that you can rest easy in the event that you go out and work out (exercise), notwithstanding when you’re almost certain you’ll feel better after consuming a bowl of ice-cream.

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Marriage is expecting the correct life quote that is proper for any circumstance, regardless of whether you’ve never read any book on the quote or philosophy.

Marriage is recollecting the account of how you arrived and recounting the story poorly at dinner nights.

Marriage is bouncing out and terrifying the poop/hell out of somebody for no particular reason.

Marriage is getting extremely hot while snuggling (cuddling), however lying there for somewhat longer in any case.

Marriage is preventing yourself from saying, “I told you so,” when you extremely need to.

Marriage is strolling together down a road you’ve never been on, when it’s drizzling, and you at long last discover a bar, and you understand that there is no other individual you’d rather be with. Lovely!

Marriage is being off-truth—a great deal—and having somebody inform you concerning it.

Marriage is contending about duties and bills.

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Marriage is being up together in the middle of the night a lot— kids vomiting, boisterous sounds, stolen covers, terrible dreams, wheezing.

Marriage is that one night when the children are remaining at their grandparents’ home (holidays or so), and you can do anything you needed. Also, you wind up like the kids themselves.

Marriage is stating mean things and promptly trusting that they can pardon you.

Marriage is being able to anticipate a future—gray hair, wrinkly butts, shocking your grandchildren with dirty jokes, and side-by-side Barcaloungers (a type of deeply padded reclining chair).

And finally, marriage is believing in this other individual —really believing in them— despite the fact that you’ve seen them dance naked. Funny?

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Marriage is relinquishing every one of the desires of what you think marriage ought to be. Marriage is flawed, stinky, and inclined to episodes of silence. But at the same time it’s realizing that somebody is lawfully required to giggle at your jokes and scratch that spot you can’t reach on your back.

Marriage is wonderful!

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