Trauma (Episode 2)


Trauma (Episode 2)

Jummy woke up to find herself on a hospital bed. She could hardly remember what happened to her. Her two friends were sitting right beside her.
“Jummy oh thank God you are awake, ” Bisi said.
“Bisi what happened to me? ” She inquired.
“Don’t worry about that, the major thing is that you are alive? ” Tolu said.

The sharp pain Jummy felt between her thigh brought back the horrific memory.
Tears cascaded down her cheeks as she sobs.
“Stop crying, let’s just thank God it isn’t more than this. When we came home from the club and found you almost lifeless, we were scared,” explained Tolu.
“That Tade guy, he will never encounter fortune in his life. Anywhere he goes failure will never cease to follow him ” Bisi cursed.

“Hahaaa Bisi, why the curse? ” asked Tolu.
“Can’t you see this is his hand work? By the time is through with him, he will regret ever messing with you. Am going to personally report this case to the C. S. O ” said Bisi.
“What are you going to report when we don’t have any proof that he was the one behind it or did you see the assailant’s face? ” Argued Tolu.
“It was dark I couldn’t see his face,” answered Jummy.

Tade a tall, muscular, fair guy was sitting under the shade of a tree with his three friends drinking and smoking heavily. Bisi walked up to him in anger.
“You this fiendish creature, your message has been delivered. Do you fool you think you can go scot-free with what you have done? Let me tell you something I Adebisi will show you hell in this campus ” She threatened.

“Who owns this rabid dog barking since? I think she needs a doctor ” one of Tade’s friend said.
“It is your mother that is barking like a dog, foolish guy. You bloody nuisance, I will make sure you all end up… ” She couldn’t finish her sentence as Tade who had been quiet all this while swiftly brought out a knife and placed it on her throat.

“If you say another single word, I swear to God am going to slit your throat. What gave you the gut to address me in such a manner? ” Tade spoke angrily.
Bisi became as still as a stagnant river, she trembled as Tade roared at her and when he finally put down the knife, Bisi ran away like an athlete.

Tolu hummed her favorite song as she sweeps the ground. When she got to the bedside, her eyes fell on something. It was a small fragment of a dark clothe. She picked it up to examine it but it doesn’t look any familiar so she swept it away.

TRAUMA (Episode 1)

Written by Oluwafunminiyi Komolafe


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