DEATH WISH (Episode 7)

Death wish

DEATH WISH (Episode 7)


Adrian laughed heartily as he listened to the two men bantering…
He stopped laughing and watched them quietly.
He still couldn’t believe they had become his friends but he could still recall the first day they had visited him at home claiming to be his friends.


Adrian stared at the two men in confusion who were staring back at him grinning sheepishly.
“Can I help you?” Adrian queried and both men immediately frowned.
“What do you mean by ‘can I help you?’” The shorter between the two mimicked and the other laughed
“This isn’t funny… Who are you and who are you looking for?
“Seriously Adrian? Seriously? Are you playing some prank on us because it’s not funny”
“Seriously guys, you better tell me who you are and why you are here before I shut the door in your face”
“What has gotten into him, Derrick?” The shorter one asked his companion.

As Adrian watched them, it suddenly dawned on him that they were probably looking for the person whose body he had possessed. He sighed…
It was still difficult to adjust to this life.
He cleared his throat and burst out laughing
“I got you guys. I was just playing a silly prank or am I not allowed to do that anymore?”
They both laughed taking turns in hitting him playfully
“Come on in guys” he ushered them into his home and as time went by, he had skillfully and tactfully learned their names, likes and dislikes and soon, he himself had learned to warm up to them.


“Hey man!!” Derrick nudged him bringing him back to reality.
“We’ve been talking and talking but you haven’t been paying attention. What are you thinking of?”
“Nothing… I just got distracted. Come on, let’s go to the pub or you changed your mind?” He asked his friends getting up and before they could answer, Maya walked in holding a torch in her hands.

“Adrian this torch isn’t working and I…” She trailed off when she saw that he had visitors. She quickly turned around to leave but not before she heard one of them chuckle and ask
“Who’s she Adrian? And why does she look like that?”
Maya sighed and walked further away, pushed the door open and entered.


She was sitting on the bed hitting the torch in frustration, trying to get it to work when Adrian barged into the room, banged the door loudly and grabbed her arm and pulled her up angrily.
“Why did you do that?” He growled and she winced as his nails dug into her skin
“You’re hurting me”
“Answer me!!! Why did come out?”
“I.. I didn’t know you had visitors. I..I’m sorry” she whimpered, his nails boring into her delicate skin
“I told you not to come out when I have visitors so why the hell did you come out? dressed like… this!!!”

She looked up at him, suddenly flaring up “So that’s it? You don’t want your visitors to see that you have a disgustingly dressed lady in your home? That’s it isn’t it?
He opened his mouth to speak then closed it. Waited for a few seconds then spoke up
“No… That’s not what… You…”
“No that’s it!!!” She yelled cutting him off.

She continued “I have been staying in your home for a week now and each time someone comes to visit you, you ask me to stay inside until they leave. Why?!!! Because you’re ashamed of me right? You’re ashamed of how I look right? Well, guess what, I love how I look because this is how much I can afford to look…

I don’t wear these broken glasses just because I fancy them, no. I do because I can’t afford another. And these clothes, well it’s what I can afford. So what if I don’t dress and put on makeup like the rest of those girls you see? Does that make me any different? Does that make me less of a human huh?!!!” She retorted… He was quiet.
She was sick and tired of everyone criticizing how she dressed, how she looked…
She was going to pour out all her resentments today.

Maya yanked her arm away from his grip and held him by the shoulders shaking him.
“Speak up!! Why are you quiet? Talk!!! I never forced you to bring me into your home in the first place. It would have been much better to have left me to die on the streets in the cold than to bring me here and make me feel less of a human” she paused and wiped the tears that were beginning to flow “But not to worry Adrian because soon this nightmare called Maya would pack out. You can be rest assured” she turned away and walked to the mirror, staring at her reflection as she broke down crying…
Adrian blinked, again and again as he watched her cry… He clenched his fists and walked out.


“Listen, I’m sorry but I won’t be able to go to the pub anymore… Let’s do this some other time” he stated as soon as he approached them
“Why the sudden change of mind?” The tallest amongst them, Frank queried
“I will explain this later okay”
“Well… Okay… Later then” he replied and they both walked out the door.
As soon as they left, he walked back into his room, where Maya was now occupying…
“Can we talk? Please?” He asked quietly.
She was still facing the mirror, her back was turned to him.
“I’m really sorry for manhandling you. I’m sorry” he added.
Silence still…

He sighed. “Listen to Maya. I..” He trailed off when he saw her stagger backward.
Worry suddenly crept into his heart and he found himself rushing towards her and holding her still.
“Are you okay?”
She was quiet and she blinked twice trying to steady herself but strangely, she felt dizzy, her knees weak. She staggered again and he held her tightly, worry creasing his face. His chest suddenly burning at the sight of her pale face.
“I…feel…so…dizzy and..” She paused and relaxed in his arms, wrapping her arms around his neck to keep her from falling.
Adrian felt strange as she held on to him, her breast pressed to his chest, and her sweet scent filling his nose.
“I think we should get you to bed” he whispered and she only nodded.

He pulled back and began to walk her to the bed when she staggered again.
“On second thought, you should see a doctor”
“No..I just want to sleep” she replied and he bent a bit and carried her bridal style and dropped her carefully on the bed.
He took off her glasses and covered her with a duvet.
Without a second thought, he took her hand in his and squeezed lightly as he watched her.
“I’ve been apologizing but you seem to be ignoring me. I know I can be a real pain but..” He sighed
What’s wrong with you Adrian? Why are you suddenly holding her hands and seem overly worried about her health. His mind pricked him but he quickly shook the thoughts away.

“Maya” he called out but she had fallen asleep, her face wet with tears that were now drying up.
He reached out and wiped them with his thumb, letting his fingers linger, brushing her cheeks as she slept..
He cocked his head to one side, examining her properly.
Her face was calm as she slept.. Her long eyelashes lay evenly over her eyelids… Her nose was tiny, sort of chisel shaped. He dropped his eyes to her lips, quickly sucking in his breath.
Her lips. They were small, soft looking, perfectly carved and they looked quite kissable, tempting.

Adrian chuckled as he continued to stare at her, realizing for the first time that everything about her was tiny, well, except for her big brown eyes… Other than that, everything about her was tiny. Even her height. She was smallish.
And for the first time ever since he brought her into his home a week ago, he realized she was pretty. Pretty in her own way. She wasn’t like all the other sophisticated girls he had been with, no, but she was odd, different, pretty, in a different way…
Her glowing caramel skin, her big brown eyes, beautiful lips… He began to wonder how she would look if she was to wear a swimsuit or a more fitting dress.
He sighed.
Why was he suddenly noticing all this about her?
Adrian stared at her lips again, a sudden urge and desire burning in him.

DEATH WISH (Episode 6)


Lord Greene smiled satisfactorily as he watched Adrian from the screen on the wall…
“It’s about time Adrian Kapala, its about time” he smiled more staring at Adrian who was also staring at the sleeping Maya.



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