Forgetting You Episode 9

Forgetting you

Forgetting You Episode 9



I took off my glasses and wiped it with a handkerchief and then put it back on. I listened to him talk on and on and on about the same godamn thing and I’m beginning to wonder if he’s doing this on purpose to prevent me from going into seeing Hailey a.k.a the pretty Lady.
I sighed.

“Because the baby is..” The annoying doctor repeated and I cut him off
“Suffering from respiratory disorders and so I’ll have to purchase an oxygen tank so it can supply the baby oxygen at night” I finished for him.
He stared at me and nods.

Good. This is my cue to leave.
I pushed my chair back as I stood up.
“Thank you, doctor. I’ll do as you’ve said. I’ll go see my wife now. Just for five minutes. I promised”
“Alright, Mr. Bloom. Just for five minutes” he finally agreed and I scurried out to find Hailey.
I really need to talk to her.


Hailey dragged the fear-stricken nurse into one of the rooms where the hospital supplies were kept.
Finding one wheelchair, Hailey immediately releases her hold on the nurse and plops herself on the wheelchair, sighing heavily.
She was tired. Weak even. Her legs felt extremely heavy.


“Before you say anything I want you to know that I’m harmless. I just needed to get out of here quickly. Some people are after me”
Hailey’s told the nurse who was in doubt.
“Look here” she grabbed the nurse’s hand and touched it to the bump on her shoulder.

“Do you feel that? It’s a tracking device. Those people put it on me and I’m almost sure they are tracking me down here. That’s why I have to get out of here for my baby’s safety. Please help me”
She pleaded and the nurse immediately nods.

“Lie back and don’t make a sound. I’ll take you out through the back door where emergencies are brought in and I’ll go get one of the ambulances for you to escape” the nurse instructs.
“Thank you”
The nurse nods and pushed the wheelchair out through to the back door.

She wheels Hailey towards one of the parked ambulances and helps Hailey inside. Done, the nurse climbed into the driver’s seat and sparks the engine.
“Perfect” she smirks as she drives out into the town.


Jack who was staring at the laptop suddenly noticed the red blinking dot moving in a different direction.
“She’s exiting the hospital and going towards the east. Take a curve, Nick! There’s a shortcut” Jack instructs and Nick complies as he bends a curve towards the east, increasing his speed.



After driving for more than thirty minutes, I realized that we are in the same spot yet again. We have passed by this particular building over three consecutive times. With a curious look, I turned to the nurse only to see her typing on her cell phone.
“Umm, why do we keep arriving in front of the same building over and over again. It’s like we are going around in circles” I questioned confusedly and all I got was a smug smirk from her.

I stared at her, that stupid smirk on her face and the look in her eyes.
I gasped as it suddenly clicked.
She’s one of the boss’ girls, passing herself off as a nurse. She’s been deliberately driving me around the same place, probably to buy herself more time.
And who was she texting?.
The boss? Or Jack?
Oh, God!!
She’s a fake nurse.

Fear gripped me as I tried to open the ambulance door but it’s stuck. It’s stuck! Oh, Lord!
I’m too weak to put up a fight.
Why didn’t I just sneak out through the window instead of asking for the help of a nurse who turned out to be fake!
I just threw myself back into the same trap I was escaping from.
Oh, Lord.

“Let me go. Please. Don’t let them find me. Please” I pleaded even though I knew it won’t get me anywhere. All of those who work for the boss has been trained to be heartless.
“Tsk tsk tsk. You thought you were escaping huh? Well, let’s just see what boss has to say when we return” she smirked as she brought the car to a halt and immediately I saw another van approaching us.

My heartbeat quickened when I recognised it immediately. Jack and another guy I don’t recognise stepped down and began walking towards the ambulance.
Oh lord! They can’t catch me. please no.
I have to do something.
What to do! What to do!

I turned to the fake nurse and an idea occured to me. Perfecto!
I immediately grabbed my neck as if I’m choking and began to a fake cough loudly.
The fake nurse stared at me flabbergasted.
Yeah! Take that!
I grinned and coughed louder.
My side of the door opened to reveal Jack grinning like a fool.

“You…” He began, probably to insult me for a failed attempt to escape but stopped when he saw my condition.
“ She tried to strangle me to death!” I lied, pointing to the nurse.
I can’t let her spill my secret about my baby. She’s a traitor.
“What? No! She’s rather. ”

“Shut the f*ck up Madeleine! Did you try to kill her? You know the boss wants her alive!” Jack sneered at her.
Good. My plan is working.
“And. And she killed my baby” I lied more and this angered Jack as he lunged forward and grabbed Madeleine from the driver’s seat, slapping her repeatedly.

I know Jack isn’t angry because my baby is supposedly dead. He’s angry because someone got the baby before him.
“No.. Jack.. Listen. She’s lying. She..” Madeleine tried to speak but Jack slapped her more and she yelled in pain. I don’t feel sorry for her. She deserves it.

“Nick! Take her to the van and make her unconscious. Boss will take care of her” Jack ordered the other guy who walked forward and grabbed the screaming Madeleine into the van.
Jack turned and knelt near me on the floor.

“You shouldn’t have escaped Hailey, the boss hates it. He’s going to punish you now. You escaped from me too!” He suddenly sneered.
I shrieked and crouched back slightly when my bum sat on something that felt like a… A stick.

“Because you’re a bastard!” I insulted.
“You’re mine, Hailey! You have no right to escape!” He shouted and suddenly smiles.
He’s sick!
“Since you’ve given birth, I think I need..” He started touching me and I instantly knew what he wanted.
The Pervert! He won’t touch me ever again. He starts to grab me possessively, fondling my bre*sts and I grabbed the stick from behind me.

In one quick motion, I swung my arm forward and hit him hard.
He groaned and frowned at me.
I swung the stick and hit him harder again..he instantly went unconscious.
I painfully got on my feet and made my way towards the ambulance.

“Hey! What did you do to him!” Nick shouted as he stared at the unconscious Jack. I shrugged.
“You little bitch!” He sneered lunging at me and without warning, I swung my arm hitting him on the base of his neck. He too fell unconscious.

Jack 0
Hailey 1.
Take that!
I hit both of their unconscious forms again.


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