DADDY’S GIRL (Episode 16)


DADDY’S GIRL (Episode 16)


Arnold nudges her slightly and then shakes her as he cries, caressing her cheeks….. He grabbed bottled water on the cabinet and sprinkled a bit on her face but she wasn’t waking up.
He was trembling so much that he barely heard the ambulances drive into his compound…..

“You should go, sir. The ambulance we called for has arrived. We’ll take care of things here” a dark, bulky policeman told him.
Two stretchers were dragged into the living room and he carried Fiona into his arms, placed her on the stretcher and followed them out, Helena who had been staring rooted to the ground suddenly shook herself out of her reverie and followed him into the ambulance……. While Grace’s body was lifted into a bag and zipped, placed on the second stretcher and wheeled into the other ambulance…..


They were seated at the reception when Alex ran inside followed by Mark who appeared to be limping.
“I got to your house and it was surrounded. What happened?” Alex questioned taking a seat beside him.
“Grace was murdered, Alex. She was murdered in cold blood and Fiona seemed to have seen everything. She kept repeating ‘I saw him’ before she passed out”.

Mark’s jaw dropped. “What? Fiona was at home? she saw the man’s face? Did she mention his name”
“I don’t know Mark. I don’t know but I will comb every city, every nook and cranny to find that inhuman bastard and when I do, I will make sure to rip his flesh apart and break his bones into pieces and feed them to the vultures!!! That bastard!!!!” Arnold yelled

“But who could it be? And why?”
“I really do not know. Grace is an orphan. She has no one. Who would want her dead?”
“Was your house robbed? Was anything stolen?” Alex asked
“No. Everything was intact.”
“If so then There’s more to this Arnold” Alex said
“I will get you some coffee” Helena who had been quiet suddenly spoke up

“I’m sorry. Let me take you home Helena” Arnold stood up
“No, it’s fine. I will stay”
“It’s late and…”
“I insist Arnold. Just lend me your phone to call my sister”
He sighed and gave her the phone. She walked outside to find a serene spot…
“I’ll be back,” Mark said and dashed out following Helena.


Helena after finally finding a secluded area, quiet enough to make a call, she placed a call through to her sister. There was no answer. She tried her Father’s line but it was switched off.
Sighing, she typed a message and sent it.
She turned to leave when she suddenly gasped in shock. He was standing in the dark, approaching her, taking slow and steady steps.
“Who are you?” She asked grabbing a stone near her feet to use it if need be.

“Scared???” The voice asked, as its owner stopped in front of her…
For a second, Helena could see evil in his eyes, a devilish smile and lust imprinted on his face.
He laughed ” sorry I scared you”
“What do you want? Why are you following me?”
“Oh, I thought you were in some kind of trouble. You looked worried so I wanted to check if you needed anything”

“You thought wrong. I’m fine. And listen, Mike, don’t come up like this behind me again. It’s creepy”
“Sure beautiful. And its Mark. The name is Mark”
“Okay, Mark” she emphasized and walked past him trying to get back inside….. She was already feeling weird and uncomfortable around him but he caught her hand…..

“Hey beautiful, can we have dinner sometime later?” He grinned.
She cringed in disgust “your best friend is in there worried sick about his daughter’s health and frustrated about the murder that took place in his house and you are here asking me out for dinner? God!!!!” She yanked his hand away and walked inside the hospital…
Mark clenched his fists, fuming in anger as he watched her walk out on him.

“No one dares walk out on me.” He said then after a few seconds, his frown turns into a sly smile while he licked his lips
“Hmmm, but she is feisty. Very wild too. I like it and I like her more. I can’t wait to have her.” He licks his lips again and rubs his palm together before walking back inside.


7:30 AM

She sat under the table, watching them, watching him slap her and then stab her. She saw him bend down, saying something she couldn’t hear and then his hat fell down and she saw his face, his eyes, that look of satisfaction in his eyes when he watched the blood ooze out of her body as life slowly ebbed out of her. She watched him clean the knife and the table and then walked out whistling.

She turned attention back to the blood spreading on the floor, with her nanny’s eye wide open. Suddenly, the face of the man flashed in her mind, once, twice, thrice and then she screams loudly……..
Arnold was sitting, leaning his head against the wall when he was suddenly jolted out of his sleep as he heard a scream.

“Arrrrrghh!!!!” The scream came again and he rushed to her side, sitting on the bed and gathered her in his arms rocking her. Beads of sweat, trickled down her cheeks as she screamed uncontrollably, her body shaking terribly her eyes shut.
Fiona held on to her father tightly while he rocked her as her life depended on it.

“Oh, my love!! My child, my girl, I’m here now… Nobody’s going to hurt you. No one. Daddy is here, its okay Fi, yes there, there” he spoke softly as he caressed her hair and planted a kiss on her forehead till she began to calm down…
As she remained in her father’s arms, she felt calm, protected

“I’m here. No one will hurt you. I promise.” He said, kissing her till her trembling stopped and she fell into another deep sleep.
“Arnold the investigators are here to talk to you” Alex walked into the ward.
“Will be right there. And where’s Mark?”
“I don’t know. He is behaving weirdly these days. He appears and disappears anytime he feels like without noticing anyone.”
“And Helena?”.
“Oh, yea I almost forgot. She went home to change and then pass by your house to get clothes for Fiona. Just come outside okay?” He answered and walked out, shutting the door.

Arnold eased Fiona on the bed and planted a kiss on her forehead before stepping out…


“Good morning Mr. Bempong”
“Good morning detective err..”
“Randolph. Call me Randolph” the bulky man replied
“Sure sir. Did you find anything?” Arnold asked
“Unfortunately no. The murder weapon was clean, void of any fingerprints. There was no clue whatsoever. The only way to get to the root of this matter is to question your daughter. She was the only witness”
“My daughter? No way!! She’s just too young. She’s already in a lot of shocks”
“I understand sir but you have to understand us too. Haven’t you had any threat calls or messages? Nothing?” Randolph asked…

“Ermm I don’t think so..” Arnold trailed off as he took out his phone and scrolled through it.
“No missed calls, no messages. No, wait!” He paused and tapped on a new voicemail and placed the phone to his ear… His eyes widening with each word he heard.
“Are you okay sir?”.
“I can’t believe this. Grace was trying to tell me about something she found out. She said it had something to do about my wife’s death….. Oh God!! ” he exclaimed running his fingers through his hair as the realization hit him.

“Before I left for work that morning, she told me she had something important to tell me… Oh no, this can’t be!!”
“We should question your gateman. Maybe he saw someone enter or maybe he heard anything” the detective suggested
As Alex stared at him, trying to put pieces of what he had said together, Helena ran inside panting heavily followed by another woman almost the same age as Helena…

“Arnold…Arnold… Oh, God!! They….” Helena trailed off as she tried to catch her breath.
“What happened. What is it? Why are you panting?
“I went to your house to get some clothes for.. Fiona…and… He was dead… He…..blood… Your… Your gateman is dead… He was shot… Blood. He is dead” she stammered…
“Dear Lord!!” Alex and Arnold gasped together, shock registered in their faces almost as if they were shooting a horror movie…

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