TWISTED PATH (Episode 5)



Fatima kept looking over her shoulder as she made her way back home.
“Who are the people after her? What do they want? How do they track her to the hospital” These were the questions ringing in her head as she ventured into the house. Lying on the bed to rest, her eyes suddenly went to the beautiful music box on the table. It had been a gift from someone dear to her.

She remembered how hard she tried to conceal her pain as she escorted Ismail to the airport that day. Her feelings for him wasn’t just one-sided, Ismail made it known to her through words and actions that he wanted her but Fatima couldn’t just let herself dive carelessly into the pool of love. Life had taught her a lesson to never depend on anyone and to never let her guard down to any man.

She learned through experience that men are very dubious, all their tricks and game is a means to gain access to the honey down below. Ismail had spent two years trying to convinced her otherwise and even when he was able to prove the genuineness of his love, she still didn’t accept him.

Ismail had wanted Fatima to go with her to the states, he had even gone to the extent of securing her a passport, no one could imagine his disappointment when Fatima turned him down. What girl in his right mind would turn down such a golden opportunity? Perhaps she was a fool thinking she couldn’t jeopardize her studies for love. What has she gained now? It’s obvious that she had lost her internship now. She wished she could rewind time to when Ismail had surprised her with the traveling documents.

Realizing it was a little too late for regret now, she jolted out of her thought. An idea came to her mind, if the people after he knew where she worked, there is a very big probability that they would know where she lives. In the light of this new revelation, she picked up a traveling bag, packed some of her clothes and dashed out of the house.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *. * * *

Lukman had arrived in town a few minutes after dawn, following Sheikh’s order to retrieve Mohammed’s body. Although he and Mohammed never really saw eye to eye, in fact, they had fought on several occasions when he refused to follow Mohammed’s order and Sheikh had threatened to gouge out his eyes if he continued to disobey. Lukman had concealed his excitement when Mohammed was pronounced dead but felt miserable when he was chosen to fetch the corpse of his sworn enemy.

He had gone under the disguise of a doctor to the state-owned morgue to search but he couldn’t find Mohammed’s name on the list of corpses. Even when he thought the agency was doing an autopsy on Mohammed’s body, he had risked his life by sneaking into the laboratory but found nothing. The oddity of Mohammed’s body made him went to the venue of the accident. Impersonating a journalist, he got information from an eye witness that a strange car had driven away with the body of the accident victim.

After realizing that the agency never had Mohammed’s body, he started following their trail and it eventually led him to a duplex. Although he had heard the agents said nothing was found in the house, his instinct told him to wait outside the house for something to turn up. So he laid in his car waiting for the house’s occupant.

He was about dosing off when he saw a lady entered the house suspiciously. He wanted to go in and confront her but he decided to wait and soon the lady came out with a traveling bag and boarded a taxi. Lukman put his car in motion and started following her taxi.

Fatima alighted and entered into her friend’s shop. Biola was so surprised to see her, she had thought her friend wouldn’t be back until evening.
“I didn’t expect you back so soon, what’s wrong?” Biola asked.
“Some people are after me, I saw them already waiting for me at work. I had to run for my life.” Fatima explained.

Biola’s heart melted in compassion for her friend.
“Sorry dear but this has to stop. Let report everything to the police, they will protect you.” Biola advised.
“You know I can’t, I could end up in jail.”
“But you will still be alive. You know it’s is the best thing to do.” Biola persisted.
It was their argument that woke Mohammed up.
“Am thirsty I need water.” He begged.
Biola brought out a food flask together with sachet water and placed it before him. Mohammed was about eating when someone suddenly knocked on the door.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Lukman had only waited outside the shop for a few minutes when he got tired of waiting and decided to go check on things inside. He kept his gun, posed as a customer and knocked on the door. The door creaked open and he saw Biola standing before him.
“Good morning sir, how may I help you?” She asked.
“My dog has been pooing all day, I was wondering if you could tell me what was going on or prescribe one or two drugs.” As he said this, he scanned the reception with his eyeballs and saw Mohamed’s shoe placed at a corner. Biola was about answering his question when he shoved her away and brought out a gun.

Fatima was feeding Mohammed when Lukman ushered Biola in with a gun on her head.
Lukman was stunned to see Mohammed who he had come to collect his dead body, very well alive.
“Mohammed, what is happening here? Everyone thought you are dead.” He said still in shock.
“Sorry do I know you?” Mohammed asked.
Lukman, angered by his reply turned the gun towards Mohammed.

“What game are you playing now Mohammed?” He snapped.
“He is having a memory loss,” Fatima explained.
“Shut up I didn’t ask you.” He dished Fatima a hot slap while still training his gun at Mohammed.
“How come you are still alive after everyone thought you are dead? How about I pull the trigger right now?” He threatened.

While Lukman seems distracted by Mohammed, Biola reached for a surgical knife and drove it into his neck. Lukman turned in pain and tried to shoot his assailant but Mohammed’s instinctive kick sent him diving for the wall.


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