This dinner is our chance


By ogwiji ehi

Tonight we would eat a meal

garnished with condiments of sentiments

and the reddened curry of naked fury

Compatriots please come and dine

We would like every other night,

eat fatty facts

which the cooking heat of justice

cannot melt

We would as well drink red wine

of hemoglobin origin

served chilled in the opaque wine glasses

of wickedness

Compatriots come and dine

Turn not down the invitation

of these men who rule

the men that rule

just come on and dine,

for two nights ago

when I licked their shoes

and ate the stray grains of wealth

falling from their table

my hungry ears savored their conversation

and I made these bitter discoveries

which I am about to whisper into your ears

These men are corrupt and morally bankrupt

They have taken our country hostage

beyond the thickness of the Sambisa Forest

to the dungeon of their dark minds

Compatriots we must come together

and eat these scanty grains,

gleefully lick their Italian shoes

and burrow through them

to chop off their political limbs

This dinner is our chance

to cripple and disable them

For he is limited that has no limbs


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