DADDY’S GIRL (Episode 15)


DADDY’S GIRL (Episode 15)


Arnold parked his car at the parking lot and alighted. She followed.
“What are we doing here?” She questioned. She waited for an answer but he wasn’t answering so she turned and saw him take off his coat, threw it into his car and carefully rolled the sleeves of his white shirt to his elbows. She smiled unknowingly while she watched him. He looked sexy and hot. She had always found it hot and sexy when men rolled their sleeves up to their elbow….

“I wanted to get you something to eat. You look weak and your eyes are swollen from so much crying I guess” he finally spoke and turned to face her just in time to catch her smiling at him. She quickly frowned.
“I don’t want to be here Arnold.”
“Please. It’s my special treat” he said giving her his hand
She sighed and took it as they walked into the restaurant.

Helena could feel eyes on them as they entered and took a seat in the left corner.
“Why is everyone staring” she muttered
“I’m well known around here Helena.” He answered.
“Good evening. What will you like to have please?” A waitress approached them handing over a menu to them each.
“Chocolate ice cream with cherries,” she said
“just that?”
“Okay. Make it two”.

“Sure sir” the waitress replied flashing him a smile and winked. He ignored her and faced his companion……
There was silence until the waitress brought their orders, smiling and making sure she brushed her body on Arnold’s arm. She was shamelessly flirting and Helena watched in disgust. She rolled her eyes
“She’s shamelessly flirting”
“Does it bother you?” He teased. She scoffed and fixed her gaze on her ice cream, taking a spoonful into the mouth.
“I’m really sorry about your mother’s death,” he said
“It’s OK. She was already at the last stage of cancer. Hopefully, she’s resting now wherever she is” she smiled sadly

“This place is really nice” she added changing the topic as she looked around the sophisticated restaurant. It was certainly no place for people like her
“Yes. Amanda used to beg me to bring her here”
“Is that her name? Amanda?”
“Can I see her?”
“Sure” he brought out his cell phone, scanned through it and then tapped on a picture. “Here”
She took it and smiled
“She was very beautiful”
“Yes. As beautiful as you”
What the hell Arnold!! He slapped himself mentally realizing what he had just said. Why was he even saying that?
Helena blushed, tucking few strands of hair behind her ear.
“Let it be”
“What?” She raised a brow.

“Your hair. I love to see the air blow it over your face”
She blushed again.
He wanted to shut his mouth but he just couldn’t help it. He hadn’t given her time to dress before going out with him. She was wearing a black long-sleeved straight dress. Her hair was let loose, dangling over her shoulders and he loved to watch the air blow her hair….. Most importantly he loved to watch her blush like a shy school girl…
Just then his phone rang….

“He..he..hello sir. I went to… to the kitchen for food. And…and”
“Stop stammering Musa and tell me what it is”
“They… They killed her sir. Blood. Everywhere…” Musa stammered
“They killed who?” He stood up.
Helena’s head shot up
“Grace sir. Grace…”
“Where’s Fiona? Where’s she?”
“I don’t know sir”
“Call the police Musa. Call Alex and Mark. Tell them to meet me at home. I’m on my way”

Arnold hung up, shoving the phone into his pocket, placed a wad of notes on the table and ran out. Helena didn’t need an invitation to follow…..
As he drove out, she could see him sweating, hitting his steering wheel in frustration.
“What is it, Arnold?”
“My house help has been murdered Helena and my daughter is nowhere to be found”.
” What? But how?”
“I don’t know. I just don’t know. And Fiona? Oh God!!! Arghhh!!!” He screamed while he increased his speed….

Upon reaching his house, his gate was already wide open so he drove onto the compound, alighted and ran into the house. He was met with traces of blood from the living room to the kitchen. He took a few steps and then froze. Sprawled at the entrance of the kitchen was his house help and daughter’s nanny, lying in a pool of her blood. Blood sprouting from her stomach, chest, and mouth with her eyes widely opened. He staggered back and looked around but there was no sign of Fiona. His heart missed a beat!
“Sir please don’t go further” A police officer who had just made an entry stopped Arnold from going near the body….

“Grace! Who did this! Why?!… Oh God!!! Fiona!!” He whispered and ran upstairs in search of his daughter. He entered every room but there was no sight of her. He descended the stairs and walked into the living room, sat down and buried his head in both arms, sobs escaping from his mouth.

He was terrified, nervous and helpless. A murder had taken place in his house and his daughter……..
She was nowhere to be found. Recalling his cruel and unjustified behavior towards her ever since her birth, he felt like the biggest fool and most cruel person alive. How could he have blamed an innocent child for the death of her mother, a mother she never knew. He had never given her the emotional support she needed and the only thing he had planted in her was fear, fear of him.

“Please Lord bring Fiona back to me. I promise to change. I promise. Please!!” He prayed silently with his head in between both hands…
“There’s a little girl here!!” One of the police officers who had arrived beckoned to his two colleagues. Arnold sprang up from his seat and rushed into the kitchen from where he heard the voice, jumping over Grace’s body…..

He got to the kitchen just in time to see Fiona been carried out from under the table. He rushed to her, tears escaping his eyes as he scooped her into his arms, hugging her, kissing her face continuously…..
“Fiona my dear, my princess, my girl are you hurt? Are you okay?” He asked scanning her entire body for any bruises but there was none. He kept talking to her but she wasn’t moving, she wasn’t reacting. She was staring into nothingness, her face pale and expressionless…

She remained stiff for a few seconds and then she turned pointing her fingers to where her nanny lay…
“Did you see anything?” The police officer who found her asked.
“Knife…blood……nanny Grace…. I saw him……” She whispered. Her sentence was confusing but one thing was clear, she saw the killer….
“What did you see? Tell us?”

Fiona stared at the entrance and she could see the man choking Grace. She could see her kick his balls trying to escape… She could see him dragging her and stabbing her. She also threw the knife at his thigh then he came back running, slapped her and shoved the knife into her heart. She convulsed for a few seconds and then she lay still, blood everywhere.
Fiona shuddered as she recalled the gory scene. She was trembling, her breathing unstable, sweat breaking across her forehead…..

“He….. He…. The knife…. My nanny Grace… He…..” She stammered trying to form a sentence. She closed her eyes, the face of the man and her nanny’s corpse flashing through her mind….
She was trembling again, her vision blurring, her head spinning as the images flashed in her mind … She let out a scream and fell into her father’s arms……
“Fiona!!!!!” Arnold cried out, his hands trembling…..

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