Forgetting you




I glanced at both box of juices in my hands and I’m at a loss as to which one to pour.
Does she like orange juice?
Or she prefers pineapple?
I sighed.
Maybe it will be a lot easier when I ask her. Dropping the items on the kitchen counter and I’m not in the least bit prepared for the scene unfolding before me as I made my way towards the bedroom.

There in my room stood Hailey holding a tiny container. She was staring at it, biting her lips as if in deep thoughts.
For a second, just a split I thought the container contained maybe paracetamol or any normal drug but no.
To my utter shock and dismay, she poured the content into her palm and all I could see was a white powdery substance.
Nope. Definitely not powder.

She instantly bends and licks the powdery substance before she sends her nose and began to sniff hungrily. She pours more and sniffs continuously.
My eyes widened when the realization hits me.
No normal person would sniff powder right?.
Unless it’s. It’s.
Oh, God.
“What are you doing Hailey?” I blurted out and she tensed immediately, dropping the container to the floor, the rest of its contents spilling.
I stared at her.

She stared right back.
Her eyes were bloodshot red, I noticed.
“Hailey?” I began to walk towards her but she backed away instead.
“S..stay away… I…h..have a knife” she stutters holding an invisible knife and laughed.
I frowned. Were the drugs making her high already?
“Hailey. Will you just sit for a while. So we can talk?” I said as slowly and carefully as I can but instead, she grinned.
“I won’t hurt you and promise” I stepped closer and thankfully, she didn’t move back. She stayed put, staring at me with a certain flicker of emotions I can’t quite decipher.
I reached out to grab her hand and she willingly allowed me.

“Come,” I said softly leading her towards the bed and she complied.
I went to the kitchen and brought back a plate of omelet and orange juice.
“Come on. Eat up” I put a piece of omelet and into her mouth. She opened up and pushed the fork into her mouth, pulling off the food with her lips.
For a second, I wish those lips were on mine.
I wanted to kiss her so badly it hurts.

As I continued to feed her, she looked dazed. She looked like she isn’t even concentrating.
Do the drugs make her high like this each time?
I can’t let her continue like this.
She has a child now and if she keeps doing drugs, it might affect the baby too because she’s obviously going to breastfeed her.

“JM” she suddenly whispered and I was taken aback.
“JM?” I repeated and she nods. Has she recognized me?.
“I missed his beautiful letters, his chocolates, and the painting. It was so pretty” she smiled in daze.
Oh lord!.
It’s her. It’s really my Hailey. My childhood crush. The girl I could and can never forget.

It’s her and she’s seated right before me after five years, telling me she missed my love letters.
Did she really like them?
I stared into those beautiful brown eyes. That pointed nose she always loved to pinch when angry.
Her lips. So beautiful, so pink, so soft.
I groaned.
My feelings for her are coming back, much harder than before.
She’s driving me crazy even without her knowledge.

“But I’m not as beautiful as I was in the painting” she pouts, looking so sad.
I reached out to caress her cheeks.
“Hails” I whispered and her eyes suddenly lit up.
“It’s been long someone called me that” she smiled and I smiled back.
She’s so beautiful and pure. My pretty Lady.

“You’re beautiful Hails. Never doubt that. Any girl would die to have a beauty like yours.”
She sighed and before I knew it, she’s running her fingers through my braids as she stared at me thoughtfully.
I sighed.
The feel of her fingers In my hair feels so damn good. So relaxing I could picture myself falling asleep with my head resting on her thigh.

“Hailey” I groaned.
She’s driving me nuts. She’s making my senses run wild with her innocent touches.
“You’re so handsome locs,” she said and I swear I think I died and went to heaven for three seconds and came back.
Say what now?
I know she’s high because of the drugs and I’m beginning to wonder if she would say such things to me when she was normal and sober.
“And I like your hair” she moved closer, our foreheads almost touching.

I inhaled her scent and don’t get me wrong but I died and went to heaven again for 5 seconds. Goddamit she smells of baby powder.
What is it with women smelling of baby powder and other baby products after delivery?
“You’re so beautiful Hails” I whispered and she stared at me still looking dazed.
I swear I want to kiss her. I want to capture those lips and kiss the living daylights out of her.
She buried her face in the crook of my neck and plants featherlight kisses there and I shivered.


“You smell so good locs” she groaned against my skin and I shivered as the vibration courses through my entire system.
This girl turned mother is going to be the death of me.
I don’t think she’s aware of what she’s doing to me.
“Kiss me” she demanded to lift her face off my neck.
I can’t take advantage of her situation. Because I’m sure she’ll regret whatever she’s doing right now when the drugs wear out of her system.

“Kiss me locs” she demands eagerly, running her fingers through my hair.
I want to kiss you, Hailey and I want to kiss you so badly. Want to love you for eternity and protect you and baby Olivia from whatever demon but I don’t want to take advantage of her situation.
I stared into her beautiful eyes and she stared right back.
Should I kiss her?

So Should Jason kiss Hails? Even though she’s high?.
Yep or nope?
Let me know.
What do you think of this chapter?
Good night…


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