Things didn’t get better.
Chase had gotten to her place like an hour ago while she was in the shower. There had been several times when he would join her in the shower and the day would run smoothly from there, but this time, he didn’t.
She later had to ask, shouting at the top of her voice. “I’m taking a shower, care to join?”

“No, I will sit here, will keep myself busy with the T.V,” he had replied, to her disappointment. One of their favorite moments was taking a shower together but people change, right?
She hurried up with the shower, cleaned up, rolled her hair in a ponytail wore something really short and then hurried out to meet him.

“Hey, babe,” he kissed her lightly on the cheek.
‘Hi,” she kissed him back before embracing him. “I missed you.”
“Yea, same here.”
Kaylie felt him pull away but she said nothing, some minutes later, they were both sitting on the couch, staring at the T.V.

Kaylie kept wondering how to start a conversation. He has never been this quiet, he had always been the one who would always keep the conversation going between them both as she was the quiet type as well as a great listener. He would go on and on, making her laugh and later the day would end with them making love but today, it was different, it was there was nothing to discuss and it was killing her inside. She looked at him, he seemed to be quite engrossed in the “Doctor Sexy” soap opera that was live on the TV but she desperately needed to hear him say something. Maybe she could try and say something.

“Yea.” He replied, without taking his eyes off the T.V.
“You said you lost your phone those two days, how did it happen?”
He shrugged. “A funny story actually, really a funny story.”
“I would really love to hear the story,” she replied, emphasizing on the last two words. This must have caught his attention as he looked at her, smiled and then brushed a hand over her hair like he had always done, but this time, it felt odd.

“I was running and it must have slipped from my side pockets…yea, so, someone found it the following day. I knew you must have been worried, I just, I got so distracted you know. Nothing to worry about.” Then he pulled her closer, kissed her on the cheek and then continued with the TV.
Kaylie was quiet. She knew something was definitely, she could tell anytime he was lying but she didn’t want to accuse him of anything, she was willing to believe every word.

She slid her hand into his and leaned snuggled closer to him. “You know I love you right Chase?”
“Yea, sure,” he replied, without taking his eyes off the TV.
Kaylie immediately thought of the number 3 sign on the website she was checking the previous night, it stated that one other sign to look for is ‘when he no longer pays attention to you.’ Could this be it?
She needed to make things right…she needed to try.
“Chase, are we okay?” she asked again, unable to stop herself.

He looked at her and frowned. “Sure, babe, sorry, I just really need to concentrate on this soap.” He replied, shifting his attention back to the TV.
That actually hurt her feelings but she said nothing, instead, she stood up. “Maybe I should excuse you then,” she said, walking away and hoping he would at least pull her back or follow her as he used to do but he didn’t. She had gone to the room alone, threw herself on the bed and had a little silent cry. She was so confused and tired of trying to make things right. She could feel something was not right and he kept shutting her out, she didn’t know what else to do, eventually, she slept off.


Chase watched as she went into the room. He felt a strong urge to follow her but he changed his mind. What would he possibly tell her without having to explain why he has been keeping to himself lately.
The truth was that he couldn’t tell her he had forgotten his phone at a bar because that would mean explaining why he had gone to the bar in the first place. If Kaylie found out he was having issues dealing with the marriage of his Ex, she could interpret it as something else and he wasn’t ready for that. The best thing was to lie to cover it up.

Or should he say the truth? He thought for a while then shook his head. He had done a lot more for Anne and she had abandoned him at the altar. He wasn’t ready to put everything into this and then discover he has been inadequate all along. He has done so much for Anne, far too much for her to have done what she did.
He checked his time, the meeting with the shrink was today. He had to leave quickly so he could meet her on time.

The show he had been focusing on had ended. He wasn’t actually paying much attention to it, he just used that to keep Kaylie from asking him lots of questions, questions he wasn’t ready to answer.
Picking his car key, he called her name but there was no response, then he decided to go the same way she had gone.

He found her lying on the bed, sleeping. He thought of waking her up but he kicked against the thought but instead, walk carefully back the way he had come and finally out of the house so by the time she woke, he was already gone.



When he got to the address he was given, he was surprised as it was not what he expected. He hadn’t expected he would go to a corporate office. The receptionist looked pretty in red suits. There was a Bluetooth attached to her ear and she seemed friendly.
“Welcome to Celina’s Eye. My name is Tracy, do you have an appointment with her?”

Chase nodded. “Yes, I urm…her sister booked an appointment for me. Please check for Chase Stottam.”
“Certainly. Please, while I go through, fill this form.” The lady handed him a document with a smile as she went through her computer. “Please come with me.”
He was required to supply his details which he did without hesitation.

“Alright. She is waiting for you, the door to the right.” Tracy said. “And please take the document with you.”
Chase forced a smile and soon left for the room.
“Hello Chase, please sit.” The woman said to him as he got in. There were piles of document on the table, a large TV screen, dispenser and more chairs. The woman looked old and he could see she resembled the lady at the bar. Crap! He didn’t even know her name.
“My sister told me everything though just a few. I later did some reading and…” the woman shook her head, “You caused everything and you are going to do more harm to your relationship if you are not careful. Give me your hand and the document.”

Chase handed him both and she held onto his hand. she placed her right hand warmly on his right palm then shut her eyes.
“I see confusion, fear, heartbreak and mixed feelings. You were involved with someone before. She treated you terribly and because of that you are afraid of this new relationship.”
Chase nodded expectantly.

“You have lots to deal with but you chose to ignore.” She said opening her eyes and releasing her hand.
“You will spoil every chance of happiness you will ever have if you don’t deal with the past Chase.”
“So what do I do?”
“It’s either you let the past go and delight in the presence. If you let the past keep pulling you back, you will lose that which you hold dear.”

“But, I…i don’t know where Anne is actually, I don’t know how to confront her and ask her why she did what she did. She hurt me so badly and… I can’t stop thinking about it.”
The woman smiled. “Do you still have feelings for her?”
“No, not at all. That is why I am so confused. Why is it affecting me? Why can’t I stop thinking about how hurt she made me feel?”

“ When she broke your heart, did you heal completely before you got into another relationship?”
Chase shook his head. “No.”
“Why didn’t you?”
“Kaylie was available and I was scared of being alone and, I thought I needed someone to get me distracted.”
“So are you saying you might not have loved her before you got involved with her?”
He thought for a while and then nodded. “Yes. Along the line, I began to grow feelings for her. She makes me happy.”

The woman sighed again. “It is very important to heal before you rush into another relationship. That way you can be sure that you have fully forgiven anyone who might have hurt you in the past and it will not serve as a hindrance to your happiness in the future. Your inability to deal with your past is affecting your relationship right now. if you really love this woman that makes you happy, you will tell her the truth but that will be after you have found a way to deal with your past and let it go.”
“B..but…she has been so suspicious of me. If I tell her now, don’t you think it will ruin things now?”

“Think of how worried she will be. She is a woman and she loves you. She must be so worried. You need to find a way to make things right before it’s too late.”
Chase inhaled a sharp breath. Where was he going to start from?


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