At the podium he stood, backed by his most trusted security. The microphone erected upright ready to project his voice to the ear of thousands of crowd standing with him at the eagles square and millions of viewers watching from the comfort of their homes. The expression on his face was devoid of any emotion as he cleared his throat to address the nation.

“Good people of the country, I salute your patience and endurance of the situation in our dear country this past few years. The economy recession we bumped into was a fault of no one, it was as a result of the sudden fall in oil price in the world market. This has greatly affected the government and has weaken the strength of our local currency but we will continue to work tirelessly to make sure our great country climb up to it’s place among the league of great nations. On the issue of corruption, I know you people must have seen the wonderful work of our dear agency in probing and bringing to book the social miscreants looting our funds.”

The security behind him tapped his communication device.
“Has anyone got eyes on our guy ” he said.
“It’s a negative sir ” replied the voice from his device.
“What about the drone? He has got to be in here somewhere, find him now ” he ordered.
The Secret service had gotten an Intel that a terrorist group led by a man called David Isong is planning an attack during the independent day celebration and they had suggested to the president that the celebration should be done on a low-key but he had declined.

“Today we celebrate our sixty years of independence, let’s all rejoice. We have really come a long way, from the nurturing hand of our colonial masters to the time we tried to feed for ourself. Let’s not forget the first republic, the rough hand of the military rule and the dark days of the Ogboli war. This nation had stood it’s ground despite all challenges and will continue to. Let me say it loud and clear to those of you trying to break this country apart, hear this now. You will never succeed because we are strong in unity”.

David dragged the dead secret service agent he killed aside and began setting up his weapon. When he was done, he tested its aim and saw the president speaking at the podium. Hot tears dropped from his face as he remembered what happened fifteen months ago.
Paul Isong his brother had called together fifty youths from their area to travel to the state capital for a peaceful protest against their suffering and to put forward a suggestion on a state of Ogboli. Everything had been alright until they got to the presidential villa where armed security agents held them at gun point.

They demanded to be heard but were gunned down on an order from the top. News came out the next day that they were terrorist trying to hijack the government.
In rage, David picked two bullets, inserted them into the belly of the riffle and aimed again.

“All agents report in now ” the head security called.
“Alpha one negative on the target. Alpha three negative. Alpha four negative also. ” replied voices from his com.
“Alpha two what’s your status? ” he asked but got no reply.
“Alpha two report in now ” still there was no reply.
“Alpha one, go check on Alpha two now ” he commanded.

David was adjusting his aim to make sure his shot would be accurate. He had been oblivious of the voices blaring from the dead agent’s com device. He placed the crossfire on the president’s head, read to fire.
“Don’t even think about it ” warned an agent standing behind him with his gun trained at David.

“Get your hands off the weapon now ” the agent ordered but David wasn’t listening.
He was well aware that the mission was suicidal and he was ready to pay the ultimate price to avenge his brother’s death.
“Last warning, drop the weapon now ” the agent ordered again.

David knew he had to act before the agent make good of his threat. Seeing David ready to squeeze the trigger, the agent sent bullets flying towards him but it was already too late.
Pandemonium arose as people watched the President drop dead on the podium.


Written by Oluwafunminiyi Komolafe


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