I succeeded in sneaking into the house and ran upstairs to the room that used to be mine before I left the country. Everything’s the same. The perfect room for a seventeen years old girl. I remember loving this life. The shopping, the fame and all of the things that come with being the daughter of a retired NDLEA senior officer.

We were just a middle-class family from what I remember but when dad busted a big drug operation, he got promoted and then came the money.

I flopped on the comfortable bed and closed my eyes. The face of that stranger’s kiss assaults my mind and I sighed blissfully. Too bad we ain’t gonna meet again because I will like to explore our connection. I haven’t felt this way in a long time since the incident. Speaking of the incident, I have been inside this house for about ten minutes and I haven’t freaked out. Its probably because my mind has been occupied by that handsome stranger.

I better find something else to wear. Those guys must have told dad that I escaped. He would be worried so I should probably go set his mind at ease. I searched for my teenage wardrobe but didn’t find anything that would fit. I was a slim teenager but during these five years I have added up some weight in my hips and ass. What a disaster.

Maybe I can order something online. No. That would take time and my phone is even inside my carry on bag which is also with those guys. I was only able to grab my small pouch containing little money before I bolted out of the airport. Thankfully the pouch I lost doesn’t contain anything except some naira notes.

I was still pondering what to wear when I heard a light knocking on my room door. Who could it be?
“Who’s there?”I asked tentatively
“Your dad said I should bring you some clothes. He said you will be needing it” a tiny voice said from outside the door.

I walked to the door and opened it to find a girl about my age with a package.
“Come in” I salsa and she nods
“Wow. I love this your room.just started working here and your dad doesn’t let just anyone in. Just madam Peace.” the girl said in one breathe. Wow, she’s fast.
“My dad said you should bring me clothes? How did___”

“Well miss, nothing happens in this house without his knowledge. There are cameras everywhere. He saw you climbing the fence then ordered that the security is turned off so you wouldn’t be electrocuted on the spot. I was cleaning his room and saw the video. It was so cool how you climbed the walls. Your dad almost had a heart attack. I wonder what he needs all these security measures for. Even the president doesn’t have this much security” I raised my brow at her and she covered her mouth with her hand.

“Am sorry. I talk too much” she apologized and I smiled.
“Well, I like your energy. Where is my father now?”I asked her.
“Well, he just left. He just wanted to be home when you get here.” she handed me the polka dot jumpsuit and I took it to the bathroom to put on. I was out in three minutes and I find her still in my room going and wowing over everything. I think I like this girl.

“Umm,” I said to get her attention
“Sylvia miss. My name is Sylvia. And this jumpsuit looks good on you. I shopped for it myself. I even helped you choose the gown for your welcome party tomorrow” she said.
“Wait what party?”I ask. I don’t like crowds.
“Well, your dad wants to introduce you to his associates. I think I heard him talk about a guy or something” she said and I knew am in trouble.
I forgot how my dad liked to control my life.



What a strange day. After encountering ivy before getting to the airport then getting a chip removed from my shoulder, I had to encounter a strange but interesting woman I can’t get out of my mind. I was shocked when she kissed me at first but I just had to at least get a taste of those soft lips. Damn that stupid security Man that interrupted my flow.

I dropped my keys on the small table in the one-room apartment victor used to live in. I slipped the little purse thingy I stole from her hoodie’s pocket. I just wanted to know where she lived so taking her purse was a sure way to leave her stranded with me only to get the shock of my life when her address planned out to be chief badmus’ house address.

Could this be fate giving me an in into that wicked man’s house? I could use this corolla girl to get info about him. I opened the purse and found just about five thousand nairas inside. No ID. No need to sweat it. I’ll probably see her tomorrow when I attend that welcome party. I could also meet the daughter and begin my plan.

My phone started ringing in my pocket and I checked the caller ID. It’s ivy. Don’t tell me I am busted so early in my plan.
“Ivy,” I said as soon as I connected the call.
“I thought you said you were going to Canada,” she said. Oops. She sounds angry.
“Listen to ivy I can explain”
“Oh, you have to. Explain to me why you are in a strip club in Germany,” she said and my mouth falls open. Germany. That idiot. Victor. Why must he choose to go to a strip club? I won’t hear the last of this from ivy.

“Well, I just wanted to check it out. How are you able to call me?”I asked
“Just don’t do anything illegal or crazy. Enjoy your vacation” she spit out and ended the call. Wow. Is she angry? What did I do? I better call that moron before he goes to a brothel next. I dialed Victor’s number and thankfully it connected.

“A strip club?! Don’t you know ivy is watching you?” I yelled at him through the phone.
“Sorry boss. I have always wanted to go to Germany” he slurs. The idiot’s drunk. When did he get there that he’s already in a strip club?
“Listen, Victor, was there any woman named corolla in chief badmus’ house?”I asked. There’s a brief silence on the other end before he finally answered.
“There was only one young girl at the mansion. I don’t know her name though. Could be Corolla or Camry” he said laughing and when I don’t join in he shuts up.
“Sorry boss.” he apologized
“Moron,” I said then ended the call. No use at all.

I better get ready for tomorrow.



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