The yellow rising sun filled the sky with a mighty power of red, spreading its endless rays of pink across the sky.
Chase had been waiting for her in his car but she was not coming out.
“Sorry baby! I didn’t mean to keep you waiting,” she said as she got into the car.
Chase was quiet, he pretended to be angry, there was one thing she would always do which he wanted her to do.

Kaylie laughed as he kept mute.
“Are you angry babe?”
He said nothing, so she had to lean closer to him, kiss him on the cheek, then the neck and then finally settled for his earlobe, as she nibbled on it teasingly. She knew he could never keep up the act with what she just did.

“You are so naughty you know that!” he said with a chuckle, now pulling her closer to kiss her fully on the lips.
‘You will spoil my lipstick like that Chase!” she cried out, trying to pull away.
“I know you have it in your bag,” he replied, as he bent to kiss her neck, inhaling her scent. “My God, you smell like chocolate. I feel like eating you right now.
Kaylie sat down comfortably dipping a hand in her bag and brought out a red lipstick which she began to apply generously to her lips while he started the car.

Some minutes later, they were sitting outside their favorite restaurant, eating their breakfast.
She looked up slightly as his eyes were fixed on the newspaper in his lap; unaware of his audience. She smiled. Each time he’s not looking, she would always take his time to study him and each time, she would pinch herself to be sure that she was just not dreaming. Chase has been the source of her happiness lately, with his perfect jawline, Roman nose, and spiky hair, she still couldn’t believe they were officially a couple after being friends for more than five years.

Everything was going perfectly between them. He had gotten his job back at a business firm while she just got promoted to her place of the work-a media house. She had been craving the position of an editor for months and a few weeks after starting a relationship with Chase, everything just clicked. He was her good luck.

Chase caught her looking at him and he smiled, reaching across to hold her hand so their hands were both joined on the table. He stroked the back of her palm with his thumb.
“Care to tell me what’s on your mind or were you just trying to undress me with your eyes?”
Kaylie blushed, leaning forward to rest her body against the table carefully.
“Well, I’m still finding it difficult to believe that we are a couple.” She replied.
He smiled, now holding her hand to his lips.
“So am I,” he replied before kissing the back of her hand.

“Seriously, I don’t know why you accepted to go out with me that day. I mean, I was really lucky to have come back here and met you being single. What happened to the eyes of the bachelors around this place? Were they blind all this while?”
Kaylie chuckled. “Maybe they were just letting me be so that you could have me anytime you come around.”

“Well, if that is the case, then I am so lucky to have you, dearest.” He said, bringing her hand to his lips and kissed it tenderly. “I am so glad you are mine Chase,” Kaylie replied almost in a whisper, but loud enough for him to hear despite the noise around.
Chase sighed. He placed both hands on the table. He loved it each time she said that.

He was incredibly proud of her and he knew he was definitely lucky to have someone like her. After his last heartbreak, he never actually thought he could still have this kind of feeling for anyone again. Now, they were both looking at each other without saying a word, yet they kept smiling. Unable to keep still he leaned forward to kiss her.
While their lips touched again for what could have probably been the hundredth time since they met that morning, Kaylie was assured that each kiss would always be like the first time and even though she never liked public affection, with him, it was irresistible.

“You two should get a room!” One of the passers-by shouted at them and Kaylie was the first to break away as she chuckled. He had expected that but he was quite surprised she actually waited that long before breaking away.
“You are getting used to this. Nice,” he joked.
“Do I have a choice? It is irresistible with you,” she teased. It wasn’t her fault not to like kissing publicly. In fact, it used to be one of her favorite things but ever since Richard.

She stopped as she remembered she was about to start thinking about Richard again. She had to let him go.
“Do you remember the first time we met here?” she asked Chase.
“Definitely. You acted as if you didn’t know who I was.” Chase replied.
“No, I was just trying not to bring any attention to myself,” Kaylie replied, now regretting having to come up with that question. There were lots of things she didn’t want to bring up with him.

“You looked like you had just been bitten by the rain that day.” Chase continued, laughing.
Kaylie sighed as she tried not to think of that day. It was one of the moments when she was battling with so many things emotionally and Chase had just been her knight in shining armor like people would always say.

“So, do we have any other plan for today?” She asked, desperate to change the topic. “Chase?” She asked, calling his name but he clearly wasn’t paying attention to her anymore. He seemed to be looking at something. The mug on the table was blocking her from seeing what he was looking at so she reached across to push it aside and her face fell as she realized he had broken their ‘no-phone’ code. The muscles in his face tightened as he got engrossed in whatever thing he was reading.

Kaylie leaned back and was quiet. He had broken their one code. The only reason why they usually come here apart from being the place they had reconnected was for each to be able to give their undivided attention to the other and not be distracted by the outside world. They had both read the dangers phone could bring to a relationship, especially when there were no rules attached. They had, for this reason, maintained that code for the four months of their relationship.

Now, seeing him break it was creating some unwanted feelings in her. The only thing she could do was to be quiet and wait.
She thought of reaching out to snatch the phone from him and keep it in her bag but she kicked against the idea as she noticed the expression on his face.

For a while, he didn’t say anything. She noticed his expression had completely changed. He put the phone back into his pocket and then signaled to the waitress who was holding a jug of hot coffee while attending to other customers.
“Please, I will need another cup of coffee.”
The waitress nodded with a smile and poured more coffee for him.

“What about you miss?” The lady asked Kaylie who shook her head.
Kaylie watched as he lifted the coffee to his lips The man she had fallen in love with, would always wait for his coffee to get cooler before sipping it. Seeing him raise the coffee to his lips made her realize something was actually wrong. Without hesitating, she gulped down her remaining coffee.
“Sorry, I think I will need another cup as well.”


For a while, neither of them spoke and it was killing her inside. She needed him to at least say something even if he wasn’t going to apologize for breaking their code.
He didn’t look like he was going to do that so she decided to test him to find out if everything was actually fine. She placed her hand on the table so that it was just a few inches away from Chase’s.

She knew him for one thing. If her hand was close to his, he would always cover it with his or even take it to his lips to kiss it playfully and unconsciously. It was one thing she was certain of. She had tried this many times anytime something was off between them and it had always worked.

To her disappointment, Chase leaned back, taking his hands off the table. She shut her eyes in disappointment.
“What is it, Chase?”
He looked at her, surprised.
“What is it, babe?”
“Is everything okay?”
“Sure babe, everything is fine, why would you think that?” he asked, giving her a half smile.
Kaylie sighed, she hated it when he acted like this but hopefully, he would tell her afterward.


Chase was disturbed and he was trying his best to hide it. He knew he shouldn’t have broken the code but he hadn’t even planned on breaking any code. He had just wanted to check the time when he got a Facebook notification. Someone shared a picture of Anne in her wedding gown and beside her was her husband. She got married today. He knew it shouldn’t have affected him but it did. All of a sudden his palms got sweaty and he was finding it difficult to sit still.

Anne was his Ex and he was having the time of his life with Kaylie. Why was he trying to mess it up for no reason?
Actually, he wasn’t trying to mess anything up. This was a woman who had left him at the altar. That cold-blooded human being who has also blocked him on Facebook without any good reason!
“Baby, are you sure you are okay?” Kaylie asked him for the third time and he did what he knew how to do best. He smiled and nodded.

He wasn’t going to let it affect his relationship. Anne was his past. Kaylie is his present and possibly his future. She was everything he had always wanted, everything Anne couldn’t be to him.
So what was wrong with him? Why was he feeling so nervous about his Ex who got married and who he couldn’t be having feelings for?
“Get it together Chase! Get it together!” a voice said in his head. He knew that not getting it together right now would mean Kaylie getting suspicious and he wasn’t ready to spoil things between them.


The day dragged slowly as the two were no longer conversing as they were earlier. She thought of making him realize he had broken their code, but she fought against that too. The more she tried to raise a conversation, the more she felt like he was making it difficult with his one worded replies.

“The morning is really beautiful isn’t it?”
“Would you like to order food?”
“Are you not hungry?”
At last, she gave up.
She wasn’t going to let this ruin her day, she was quite sure that once they leave this place, they would be going back to her place and probably after a passionate love-making, he would eventually ‘spill it.’ At this thought, she felt quite better and she began to count the time to 11:00 which still seemed like thirty minutes away.
“Babe, I’m sorry, I will have to catch up with you later,” Chase said, standing up.

Kaylie was surprised. She checked the time again, it was just 10:32 A.M. As she was about to say something, Chase kissed her on the cheek and was already walking away. He stopped to give the waitress some cash and then walked away. She inhaled sharply as she watched him walk out of sight. He didn’t even wait for her!

An unwanted feeling began to whirl inside her tummy as she sat down, unflinching. What the hell was happening? Why was he behaving like a total stranger? Had she done something? Did he find out something about her? She had this feeling like her world was growing dark, like a big blanket was being pulled across the sky. She bit her lip as she felt the urge to cry. This feeling was so familiar and she dreaded it. He had said he would catch up with her later, it wasn’t like he broke up with her, but still, it hurt as badly as it did with Richard.

For a while, she just sat there, all her plans for that day have been disrupted and now she had no idea what exactly she was going to do for the rest of the day. Initially, the plan was for both of them to go to her place and afterward hit the movies but now that has changed as well.

If she has no idea of the exact thing to do for today, she could always go home and wait for him to come over or at least call her.
She stood up and picked up her purse before motioning towards the street to stop a cab.

PULL OVER (Episode 1)





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