DEATH WISH (Episode 5)

Death wish

DEATH WISH (Episode 5)


Maya sat on the mat on which she slept, counting the money she had made for the past five months…Mostly her salary, and the rest, tips from the customers especially one. The same one who had given her back her glasses on her first day at work.

He had made it a habit to come to the bar to buy drinks in bulk and then give her lots of tips. Somewhere along the line, she was tempted to think he liked her but then again, who would like someone like her?

A few more months, perhaps two or three and she would move out to rent a single room.
She was still counting her money when she heard footsteps approaching. Quickly, she hid the money under her clothes in her suitcase and locked it.

“Maya, someone is here to see you” a lady of just about the same age as she walked in
“At this time?”
The lady only shrugged and went to lie on the mat next to hers.
Maya stood up and walked out, wondering who might have come to see her.


“Hi” he greeted as soon as she approached him.
She only nodded.
“Umm. I came to see you”
He shrugged nervously “I don’t know. I just wanted to see you. Do you mind if we sit and talk?” He pointed to a bench nearby.
She hesitated for a minute before nodding.


Minutes had passed and neither of them had said a word… She adjusted her glasses again.. She was getting uncomfortable with the silence.
“Why exactly are you here James?” She blurted out
“You really want to know?” He turned to face her. She nodded.
“I hope you don’t get mad at me for saying this but I think I like you. No… I don’t just think. I know for sure. I really do like you Maya”

She stared at him, unsure of what to say. She was supposed to be happy. Happy that at least someone had shown interest in her… But who was she kidding? Someone like James, liking someone like her?
That was next to impossible.
What if he wanted something else?.
Quickly, she stood up ” it’s late, my boss wouldn’t like to see me outside at this time. I need to go”

She walked away quickly to the girl’s quarter’s only to meet her belongings outside, on the floor.
Daniel emerged from one of the rooms and threw another bag at her.
“Get out!!!” He barked
“But what did I do?”
“I set rules for you Maya and you dare to break it? Who was that man you were with?!”
“Just a friend… He’s just a friend”
“I have tolerated you enough Maya. Just because of you I have lost a considerable number of customers..can’t you do anything to look more like a human?!!”

“Excuse me, sir… You have no right to insult me like that… No right!! If you think I don’t look like a human then why don’t you go get some dust and create one huh? I’ve put up with your nonsense all these months because I needed a place to stay… Don’t blame me if you lost customers because they come to buy drinks not to look at my face!!” She yelled angrily.

“How dare dare you, Maya!!” He raised his hand to slap her when someone from behind her caught it mid-air
“Don’t you even make the mistake of hitting her…” The voice growled and she turned to find James behind her.
James stepped forward and pushed her behind him in a protective manner. Instinctively, she wrapped her arms around his chest and placed her head on his back letting the tears flow
“Aren’t you ashamed to raise your hand on a woman? You’re a disgrace to manhood” James continued
“Who the hell are you to come in between an employee and her boss”
“Point of correction. As of now, Maya no longer works for you..”
James let go off his hand and bent down to pick up her luggage from the floor…
“Let’s go” he turned to face her and walked her out to his car.


“Did he hurt you? Are you okay?” James asked her as she leaned against the car door. She only shook her head.
He took off her glasses and wiped her tears with his thumb…
She stared up at him, blinking rapidly.
“I…I can’t… My glasses James.. I can’t see well” she blinked again as the rays from the street light pierced her eyes.
“Oh sorry” he wiped the lenses and put it back on for her.
“Thank you. No one has defended me like this before”
He smiled warmly and touched her cheeks.
She was so innocent and naïve.
And to think she had just yelled at Daniel a few minutes ago with her tiny voice.
“You’re very innocent and pure Maya” he stated
“Is that a compliment or an insult?”
He laughed “A compliment”
“Let’s go. Its late” he added as he opened the door for her to enter…


She alighted and stared at the beautiful house before her. It was one of those houses that contained numerous rooms, just like the one she used to live in…
“Hey let’s go in…” He ushered her in, carrying her luggage.


For the time being, you stay in this room till you find a place of your own. And don’t worry I live here alone. Except for my friends who are camping here tonight,” he told her, dropping her things
“Thank you”
“Make yourself comfortable”
She watched him shut the door behind him.

She glanced at the room. It was cozy and warm but she would admire the room later. For now, she needed a shower to drain away her thoughts.
She stepped into the bathroom only to come out a few seconds later.
“There’s no soap. Maybe I should go ask James” she put on her clothes and stepped out.


James watched his friends as they chewed the chicken before them.
“So James, finally you got the girl to fall for you” one of them spoke up
“Yeah. We saw her when you both entered the house… I mean, God!! She’s nothing like you described. She’s old-fashioned. Her clothes are so loose and faded… Everything about her spells rags. Her hair is covering almost all of her face… She’s not your type at all man” the other chipped in

“Yea not your type… But I must say, you did well. You promised to make her fall for you. So I take it back man, you won the bet. But I’m curious though.. Have you slept with her yet?”
“How long will you wait? Just have sex with her and end it or you want us to join?”
“Don’t be silly man.. Listen, the thing is… Yes I won the bet but after getting to know her I…” He trailed off when he realized his friends were staring at something. He turned in that direction and his heart sank when he saw her standing a distance away from her face a mask of shock and disappointment…
“Listen to me, Maya… It’s not what you think… I’ve changed… I…” He quickly tried to explain but she ran back upstairs…

“Damn it!!!” He swore to kick the sofa.
He didn’t want her to find out… Months ago when he had first met her at the bar crying, she struck him as a fragile woman and he had thought it would be easy to play around with her but later on, when he continued going to the bar, his perception about her had changed. He didn’t want to play around with her anymore, instead, he wanted to protect and love her.

How was he going to explain this to her? Would she believe him?
He was still pacing about, thinking of an explanation when he saw her descending the stairs carrying her luggage.
He rushed to her
“Don’t leave Maya, please… At least stay for the night… Okay… Don’t stay. But at least let me go with you to rent a guesthouse for you please… I… I can explain Maya, please… I’m really sorry. Let me explain” he pleaded but she was hearing none of it.
She was right. He liked her because he wanted something from her.. Sex…
Getting to the compound, she walked further, ignoring his pleas and walked out the gate, walking in the direction where her legs led her for her brain wasn’t working.

She sniffed as she continued walking.
She was so stupid to have followed him… Now here she was, without a roof over her head or a job… If only she could go back and apologize to Daniel but she knew better.


DEATH WISH Episode 4

Adrian whistled excitedly as he trekked down the road. He was going to meet up with the pretty lady again for another mind-blowing se$ and he grinned widely, imagining how hot tonight was gonna be…

He was glancing at his wristwatch when suddenly someone bumped into him.
“Hey watch where you’re going!” He yelled at the person who had bent down and was gathering her scattered things which had fallen.

He watched her hands shake rapidly as she gathered them but they kept slipping from her hands. And then she sniffed, again and again.
He could tell she was crying.
He bent down and grabbed her hands, he could feel her hands shaking even as he held them.
“Hey, miss are you okay?” He asked lifting her face up with his free hand and peered into her face.



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