This Public Disgrace Must Stop (Lessons from BBN — Double Wahala)

Every youth must stand up for something


I don’t know what your opinions are; personally, I think MIRACLE is a definition of a champion and a TRUE leader. The man is a deserved champion above all other housemates (Shout out to every housemate, truly, y’all played your part by entertaining us and making us forget the current problems and difficulties of our nation).

Now, to the big question

What is next? BBN show was primarily for entertaining Nigerians, yet it came with its lessons, positively and negatively. Did we ever get to learn from the show? I’m sure everyone probably had different answers to this, and maybe one way or the other, the true lesson learnt was that “Nigeria could still be safe from the hands of Tyrants and Bullies regardless of the support they receive from the shallow minds.”

CeeCee was a definition of bully and her fans explained what it meant to be shallow minded. Yes, she was truly competitive but in the end, the protagonist is always favoured because he chooses “love over hate.” That guy “TweetOracle” really did a great job (If truly he wasn’t paid for all that) screening out that young deserving dude, showing selfless support till the last minute! Tweet Oracle, I hope you will be able to screen the next articulate young president for us? You have plenty supporters, already!

I know a lot of crazy CeeCee fans would still come out and say: “Why should I judge/criticize a human like me?” You have a point, but most of you are the reason we still have tyrants and old bullies as leaders! I am not the type who criticize or judge anyone, I am just trying to pass the conviction to Nigerians that we need to step forward and challenge bullies. This is in respect to the coming 2019 general elections. We have to open our eyes and brains. We have to decide the outcome of the elections, not only by voting but by making a statement with it.

Our President called us lazy, think about it, those were the words of a bully. He has 24/7 protection from the best secret service in the country, hence, he would not be threatened by Herdsmen, Boko-Haram or MASSOB. Are we really that lazy? We remain a developing country because we concentrated on the individual, rather than the collective.

Most students (youths) gave up on education because an illiterate who cannot even produce his certificate is the president. Our schools are degrading, we are lacking the needed infrastructure to keep up with foreign standard, yet the man placed to coordinate the affairs of the country gave the most vicious of hate speeches that the youths, those his administration neglected, are lazy.

The president is like CeeCee, and so must not be voted for in 2019. In 2015, he was begging for our votes, he made heaven and earth promises and we were fooled. The president still has his supporters, never doubt it, they are the enemies of our country. Mr. President only knows how to blame. He is no Messiah, he is the anti-messiah. Look around, is there anything this administration has really given the youths? They have not created more jobs, they did not improve the economy, they are yet to fulfill their campaign promises and here they are begging for another chance. We should not give it to them. Not again, and never again.

The other time the old Buhari came to Lagos, he must have forgotten his glasses and so could not see the streets filled with hustlers. Teenagers should be in classrooms and not on highways hawking, chasing the ever running Lagos public transport just to earn a living. They sleep in slums, wake before cock-crows, get by morning, noon and evening in a continuous state of motion. And always repeating the same process, daily, until its festive time, they do not pause. No rest when you are yet to secure a source of income. I am a youth and I know how hard it is to survive in Nigeria. The ear surgery prevented his ears from hearing the slang: “If I can make it in Nigeria, I can make it anywhere.” Still, how do you explain facts to an illiterate surrounded by educated sycophants that the cost of education has risen beyond the reach of the poor, and that even at the higher costs, it is still not of quality compared to what it was when he (Buhari) refused to go to school?

One of the hardest countries to live in is Nigeria, he always ignores this fact. The government is unreliable, how on earth would a logical citizen rely on a failed system for survival? I still don’t get it when he explained his dependency theory. Despite all the odds, we still export Nollywood and Afro Pop, created and developed by Nigerian Youths for the world. He crossed the line when he uttered those words. The same set of people keep ruling since independence, they change party but never their ideology. Our President is a disgraceful bully. We must save our country because it is our future. It is our resources and should not be used for campaigns, it is our time and should not be given to old tyrants, and it is our lives and should be preserved with everything.

Nigerians should handle the election like they handled the BBN show (both young and old participated) and chose a worthy winner! It takes 30 Naira to vote a participant in the BBN, similarly, it takes only a free PVC to vote this(these) bad egg(s) out and elect a/the worthy one(s): it takes just a little sacrifice. They will start splashing money to buy the votes again, it is one of those things bullies do. They will start providing faked information about their achievements, one that a common man never felt the impact. They will start pointing fingers, again, like they always do. Do not be deceived! We can stop them only when we vote. Not for a party but for an idea; a concept of changing the landscape that has been electing tyrants and bullies. We should not vote for crazy individuals because we are affiliated to a party; that would be selfish of us. Instead, we should vote for a man of high values, better IQ, better plans with achievable promises.

Lastly, as internet is an important tool for bloggers so is poverty a tool for tyrants. If they offer you money thinking they can buy your future, collect it and do not vote them, after-all, it is your money. If they promise you posts in return for your vote and support, do not buy this deal, they are deceitful and will only give you the post of Facebook Managers and Twitter Advisers, they will keep the real posts for their families and relatives.

Do not be fooled twice. Your vote is your power.  We should not make the mistakes our parents made by committing their future to this set of unworthy and corrupt individuals. Enough is enough. Let us be actively alert for the elections, let us play this politics to correct past mistake(s).

Let us get our PVCs. Let us voice our opinions and refuse to be threatened. Let us elect a common man from among us who understands our values, opinions, pains and sufferings. Let’s not vote political parties with empty promises and failed agendas. Let’s vote for the future. Get your PVC now and join the league of Nigerians that are waiting to give power, for the first time, to a WORTHY MAN, come 2019. This public disgrace we receive from our leaders must be stopped. Let us do the unexpected like we did with Miracle and CeeCee. Let us stand for something greater than every individual. Let us surprise them. I am in, how about you?

Think Clear!

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