A stiff hand gripped the handle of the door to Daddy’s room and yanked it. To my chagrin, the door gave in. This was the same door I spent minutes trying to open yesterday. We stepped into the room one after the other. Dad and I stood aside as we watched the men in black perform their duty.

They started with the drawers, pulled out all three of them and went through all their contents carefully but they couldn’t find it. Next, they proceeded to the wardrobe, Dad watched as the men shuffled out all his neatly packed clothes but he dare not say a word. After emptying the whole wardrobe, they searched both on and under it but their attempt was futile, I hadn’t put it there.

I was disappointed when they decided to call off the ultimate search after they had ransacked the room without finding their prize.

‘Why had they found it difficult to see it? Had I been too careful in hiding it?’ I thought.

As they were about to leave, one of them noticed the brown leather bag hanging on the wall. They opened Dad’s laptop bag and brought it out: their trophy. Dad was bemused as he saw them lifted out a white package from his bag. One of the cops sampled the content of the package to discover that it was cocaine.

‘You are under arrest’ the cops said pointing their guns at him.

I was highly elated as he was being paraded out of the house but it dare not show on my face.

Do you think am evil? Hear me out first. I had to do it cause it was the only way to make sure what happened last night never repeated itself.

Last night was cool but just like every other night I spend at home, it was horrific. It all started a few months after mom departed. Since then his infiltration into my room all night giving me a taste of the what he shared with mom before she took her last breath became a regular routine.

I once tried locking my room’s door to avoid his bully but little did I know that he had made a spare key for himself. Resisting him in bed was not an option cause it would arose the beast inside him. After forcing his way in, he would leave a series of marks on my body as a reminder of my stubbornness.

Who could I tell? How would I part my lips and tell the world the mystery behind my tears? I wallowed inside this ocean of sadness until a few months ago when Osaron came into my life and pulled me out. He added honey to my bitter life and I fell heads over heels in love with him. I brought him home but dad chased him away like a stray goat.

The last time he saw us together, he swore heaven and earth to deal with him and now Osaron lies in the hospital with a severe head fracture. I didn’t believe my dad was the devil behind his accident until I saw the text he sent to Osaron’s mechanic. My father is a monster so I decided to send him where he wouldn’t be able to hurt anyone again. With the pIan I have on the ground, he is going to be away for a very long time.

TRAUMA (Episode 1)

Written by Oluwafunminiyi Komolafe


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