Campus Dilemma (Episode 5)

Campus dilemma

Campus Dilemma (Episode 5)

“What do you expect, your beauty is so intimidating.” I
said with her making face at me.

“Can I ask you something?” she said.

“Sure you can go ahead”

“Are you guys dating already, I mean you and the girl.”
“No, not yet. But I intend throwing up the question very

“Ok” she said looking away.

“Ok? Why?” I asked.

“Nothing” she replied smiling.

“Sure?” I asked again.


“Were do you stay” I asked hailing a cab.

“Diamond suites”

“Hmmmm!, rich man pikin” I teased.

“Your head” she cursed.

“Diamond suites” I said to the cab man.

He said three hundred naira. I pulled out my wallet
and drew out a note of one thousand naira.

“And what do you think you want do” she asked
looking at me.

“Nothing, just counting my money.” I said. I gave the
driver the money and told him to give her the balance
when she drops. I opened the back door and gently
shoved her in as she tried to protest my paying of the driver.

“Driver give him back his money” she said to the driver.

“Don’t mind her” I said to the driver, parted her on the
shoulder with a take care and left as the cab zoomed off.

I decided against taking a cab. I wanted to sight see for a while. Walking around the school on Sunday evening can be fun. Along the line I decided to pay Cindy a surprised visit since she has not called since morning after I gave her two missed calls and a message.

I called her a couple of times when I got to her hostel but got the ‘not reachable’ response and decided to head home.

I kept thinking of Shania on my way home. How real
could she be? I hope some boys won’t kill me because of her. Many things were just going through my mind till I got home.

I dialled Shania immediately I entered
my room. After the first ring, she didn’t pick. I powered my laptop, fixed the AUX cord to it and highlighted some party jamz. I powered my sound system and immediately Wizkids ‘Holla at you boy’ rented the air.

A looke at my quiet nature and someone will think that am a ‘blues’ or all these American hip hop person. But the truth is, I don’t do the blues or American hip hop ish. I represent Nigerian party jamz any time any day.

Am also a little good with my dance steps. I did a little of my legs and body tricks to the rhythm of the song and went to warm water for my cornflakes.

Coming out from the kitchen, I saw my phone ringing and it was Shania
calling. I picked and lowered the volume of the sound system.

“Sorry I missed your call, I was in the bathroom” she said immediately I answered the phone.

“No stress, called to check if you got home safely” I

“Yea I did, all thanks to you.”

“It’s my pleasure.”

“Which song is that playing at the background” she

I raised the volume a bit more. “What are you hearing?”
I asked as flavour’s ‘ukwu’ was on.

Laughing…. “That’s flavour, you play naija hits?” she

“Yea, they are my favorite” I replied.

“Same here, hope you can dance and not just playing
the songs” she said.

“Am sure I can do better than you dance wise” I replied her.

“Don’t bet your school fees on it boy” she said

“Hmmm!! Seeing is believing. Till then we will know
who is better” I said.

We had some other small talks, said the goodnights and ended the call. Shania is just a free spirited fellow.

I called Cindy once again and got same old response.

After a while, Precious called to remind me that she will be coming back the following day been Monday.

Campus dilemma Episode 4

To Be Continued…


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