DADDY’S GIRL (Episode 11)


DADDY’S GIRL (Episode 11)


It was already 7:00 pm when she got to his residence. She had made up her mind to quit the job after taking her mother to the hospital but unfortunately, the doctor’s had demanded another deposit before commencing the treatment. She left Emilia at the hospital with their mother and went around, asking almost everyone she knew for help but they either didn’t have or gave her a flimsy excuse.

She had sent Arnold’s driver’s back when it was time to pick her up and went back to the hospital to plead for a few more days.
But instead, the doctors threatened to stop her treatment if half of that money wasn’t paid before evening.
Feeling dejected, she decided to ask Arnold for an advance payment from her salary. And so that’s how she unwillingly found herself in his house again even after what had ensued between them that morning.

She shifted uncomfortably when she heard him enter the study.
“Hello” he greeted with a smile as he took a seat, facing her
“Hi” she nodded.
“I know I’m really late but…”
“But what?”
“Ermm… I was wondering sir. If you could give me an advance payment from my salary. I know it been just four days since I started working but..”

“How much do you need?” He seemed calm
“Sir I..”
“Don’t worry Helena. Take this as my apology. I’m really sorry for how I behaved with you this morning. I was confused. My bad. Sorry. Just tell me how much you need. You can pay me later”
She smiled warmly. He was a good man after all.
“Actually I need error 500cedis to..” She trailed off when he pulled his drawer and gave her bundles of money.

“Thank you, sir. Thank you. I promise to pay as soon as I can” she grinned, praying silently, thanking her stars. Finally, her mother’s treatment could commence.
Arnold smirked watching her push the money into the bag. He was right about her. She had come into his life to seduce him and then squeeze money out of him. Soon she would come back telling him she’s pregnant. When she wasn’t looking, he stood up and walked to her side.

Helena stood up to adjust her skirt when her forehead hit his chin.
“Ouch!!” She looked up to see him before her, staring at her with a glow in his eyes. He stepped closer filling the gap between them and she retreated. The more he took a step forward, the more she took a step back until her back hit the wall. Trapped between him and the wall, she looked into his heavenly eyes, her breathing getting hoarse.

He lifted a finger to brush her cheeks lightly and she shivered. She was attracted to him, very attracted and she had no idea why. A glance at him made her knees go a week and her heart flutter.
“You’re beautiful Helena. I couldn’t stop thinking about you. About last night. I just can’t get you out of my mind. I like you, princess.” He whispered. He was staring at her in ways she couldn’t explain, in ways that sent chills down her spine.

“Sir…” She began but he crushed her lips with his making her knees go weak. She wrapped her arms around him, afraid she will fall. His kiss intensified. Grabbing her waist, he pulled her to him, roaming his other hand over her back and to her tummy until he unbuttoned her shirt and found her bra. He squeezed her bosom through her bra and she let out a moan, allowing her own arms slip into his shirt to caress his taut chest. He kissed her a few more times and then he let go, pushing her back.

The passion she saw in his eyes turned into something else. Mockery. He was mocking her.
“I was right about you all along. You’re just a whore who came into my life for a sole purpose. I know women of your kind. They are broke innocent looking girls who go around looking for single rich men to entice, get into their bed, fake pregnancy, get them to marry them then enjoy their wealth. Gold diggers!!! That’s what you are!!!” He spat

“Sir…” She choked on the tears that were beginning to flow. His cruel words hit her with force like an invisible sword.
He was just being nice to her a few minutes ago, where did it all go? What about the kiss they just shared. Was he doing that to prove a point? A point that she was nothing but an opportunist?
She knew anyone would be left unconvinced after seeing her in the compromising situation yesterday.

She knew it all looked like a plan, him entering, her towel falling immediately, she refuses to pick it up and then the sex. But how was it her fault? The towel was just too skimpy that even if a finger had left it, it would still have fallen anyway…
“Why are you doing this sir?”
“I should be asking you that miss. Barely twenty-four hours after that stupid one night stand, you come here asking for money. Soon you will ask for more and then who knows ….”. She didn’t let him finish when she buttoned her shirt, picked up her bag and stormed out. He followed……


“you aren’t leaving this house with my money” he shouted from behind when she got to the living room.
“Sir I will pay back” she answered as calmly as she could.
“I don’t mind giving out money. I do that all the time but I do not waste it on sluts like you”
She raised her hand and slapped him. She made to slap him again when he caught her hand
“Don’t you even dare”
“Then stop insulting me. Stop it. I’m not a slut!! You’re humiliating me. I’m not what you think I am.

It hurts sir. Your behavior hurts!!” She cried.
Alex and mark who had been sitting on the couch walked up to them.
“Let her go, Arnold. Stop this childish act!!”
“No. You’re right. She’s a slut. I second you” Mark chipped in.
“How can you say that Mark. Does she look like one to you?” Alex defended…
Helena who was watching them argue suddenly went to stand by Arnold folding her hands in front of him. Her eyes were red and swollen as the tears flowed uncontrollably.

He was her last hope. She didn’t care how much insults and humiliations she would get from him because it seemed his mind was made up regarding the kind of woman she was but it won’t deter her from begging him. If she had other options, she would have left him to swallow his own ego and arrogance but here was the case she had no options left. Everyone she had gone to for help couldn’t help her.

“You’re my only hope, sir. Please. I will pay you back” she pleaded.
He only stared at her not moving an inch. Its either she was playing with his mind by playing the victim or she was really in dire need of help…….
When she saw Arnold was hell-bent on his decision, she stepped back and reached into her bag bringing out the money. She threw it at his face and it scattered around.

“I will not begin egoistic, pompous, arrogant man like you. You do not deserve it. Yes, last night everything that happened seemed like I planned it but there is no need to explain to someone who is as insensitive as you. Back there, when you gave me the money and told me you liked me, I allowed you to kiss me not because I’m cheap or a slut but because I thought you were being genuine.

That has always been my problem Arnold, I trust anyone I come in contact with. I have been with five different men but guess what, they all turned out to be crooks like you. I only put up with you because I genuinely loved Fiona and I needed the extra money to pay for my mother’s chemotherapy sessions. I came here with a little hope to borrow some money to save my mother but you took advantage of my helplessness to prove a point.

And what point was that? That I’m a slut and a gold digger. I thought you were being tough and arrogant because you were trying to cover up your pain. Pain is known best by you. But I was wrong because that’s who you really are. An insensitive bastard!!!! I would not lose what’s left of my dignity to beg you.” She sat looking at him with disdain and disgust and turned to leave. She was already getting dizzy and weak. She had barely eaten anything the whole day.

Just then her phone rang. It was Emilia.
“Hello Emilia. Please tell the doctors to give me some more time. Tell them to treat mama. Beg them, please. Tell them….”
“She’s dead sister. Mom just died. She wasn’t treated. She….”
Helena inhaled sharply, the shock of the news hitting her to the core as she dropped the phone and stared into nothingness. Her knees grew weak, her vision blurring. She blinked twice before she felt herself falling, her forehead hit the edge of the glass table and she fell.

Alex saw her fall and rushed to her side and carried her in his arms. She had already passed out.
“She’s bleeding” he whispered.
“If anything happens to her Arnold, I would blame you. I never knew you to be this heartless” Alex warned and carried her into one of Arnold’s car and drove out of the compound…

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