DEATH WISH (Episode 2)

Death wish

DEATH WISH (Episode 2)


Adrian watched helplessly from a distance as his mother cried, harder than he had ever seen her do.
She was always excited about one thing or the other and now seeing her shedding such painful tears over his supposed death was heart-wrenching.
And to think that he had argued with her earlier in the day.

Yeah!! Death!
He still couldn’t believe he was dead.
He continued to watch as his younger sister, Tessy, held on to their mother as she kicked and screamed demanding to see her son.
His father was seated with his arms folded staring into space. He was too shocked to react to the news.


“Father!” Adrian whispered and stepped closer but he was stopped by that same annoying thunderous voice
“Don’t waste your time. He won’t even see you”
Adrian suddenly remembered he was not alone.
He turned to face the owner of that voice. He was clothed in a thick flowing white cloak, his feet disappearing in the cloak. Somehow, his face glowed and emanated light. His aura radiated of authority, power, strength. His eyes were blue, the kind of eyes that held no emotions.

“Listen will you stop disturbing me?” Adrian retorted clearly annoyed
The man smiled, turned and then began walking towards a light.
“Hey!! Where are you going? Hey man!!” Adrian screamed and ran after him into the light.
As soon as he stepped into the light that was shaped in the form of an endless tunnel, it disappeared.


“What the f*ck!!” Adrian cursed as he stared at his strange surrounding.
“Watch your tongue young man. I do not permit vile words here in my abode” the thunderous voice came.
He was ignored as Adrian continued to look around… Unlike, his world, there was absolutely nothing in the place he stood that seemed to be a large conference room. Sort of!.

No chairs, tables, carpet. Absolutely nothing…
Then he turned, and his eyes rested on the huge throne that the man was seated on…
The throne was large enough to occupy three people. Beautiful, glittering, shiny crystals accentuated the edges of the vast seat and the sculpture of a lion head seated perfectly on the neck of the throne.

The throne was beautiful and just like the man, the whole room radiated of a certain kind of power.
Suddenly, Adrian began to feel uncomfortable as something continuously pricked his bare feet.
He looked down and his eyes grew big and the sight of the white crystals scattered beautifully on the floor.
Damn!!! Who could be so f*cking rich to use pure diamonds as carpet.?

“Language Adrian!! Language!! I do not permit vile words here in my abode!” the man warned again and Adrian suddenly looked up.
Wait a minute!!
“How did you know my name? And how did you know what I was thinking?”
The man smiled, his anger diminishing
“I know much more than that.”
“Hmm. And what am I doing here? Since you say I’m dead!!” Adrian rolled his eyes
“This is where people like you are supposed to be. In the land of timelessness”

“The land of what?” Adrian couldn’t help but laugh.
“You’ve never taken anything seriously in life. Even in death, you still act carelessly, aloof, and nonchalantly. That’s why it was so easy to plot to murder you”
He frowned “You know nothing”
‘Oh, I do Adrian. I do know a lot. For instance, I know about your numerous sexcapades. You chase everything in a skirt. Am I wrong?”
He smiled “Heaven is between a woman’s legs you know”

“I didn’t ask for details. That’s enough. Don’t soil the land with your dirty thoughts”
“How long do I have to stay here Sir?”
“The name is Lord Greene. And you aren’t leaving here anytime soon”
“What?? You’ve got to be kidding me. B..but I… I… Ermm. My parents, sister. My life..” He stammered.
“That’s all over now. You’re in a different world now” Lord Greene answered
“No… You have to take me back. Please!!! You have to… ”
“It’s impossible Adrian.”

“It’s not impossible.. Take me back, please!!! Please!!! My parents must be so heartbroken” he continued to plead
“I’m afraid there’s nothing I can do”
“Don’t tell me shit!!! I know you can do it!!!”
Lord Greene stood up from his throne angrily, his eyes throwing daggers. He snapped his fingers and immediately an unknown strong wind blew Adrian backward until his back hit the wall…

Adrian expected to feel pains but he felt nothing.
As if reading his mind, Lord Greene answered “Don’t bother checking for bruises. You’re no longer human. You’re a spirit now remember? You will feel no pain….. Then again Adrian, watch your language. I won’t warn you again”
Adrian nodded timidly and quickly went on his knees his hands clasped in a prayer fashion
“Please, Lord. Take me back please!!”
“Why? To exert revenge on those who murdered you?”
“No… Ermm to…” He paused, thinking for the perfect excuse “To find love. True love” he blurted out
Lord Greene raised an eyebrow “Love?”
“Y..yes. I never had true love you know. I wanna find love, get married have kids, watch them crawl, walk, grow..”
“Hmm. You know I just can’t take you back to earth. There’s a price you will have to pay. A huge price”

Without thinking, Adrian nodded.
He was so ecstatic to go back to life. The consequences would come later.
“You sure about your decision? Is that your wish? You can only make one wish so think carefully. I’m making an exception with you”
“Y..yes… I’m very sure”
“Hmm. Let’s see..” Lord Greene stepped forward and snapped his fingers twice… A screen appeared on the wall and Adrian could see a young man lying on a bed.


In a far away country, in a two-bedroom house lay a young man on a bed.
An old woman sat near him caressing his cheeks.
“Goodnight my favorite grandson” she whispered, kissed his forehead and walked out shutting the door carefully behind her.
“Hmm” Lord Greene snapped his fingers again and the screen disappeared.
Adrian watched on in confusion
“That young man just died. His grandmother hasn’t realized it yet. I can’t send you back into your body so that the young man’s body will be your vessel. That’s how much I can help”
“Yes yes….”
Adrian grinned widely.

It was so easy to deceive the Lord. Who says he was going back to earth to find love… True love?? Very Funny.
He had a lot more to do than to walk around looking for love when he could have every woman he yearned for.
“You sure Adrian Kapala? I don’t go back on my words. Is that your wish?”
“Yes my Lord”
“Fine. So be it” Lord Greene signed and snapped his fingers again, immediately sending Adrian into a deep sleep.


Lord Greene stared at his fingers smiling.
Oh, Adrian!! Adrian!! He thought he could deceive him without him knowing.
He knew very well the reason why Adrian wanted to go back to earth but nevertheless, he gave him the benefit of the doubt by asking him severally but Adrian, as hot-headed and stubborn as he was, still stood his ground.
“Well well… You wished for love isn’t it Adrian? Well, its love you’ll get!” Lord Greene smiled.

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NB: This is pure fiction, it isn’t real. Its a work of my imagination.
Xoxo!!! Stay with me!! Lots of love.


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