Falling For Innocence Episode 5

Falling for Innocence

Falling For Innocence Episode 5

“Why do you keep falling for me, lady,” I asked,
“that’s because you keep making me trip!” She yelled at me while trying to get free of my grasp. Too bad I like the feel of her on me.

“Yea, I make a lot of girls trip,” I said and let out a belly laugh which made me lose my hold on her. She gets freed but instead of running off, she turned to yell at me.
“You are are-arggggggh!” Her words turned into a scream as soon as she looked down. Why don’t I help her finish her statement?
“Dick?” I asked and she whipped her head up. I saw her face turn impossibly red. Do dark girls blush?

“What?” she stutters
“No. Jeez.” She mumbled as she shake her head probably trying to get the image off her head. I rolled my eyes at her. Her eyes were now looking above my head.

“You act as if you haven’t seen a d**k before,” I said
“well, I haven’t” what? That’s impossible. How old is this girl?
“Listen, you must be the daughter of Mr ago fire. Am Margaret’s son.” I said and stretched my hand for a handshake.
“Margaret’s son. So you are the stepbrother I was told I am gonna be getting?” she asked
“Yea, the one and only, “I said and grinned.

“Oh, gosh. I just saw my brother naked. Let me go and die now” she said and before I could blink, she disappeared into her room and slammed the door.
“Great. You scared her” I said to no one in particular. I picked my towel off the floor and walked into the bathroom to wash the day’s events off my body.

After my bath, I closed myself up in my room and unpacked the little stuff I brought because I am not staying for long. As soon as the party is done tomorrow, am out of here. This house reminds me of Peter. We used to come here during the holidays when our dad was still with us, so living here is nothing but suffocating. Also, I can’t risk meeting Hannah. I don’t think I can take it. Sometimes I don’t even know if am still in love with her or if I hate her.

What a f**ked up life. My stomach growled and I remembered that I haven’t eaten today. It’s about 6 pm so I should just find an eatery to eat in tonight. Maybe I can take my sis with me. I laughed at the thought of Sarah being my sister because what I feel for her is not brotherly love at all. It’s certainly not love either. Lust maybe but not love. I quickly threw on a T-shirt and grabbed my wallet before I headed to the room Sarah ran into.

I knocked twice and when I don’t get an answer I called her name.
“Sarah? Are you in there?” I asked
“Go away, please”I heard her say and I smiled.
“Come on. I am going out for dinner so I just called to ask you to go with me. You are probably hungry too.”
“Am not hungry, so bye”
“Hey, Sarah. I can’t eat alone so would you please come with me? Do this for your brother. I promise not to show you anything scary again” I said while trying to hold my laugh back.
“You are teasing me aren’t you?” she asked
“You are”

“Look, Sarah, this place holds bad memories for me and I don’t want to be alone okay? So please”I said sincerely. Gosh, why did I tell her that? If she doesn’t want to go then what’s the big deal? I asked myself but I can’t come up with any reasonable answers. Well, f**k this. If she doesn’t want to go I won’t beg anymore.

“Forget it, Sarah,” I said and walk away. She didn’t even call me back. Ouch. I couldn’t bring my car because I came by air so I have to go to mom’s garage to find a mode of transport. I couldn’t find a car in there but I found something better. A motorbike. Sweet!. I remembered how happy Peter and I were when our dad brought this home.

We had even argued about what to call it before we settled on the butterfly. I pushed it out to the front of the house then looked for the keys in the garage.
“Jake?” I turned back to see Sarah peeping into the garage.
“Is your offer to join you still on? I just realized that am hungry after all” she said and I nodded at her.
“Found it!” I yelled excitedly as soon as I found the keys. I quickly locked the garage door and walked Sarah out to the motorbike.

“Please tell me we are not going on that,” Sarah said as soon as she saw it.
“Isn’t it magnificent?.” I asked
“It’s a death trap. That’s what it is” she said and starts retreating back.
“Sarah don’t worry, butterfly and I would keep you safe”
“Butterfly? You named your bike such a girly name?” she asks giggling.
“my brother named it actually”
“You have a brother?”
“Oh am so sorry,” she said and squeezed my shoulder.

“It’s fine. wait here” I said and ran into the house. I grabbed a helmet from my room and ran back downstairs.
“This should assure you,” I said and encased her head in the helmet. She goes to say something but I shut the visor. I straddled the bike and motioned for her to hop on. She hesitated for a second before she climbed awkwardly. I revived the engine and this brought bitter-sweet memories.

“Ready to go fast?” I asked and I turned to see her shake her head.
“Hold on to me” I yelled over the noise of the bike as I speed off into the dark road. I heard Sarah squeal loudly before she wrapped her hands around my waist. Tight. Why does this feel so right?. Don’t forget that she is your sister A-hole.


“That was amazing. Would you let me drive us home?” Sarah asked as soon as we alighted at an eatery at the outskirts of town and she took her helmet off making her head look all wild and sexy. How can a hair look ext, Jake? My inner voice asked me and I gave him the imaginary middle finger.
“Absolutely not. You are not riding my butterfly” I told her and I watched a kissable lips pout. I almost relent. Almost.

“Please Jake.”
“Do you want to kill us both?” I asked. She ponders on this a bit before she shake her head.
“Will you teach me then?” she asked and gave me puppy dog eyes. That is not going to affect me. It won’t. No!
“Okay, sure”I heard myself say. What?! I wouldn’t even be here after tomorrow.

“Yay. Thank you. Thank you.” Sarah said then jumped on me excitedly. I caught her petite frame and she hugged me. This is just an innocent hug so why does my heart feel like its going to burst with giddiness? Jeez, get it together Jake she is your sister. You can’t bone your sister. But we are not even related so it’s not wrong right?. I quickly pulled out of the hug while laughing awkwardly. My laugh froze on my lips when I heard a familiar voice called my name. Oh no

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