MIRAGE (Episode 2)


MIRAGE (Episode 2)


Am all set for my plans to meet with his daughter. Make her fall for me. Get closer to the father. Get information that will get him locked up for life.

Now onto the first part of my plan. Meet with the daughter. Am already on my way to Osubi airport where I can board my flight to Lagos. That’s where the daughter’s flight from Canada will Land and our chances meeting will occur. I bumped into her then turned the charm on. Yea, it can’t be that hard to impress her because not to brag but I am a chick magnet. I saw the sign showing am close to the airport and I pressed on the accelerator. I can’t be late. I have to catch her flight which is landing by 4:00 pm and it’s already getting late for me. My flight to Lagos shouldn’t take long though.

Am almost at the airport when a red sports car overtook me from behind and drove in front of me then stopped. I stepped on the break and came to a halt. I will know that a sports car anywhere. Ivy. What’s she doing here now?. I turned the car’s ignition off then stepped out of the car

“My God” ivy. What sort of driving is that?!”I yelled at her as I walked to her car and knocked on her window.
She pushed her door open nearly slamming it into me.
“Where are you going, Noah. I have been watching you ever since you asked for a vacation last week. You have been acting strangely. Buying new clothes that are totally not your usual style and the rest. My contact told me you booked a flight to Lagos so I followed you.” she rumbled without stopping.

“Hey, ivy. There’s nothing strange about what am doing. I feel stressed out so I want some time out.”I said
“Some time out in Lagos? Why Lagos? Why not here? This is super fishy and I know you and your love for trouble.” she said and I grinned
“Am just going to Lagos to Board my flight to Canada. That’s where am vacationing.”I lied. If she knows am going to Lagos, she’s gonna keep an eye on me.
“Oh really? Well just promise me you won’t do anything stupid,” she said and I grinned
“Don’t you trust me?”I asked And she just shook her head at me.

“I will be back in a month. Don’t miss me too much vee” I said then hugged her.
“Ouch!” I yelled as I felt a tiny prick on my arm. I pulled away from her and raised my brow at her.

“Did you just pinch me?”I asked
“Actually I just inserted a tracking device into your shoulder. Am watching you Noah” she said showing me a big needle then got back into her car and drove off like a maniac.
“Damn!”I said under my breathe. She’s gonna know am not in Canada and start investigating what am doing. I gotta get this thing out ASAP.


Three hours later


“Look we have just ten minutes before her flight land. Can you get the chip out of my shoulder before that time?”I asked Victor. As soon as I arrived in Lagos, I contacted him to meet me at the airport’s men’s room. He’s good with computers. He should be able to get this thing out.

“Okay. I think I can get it out without Miss ivy noticing but 10 MINS won’t be enough,” he said
“Just get it out!”I yelled exasperatedly.

He brought out a small laptop and started typing like crazy.
“Stop playing with your new toy and get this thing out.”I grinned out
“Miss Ivy programmed a code on this thing so she’ll get the signal if you take it off. I just have to override her code so she wouldn’t find out boss” he said
“Well, the only thing I understood in what you just said is that Ivy is a crazy woman. Just do your thing” I said

“And done!” he finally said about three minutes later.
“Now I just Bought you some minutes. You can now take it off” he said. I slide out the small knife I always carry with me and handed it to the victor.
“Here. Cut it out”I told him and he went pale.
“What?! I can’t. You might get hurt or die or…” he kept rumbling and I have to shake him to get him to focus.
“Just a little cut. Am fine” I said

I raised my sleeve up and nod for him to start. His shaky hand grabbed the knife and I pointed the spot for him. He pressed the knife against my skin then dragged it. I bit my teeth to curtail my shout.
“Can you see it? You should know what it looks like.”I said.

“Just a minute. Found it. Now hold still. Here it is” Victor said and showed me the tiny silver metal. It’s really small.

“Did you get the needle I asked for?” I asked him and he nod. He opened his bag and handed me a big needle identical to the one ivy used.
“What’s it for?”Victor asked and I grinned
“Hope you love Canada,” I said at the same time as I pressed the needle into his arm.
“Oww! Why…so I’ll be the one ivy’s tracking, not you. Smart move boss” Victor said while rubbing his arm.

“Take this passport. It has my name but I just put your picture instead. You are leaving on the next flight to Canada. What’s the time?”

“4:15 pm” victor answered.
“Shit! Am late. No time to sew me up.”I grabbed a small towel from victor then tied my arm to stop the bleeding for now. I grabbed my bag and slide it across my chest. Hopefully, she’s still at the airport.

“Good luck boss. The car is outside. Here’s the remote key.”I heard Victor yelled behind me and I stopped to catch the key he threw towards me.

I hurried to the gate of the Canada flight but it was kind of deserted. I looked around but didn’t see anyone looking like the picture of her that victor gave me. I walked towards the baggage reclaim area. I scanned the place but couldn’t find her. I was getting more frustrated that I nearly snapped when a man walked into me and grabbed my injured hand to support himself.

“Watch it, man,” I said waiting for an apology or something but he just bent his head down and continued working. I couldn’t even see what he looks like because he was wearing a hoodie and a cap. I grabbed his hand.
“You should say…”I didn’t finish my sentence before I saw myself on the floor as the man flipped me and threw me to the ground. An airport security man walked towards our direction but the man slipped away.

“Are you okay sir?” he asked but I just grunt my reply that is fine. So embarrassing. That guy was so much smaller. Now my arm hurts more. I got off the floor and walked towards the airport exit giving up my search for Chief’s daughter. I pressed the remote key and the light of a Corolla car blinked. I walked tiredly to it and got in.
Today has been filled with setbacks as I rested my head on the steering wheel.

“What the., “I exclaimed when the passenger door flew open and the man from the airport flipped into the seat.
“Drive!” he grunts then slam the car door shut.
“What the heck!” I yelled at him but when he pointed towards a group of men looking around and clasped his hand together pleading, I don’t know why but I turned the ignition on and started the car. A car suddenly drove in front of me and I stepped on the brake. The car jerked forward and in a bid to stop my passenger from flying out of his seat, I placed my hand in front of him. He still jerked forward and my hand came in contact with the fleshy chest. What the hell!

I turned to look at my passenger but the face was still concealed by the hoodie and face cap.
“Just drive. Please “my passenger pleaded in a girl’s voice.
And again my subconscious scream; what the hell!
I can’t believe a woman threw me. Why has she dressed like a man anyway?

MIRAGE (Episode 1)


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