Pastor Mrs. Amandi was busy preparing for bed when his son barged in with annoyance.
“Mummy there is trouble. Do you know dad… ” He couldn’t finish his sentence before his mother cut him off.
“What has come over you, David? Is that the right way for a child of God to approach his parent? You didn’t even give me the courtesy of a greeting.” She reprimanded.

“Am so sorry ma.” he apologized.
“Please don’t let this repeat itself ever again, ” she warned.
“Okay ma ” David remained calm. He knew he mustn’t say anything until her mom’s temper come down.
Facing the mirror she started getting rid of the makeup on her face.
“So David, what do you say the problem is? ” her mom asked.

“Mom can you believe that dad appointed me as the one to give the sermon this coming Sunday,” he said.
“Whoa that’s nice, so you need help with the topic for the sermon or what? ”
“No mom, I need you to help convince him to reverse the decision.”
Mrs. Amandi was alarmed by his son’s request.
“Why? I thought you would be happy about this .” She said after shifting her attention from the mirror to her son.

“I have never done it before mom. How do I know what to say and how to say it ?” David asked.
“You need not worry, I will prepare the whole sermon for you.” She replied.
“Mom, I don’t think it’s a good idea for me to climb the pulpit without any qualification as a pastor, ” he said.
She drew closer to him with her hand around his shoulder.

“My son, you are more than qualified. You have been fed the word of God right from when you were in the womb. You are also the son of the great Bishop Charles Amandi, that already qualifies you. Just believe in yourself and pray for direction from the Holy Spirit.” She replied.

He left for his room later with a heavy heart. He had thought his mom would understand him but she didn’t. Why can’t just understand? Did he have to open his mouth to tell them that he had a phobia for standing in front of a crowd? How would he explain to them that the last time he tried, it ended up in a disaster? Instead of praying, he mused over it all night.

Omolara quietly opened the door to her apartment and stepped in. She was astounded to find her old mother already in the sitting room at such an early hour.
“Good morning maami ” She greeted.
“Welcome Omolara, how was work?” Her mom replied.
“It was fine, am so tired right now, ” She said nailing her butt to the sofa.
“You came home quite late today.”
“Yes, I was forced to do overtime. Where is Michael? ”
“He is in his room sleeping. My daughter, I think you are working yourself up.”

“Mom I really need to or else how are we going to feed?”
“You work both night and day, your body needs rest. Can’t you quit your night job and focus on fashion designing.” Her mom advised.
“Mom am not strong enough to argue over this issue right now. I need to get some sleep.” She stood up and left.


Written by Oluwafunminiyi Komolafe


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