Write My Story (Chapter Ten)

Write my story

Write My Story (Chapter Ten)

Shechem storms into his father’s chamber without an announcement. The handmaid who is with Hamor scurries out of his quarter when he nods his head for her to leave. He sits up on his bed then slowly lean towards the tray laden with fruits and berries to pluck a grape from its vine into his mouth, as he chews, he pauses to say, as he smiles,

“That was the best maid I cornered and you make me discharge her before the main thing began.”

“Father, get dressed. I am getting married.” Shechem states.

Hamor is not still fixated on the pleasure he should be having at the moment is oblivious to the concentration on his son’s face. “Who…. Hold it there; I thought you were not interested in such a thing yet. There is so much to explore in life son, so much fruity tasty maids to explore. You are the prince.”

Shechem begins to throw his father’s discarded garments on the floor back on the bed all the while saying, “Father, get dressed, go and out and speak to this damsel’s father. I need you to get her for me as a wife!”

At this show of emotion, Hamor starts dressing up with the help of his male servant, “Why would I speak to any man in the land for a wife?”

“She is not of this land, she is the daughter of Jacob.”

“Jacob?!” Hamor repeats as he chokes on the berry he was chewing on. His male servant taps his back until he is relazed and feeling better then he continues with bulging eyes. “What –“

“Yes, Jacob,” Shechem repeats without showing any reaction to his father’s near choke. “Rings a bell? I can explain what happened.”

“You better do!” Hamor says as he raises his hands for his garment to be worn properly, then turns to Shechem fully, “What have you done? What did you do?”

Shechem faces his father on one and quickly narrates what happened, “I went down to the creek, saw the damsel, I took her and had her. I never knew it was love that struck me, then … then, I asked who she was and she says of Jacob.”

“My gods! What have you done Shechem?” Hamor who was standing tall looks shrink and older than his age. He encroaches Shechem’s space and shouts at him, “How many times have I told you to take a willing maid to bed!”

“But I love her! I want to marry her now!”

“Just now! Don’t you know how it is done in their clan? You are doing it all backward!” Hamor backs away from his son and moves to wear his sandals. It was nearing sundown and they had to clear this mess fast.

“I don’t care father… I don’t …” Shechem says calmly, “Just get me this young woman as a wife, go talk to her father. Do whatever it takes, I plead.”

“I have heard you, son, I have! There might even be a greener side to this.” He turns and faces his male servant as he orders him, “Arrange a chariot, the best.”

It gets hot!

MIRAGE (Episode 2)

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