Six months after my parents died in a car accident, I moved in with Samantha, my mother’s sister, who lives in Verona, a small town, where she works as a school teacher in a high school just a few blocks away from where she lived. From the little I knew about Aunt Samantha, she had been single and very mindful of her career.

Sometimes I wondered why she never flashed any green lights to men or have a boyfriend, but would shove the thoughts back to my head to avoid any trouble or meddling in her life. She had been very nice and caring to me, accommodating and kind.

A few years passed, I just turned 21, Aunt Samantha  lost her job in the high school where she taught literature, she was accused by one of the teachers she turned down his proposal a couple of times to go out on a date with. Things became a bit hard for us, so I decided to take up an intern job and work as a clerk to help out in paying the bills. I also recently found out that Aunt Samantha was into internet dating, I had no idea all these while but only found out two days ago, when I heard soft screams and moans coming from her room. I didn’t sleep early because of the work i was putting together to give for my review in the morning. At first i know i haven’t seen any man in the house before, just a bunch of delivery guys who only stopped at the door to deliver their messages and leave immediately, so I was worried and made my way toward the direction of the sounds. It was erotic and timid soft steady moans of intense pleasure. I gradually approached her door in a tip toe with a hammer on my hand to slam whoever it was that was making out with my aunt. I got closer to the door as the light was out,  only a little flash of light coming from her laptop that changed colors as each scene projected.

I came closer and peeped through the door hole, to my greatest surprise Aunt Samantha was naked on her bed with her legs spread apart. I looked away as couldn’t believe what I saw and tried to ignore it as it was nothing but I couldn’t, so I looked again, she was looking at her laptop screen and totally naked on her bed except for her g-string black panties that slides to the side of her ass, giving her full access to her pussy.

She ran her hands around her clitoris, rubbing it hard each time and could see her red swollen clit and vulva.  I couldn’t believe what was happening but I wasn’t myself anymore. I had imagined how she’ll look naked a lot in my head but never actually thought of seeing her naked. I remember when I was growing up, she came around to visit us a couple of times and mommy would tell her to help me take my bath as I was still very young and can’t do it properly. I remember how soft and tender her hand was when she ran her fancy painted nails around my shaft, how shy I was to see my erection in her own hands. Now it was clear to me how she knew all those tricks, probably many years in watching pornography, or the part where she applied the oil Vaseline on my body after bathing and how she played with my small cock every time she applies oil on them in my room  before getting ready foe school, she was everything to me and I didn’t want any woman or cheerleader in my life ever again but her. I had her picture on my computer and mobile phone as my screen saver. My friends admired her gorgeous looks too and mocked me instead because we’re related and I can never have her. I remember beating my best friend Tom up one day for making fun of her in a comment section on Facebook, saying she’s a frustrated lesbian, after that our relationship became more intense and real.

I know many folks probably think I’m a jerk for getting sexual with my mother’s younger sister, but it’s different. We’ve been best buddies my whole life. I guess I can rationalize anything when it works for me, but i got to tell you, this works for me.

She’s gorgeous – a true farm girl with big beautiful eyes and one hell of a rack. And she’s got a libido I just can’t keep up with. I mean she really likes sex! Yeah – I’m 21 years and she is 28 years, but she’s the one who can’t get enough. It’s wild. Again she’s dark and very sexy. I remember how her ass shakes every time she wore a bum short around our house with a small shirt that clings tightly to her nipples, you can tell she’s not on bra from the way they pointed out through her shirts. A couple of times also I remember Mom having issues with her and the way she dressed around her husband, which was the reason she stopped coming around for a long time. we hooked up online and she sent lots of pictures to me with the message that she’s alright and misses me too. She called me a couple of times too and this always brightens me up when I hear her voice. I’d remember when she would ask me in a dirty way when she stroke my cock with that Vaseline in my room “do you like it? “ her tender tiny voice that sets my whole body on fire and I would nod each time with my hands covering my eyes boyishly.

In the morning i couldn’t stop thinking about that night, the pictures were all in my head, her shaved pubic hair that scattered all over her pussy cat wall, how her index finger gently slid into her tiny hole. I could tell no real cock has been in there for a long time, how she ran her hands around her erect dark nipples and slapped her clitoris and licked off her own juices from her hand and then slides it in again, rubbing her clitoris with the other hand and the moans.

I already had a very big boner in my pants still lying on my bed when she came into my room to wake me up to prepare for work. I quickly grabbed my bed sheet and covered myself up, but i knew she had  seen everything. She stood beside me for a moment looking surprised and i couldn’t tell what she was thinking. She was in a blue pajamas‘, very short just an inch below her ass, “what is that” she asked in a teasing way, I didn’t know how to respond but did anyway

 “I’m sorry aunt you know, men get Boner in the morning” she smiled and sat on my bed still having those naughty looks all over her face.

“ I know, I mean you’ve grown so big than I remember” she looked at me and saw how shy, terrified and confused I was. I didn’t force anything so I’ll not make the wrong move, i was that patient for all those years. She asked again

“Have you had sex with anyone before?” I didn’t know how to tell her that thoughts about her have blinded me from seeing other women, would it even make sense to her, she might just laugh it off as one childish joke and let me down in my sexual fantasies with her, she stood up and asked me to follow her to her room, I couldn’t believe she just said that as I quickly rose up and fling-ed a shirt on and followed her. She pulled me by my hands behind her and my eyes caught her round ass moving up and down as we entered her room and she shut the door.

We were both overage as I was 21 and she was 28 and it was only a couple of minutes before I was sitting on her bed in my boxers, my erection straining against the fabric. She sieved her pajamas now wearing only a bra and black pant as she came closer to me and whispered into my ears, “it can’t feel any much wrong again, I’ve waited for you all these years to finally be mine, and here you are and I’m sorry you didn’t even realize it”. She unzipped her bra and  watched her breasts fall freely, she came closer and took me by my hands and placed them around her waist,  was taller now,  she smiled and stood on my toes.

  She was topless, enjoying the feeling of my hands on her bare breasts. She moaned and threw her head back. She  wasn’t looking as my hand slithered its way up her  legs and she  looked into my eyes and planted a deep kiss on my lips,  as my knuckles pressed under the hem of her round ebony ass, she slid her hands into my boxer and held onto my dick and it felt so great and different. Although I have held my dick before but it felt so strange and extremely good in her hands, she made me lie down on the bed to gain control over the erection and she ran her fingers at the tip of it and wanted it slowly, and then  licked out the little cum oozing out of its tiny hole. I could feel my brains expand and my body shutter in pleasure as she sucked on my erection,  her hands squeezing my two ball’s together, her mouth was warm and wet, it felt like an electric current each time she ducked in the tip like she’s drawing all the cum inside me out.  It felt so good, she was a professional I believe  having watched many porn videos, she sucked harder and I could hear myself moan like a girl each time she sucked on the tip again. She stood me up and looked into my eyes, kissed me and asked me to unleash my manly skills on her. I was scared at first not knowing if I’d satisfy her to her taste but I quickly pulled out some courage and laid her down, I kissed and pressed her nipples hard each time and I could hear her moan “yeah baby that feels good “ I smiled and applied more tricks, I spread her legs apart and started on the red clothes in between her thick wet pussy lips, I started sucking it hard and slowly running my hand around her hole with my finger, I sucked and she pushed my head deeper with her hand, I could tell she loved it. I sucked harder and then slid my hand inside her red hole, I couldn’t believe I was doing that finally, it all seemed like a dream to me, it was so tight I was imagining how it would feel on my dick. I sucked and fingered her a lot of times before i stopped and pulled her up, kissed her passionately and intensely making sure she gets the pleasure she needs.

She looked into my eyes and told me she wants me to fuck her. we embraced each other and locked lips. A make-out session. She pushed me on the bed and guided my now erect dick into her. I realized I wasn’t wearing a condom, and tried to get her to grab one, but she said it was okay and asked me to continue. Being In the Heat of the Moment and a dumb kid I just did it.

This is the first time I have ever been inside of a pussy. That was so moist and it felt amazing. The biggest difference was how sensitive and natural it felt. She rocked her hips over my shaft sending me into a state of bliss. It felt so right. She asked me if we could move to missionary, and I said yes and flipped her over. However in the back of my mind, I was afraid of getting her pregnant so I reached for the nightstand where I left the condom. She slapped my hand.

So there I was, still without a condom and about to enter her. I thought I would just pull out. So I went in her and was in control, it felt so good. She asked me to really pound her and get deep in her. I did, deep, long, hard thrusts. I could hear the impact it had as our thighs slapped together. She whispered: “I will take care if you forever” we don’t have to worry about anything, I want you to come inside me.”

I nodded my head like a fool but still planned on pulling out. I thrust-ed deep inside her and my thoughts of how good it felt were starting to overwhelm my fears of getting her pregnant.

The thought that I was close to graduation and had a job lined up affected my next decision. I felt myself start to tense up, I was ready. I released 100 million sperms inside her pussy. We made eye contact. She first had a look of surprise as she probably felt I would pull out, then she smiled and lean up, making an effort to kiss me. She asked me not to pull out right away, to let her bask in the moment of possibly conceiving a child. I didn’t know how to react to that. But I felt she wasn’t so bad after all. Her parents had a nice home, they included me, she was about to become an engineer and I was suddenly more attracted to her.

For the rest of the week, we continued having unprotected sex, in the kitchen, in the bathroom, the couch,  at nights and morning, I couldn’t get enough of her all finishing with a cream-pie. It felt amazing, however in the back of my mind I wondered if i was doing the right thing, but it didn’t matter, we loved each other so much and having a kid with her wouldn’t be the most stupid thing I’d ever done, I came back home one day and saw a wrapped box with a note on it,  I opened the box and found it empty,  I read the note inside and it said “ I’ve been on pills ever since we started making love, asking you to cum inside me was just to know if you loved me very much, so get ready for a more explosive sexual life.”

Written by:  Emerie Ebube.

Emerie is 21 year old and was born in Oraifite, Anambra state. He is a student of federal university of technology owerri, studying computer science. He started his writing career in 2013 when he wrote a lot of stage plays and short stories, an aspiring actor and script writer


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