DEATH WISH (Episode 6)

Death wish

DEATH WISH (Episode 6)


James ran after her but she kept walking faster and faster as if she was trying to get away from a plague. He stepped out of the compound and craned his neck, calling out her name but he was replied with his echoing voice. He didn’t know in which direction she had gone than how was he going to find her?
He runs his fingers through his hair, sighing.
“I’m really sorry I deceived you Maya. I really am… If only you would give me a chance to explain” he murmured staring out at the road.


Maya quickly withdrew her hand from his and stood up, fumbling with her luggage…
“Are you okay?” Adrian repeated staring at her face… He remembered she was the same girl from the bar. The one who had dared to talk back at him…
How could he forget?
He was supposed to be angry or perhaps leave and go to the pretty damsel who might be waiting for him, naked in bed.
“I’m fine”
“No, you aren’t… Are you going somewhere? Are you lost? Maybe I could catch a cab for you”
“I said leave me alone!!! What’s it to you if I’m lost or not!! Why do you care?!” She snapped and he frowned.

“I don’t care okay… I don’t but it doesn’t mean I’m inhuman.. I just want to help”
“You want to help? In exchange for what? My body?”
Adrian eyed her from head to toe before answering “your body? Whatever gave you that idea miss?. I would never think of getting laid with someone like you, not even in my wildest dreams… Have you seen you??!!”
Instantly, he regretted what he had just said as he saw her expression change from anger to shock and then pain…

“I’m sorry… Err. I didn’t mean to..”
“Never mind” she sniffed “I’ve been told worse things”
She turned away and carried her luggage and began to walk away.
Adrian watched as she walked to a distance and settled in front of a closed shop…
Was she really going to sleep outside, in front of a shop? He wondered.
What if some bandit hurts her?


Soon, lightning struck the sky followed by loud rumbling thunder and then a strong wind blew…
You should leave Adrian, she’s not your responsibility.
His mind pricked him but he was already feeling bad for what he had said to her.
Another strong wind blew and without a second thought, he ran to her and pulled her up.

“Let me go!!” She slapped his hand, backing away instantly.
“Are you going to hurt me too?” She asked timidly and he could see fear and pain in her eyes…
“I won’t hurt you. Trust me”
“That’s what you all say”
Why did he have the feeling she was talking about someone else?


Adrian sighed heavily as it began to drizzle…
“You’re coming with me. Not a single word from you” he grabbed her luggage and held her hand with the other as they walked to the roadside…
He flagged a taxi and slipped in with her…


In his room, he dropped her stuff on the bed and stared at her…
“You can sleep here, I will go sleep on the sofa.. Take a shower and change your clothes and don’t use my towel… I hate to share my personal belongings. We’ll talk tomorrow…” He stated and walked out…

Maya frowned as she stood quietly, unsure of how to react..
Even when he claimed to be helping her, he was still being bossy and pompous.


Minutes later, Adrian could hear sounds of water splashing coming from his room as he laid on the couch, frowning deeply…
He had just called the pretty lady, Betty, she was called… And she had been so angry at him that she hung up on him…
Would she ever want to see him again after standing her up tonight?
He kept wondering until he drifted into sleep.



Grandma Cecilia rubbed her eyes as she walked out of her room, smiling…
“Hmmm” she inhaled the sweet aroma coming from the kitchen.
Since when did her grandson become responsible enough to wake up so early and prepare breakfast. Not just any breakfast but one with a sweet aroma.

She smiled, following the aroma. Her eyes widened when she saw a lady in her kitchen moving her hands about and throwing things skilfully into the cooking utensil as the contents boiled on the fire.
“Hei… My kitchen!! Who are you? What are you doing in my home!! How did you enter!! Thief!! Thief!!” Grandma Cecilia screamed searching for a broom to chase her out…

Adrian ran into the kitchen just in time to stop her from hitting Maya with the broom…
Her screams had woken him up from his peaceful sleep.
“Grandma. Stop. She’s not a thief.”
“Where is she from? How did she enter my house!!”
“Because I brought her here grandma”
Grandma Cecilia stopped screaming and raised her brows at Adrian, demanding an explanation…
As if reading her thoughts, he dragged her to a corner and whispered something into her ears.


She couldn’t hear what they were talking about but no doubt it had something to do with her. She watched as Grandma Cecilia’s countenance change from confusion to an apologetic one. She sighed in relief. At least it wasn’t pitying.
The old woman left where she was standing and walked up to her.
“You really don’t have a place to stay? But why?” She questioned
“My…my stepmother threw me out”
“And your father?”
“He… He… Err he’s dead” she lied
“Poor girl. What’s your name?”
“Maya. Maya Robinson”
“Okay, Maya. But what are you doing in the kitchen? You’re our special guest. Adrian, you should treat her with care” she stressed and Adrian groaned…

He knew very well the old woman was up to something… She was trying to matchmake them.
“I didn’t want to be more of a burden than I already am so I decided to clean the house and cook”
“Awwww… You see son, you should get a wife, just like her” she turned to Adrian and then back to Maya “Teach him a few cooking skills okay… He can’t even fry an egg without burning it… He’s a disaster!!”

Maya giggled and Adrian frowned
“You’re exaggerating grandma…”
“Whatever… What are you cooking my daughter?”
“Vegetable stew and coconut rice”
“Hmm, that sounds delicious… Today is Saturday Adrian so you’re going nowhere. Stay here and learn from her. I’ll be watching you and if you dare try to escape I will spank you. You know me” Grandma Cecilia feigned seriousness and as soon as she walked out of the kitchen she smiled widely, rubbing her palms together excitedly.

“I’m going to force him to fall in love with her. She’s the perfect remedy for his bachelorhood. Its high time he got married and I need great-grandkids. Oh, this is gonna be exciting!” she squealed as she stopped by the door and spied on them. They were staring at each other.


“So ermm.. Where do I start” he scratched his head…
“By slicing the green pepper and cabbage” she pointed to the vegetables and chopping board.
Reluctantly, he grabbed a knife from the rack and placed the cabbage onto the chopping board. He frowned staring at it.
How on earth was he going to slice such a big round thing?
He knew his grandmother had done it intentionally just so the two of them could be together, alone…
It reminded him of his own mother back in Angola. She would usually invite a girl home, send all the maidservants away just so he and the girl would be alone.
He had ended up screwing the girl right in the sitting room and then sent her away…


Maya knew he had no idea about what to do with the cabbage from the way he was staring at it.
“Let me help” she offered and moved to his side…
Adrain closed his eyes and opened them as he inhaled her scent. She smelled so good…
She placed her hand over his and began to direct him.
“This is how you slice it” she demonstrated but he was staring at her tiny hands over his. He could feel the softness of her palm. It was so soft… Like a baby’s.

“Err…” He cleared his throat and moved her hand away from his.
He didn’t know why just a slight touch was making him ticklish. He felt… Strange…
“You don’t have to do anything. I will do it alone”
He watched as she took the knife and began to cut the cabbage carefully…
He wasn’t even interested so he just shrugged and leaned against the cabinet as he continued to watch her moving about the kitchen with grace and ease…
He cocked his head to one side, a slow smile breaking across his face as he continued to watch her.

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