Trauma (Episode 4)


Trauma (Episode 4)

The three girls were busy talking when they heard knocks on the door. The door opened following an invitation in and a tall dark guy came in.
“Afternoon ladies ” he greeted.
“Oh Bayo, welcome. How have you been? ” Tolu said.
“Have been doing good ”
“You didn’t tell us you were coming ” fired Bisi.
“I just wish to surprise you ladies. Jummy what’s up? ” he said when he noticed she didn’t seem interested in his presence.

“Am good ” she replied casually before returning her full attention back to the book she was reading.
“Ladies am actually famished, what do you have to offer me? ” Bayo asked.
“Oh sorry, we don’t have any food at home now” Bisi replied.
“Well, in that case, am going to be leaving early cause I need to find something to pacify the worms inside me, ” said Bayo.
“Let’s go out and eat together, I also need something in my stomach” Tolu suggested.
” Tolu have you forgotten that we are having a tutorial to attend? ” Bisi said.
“Since you two are going for the tutorial, let Jummy come with me so she won’t get bored when you guys are gone” Bayo suggested.
“I don’t think Jummy is interested in anything aside from her book. Let me go with you. Bisi will go to the tutorial and fill me in later ” Tolu said.
“All right, let’s get going “. Bayo and Tolu left.

Jummy was separating shafts from beans when Bisi barged in.
“What’s wrong with you? What exactly is your problem? ” Bisi said angrily.
“Bisi what happened? ” she asked surprisingly.
Bisi took a seat opposite her friend.
“I can’t understand why you are doing this? Why do you want to wreck the good relationship you are having with Thomas? ”
“What? ” Jummy asked raising her eyebrows.
“He called me today and complained how you have been acting strange this past few days. Is this about what happened? ” Bisi inquired.
Jummy gave a deep sigh.

“I don’t know what is happening to me. I just seem to go off anytime a guy talks to me. I don’t know what to do anymore ” Jummy said.
Bisi leans forward and hold her friend’s two hands.
“My dear everything will be alright but you have to save your relationship with Thomas. He is a great guy ” Bisi advised.
“Ok I will try”
“Don’t just try, Call him now and talk things over with him?” Bisi said.
Jummy brought out her phone to call.
“Hello dear,” She said holding the phone to her ears.
“Hi my love, how are you doing?” replied voice from the phone.
“I must confess, am really surprise you called, ” said the voice from the phone.
“Am sorry Thomas if I offended you in any way this past few days?” Jummy said.
“No no no baby, you didn’t offend me” he replied.
“I actually think we should get together this weekend and talk. How about you come to spend the weekend over here ?” He requested.

This request caught Jummy unaware, she wanted to refuse but she couldn’t bring herself to say “No” to the man she loves.
“Ok” she replied.
“Alright then, I look forward to seeing you, ” said Thomas.

“Hope this wouldn’t turn out to be a disaster?” Jummy thought after the call had ended.

Written by Oluwafunminiyi Komolafe


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