Day 1

It wasn’t difficult for Kaylie to locate the beach. The sound of the waves was enough to lure her. It was located somewhere behind their beach house. As she approached the beach, she realized there were more people than she had thought. They were lying on towels and in chairs. Others were sitting on the warm sand, enjoying their suntan.

Kaylie walked closer and found an empty chair.
“Hi, are you new here?”
She faced the direction of the voice and realized it was coming from a woman lying in the sand next to her chair, she was a redhead, in a greenish-blue bikini and her head slightly raised as she spoke to her.
“Yea, I just got here. I’m Kaylie.” She replied, giving her a warm smile as she sat on the chair.

“Tori.” The lady replied, now sitting up. “Are you here with someone?”
Kaylie nodded and then shook her head. “No, no, I’m not, I came here on my own.”
“Wow, that’s good. Me too. Maybe we can both meet cute boys uhn?”
Kaylie laughed. “Yea, totally. I’m looking forward to it.”
Some seconds later, they were both quite like the rest of the people on the beach. Kaylie was lost in her own thought. She kept thinking how Chase wouldn’t mess up her plans for the vacation. She had come here to get away from him and now he was here. What exactly was he planning, What kind of a nerve was that?
“Hey Kaylie, do you stay close to this area?”
“No,” Kaylie replied. “East End.”
“Wow! That’s really a long distance. I’m from South Carolina but moved to the North last week.”
“Really cool,” Kaylie replied. At least she was able to achieve one thing, get a friend. “Have you been here before?”
“More than once.” The lady replied. “You know sometimes you want to get away from life drama…”
Kaylie smiled. She totally got it. “Yes, I do.”
“So, I often spend some time here to have fun and reflect on my life you know and to find a cute boy.” She said with a chuckle, now sitting up again.

“It’s good. I came here to do just that too.” Kaylie started, “except the boy part.”
This made Tori laugh. “Come on, it would be fun except that I haven’t seen any cute boy that meets my taste, now that we are friends I guess we can have a lot of fun together. Like, check out that dude coming.”
Kaylie straightened up and faced the direction Tori was pointing.

The dude emerged from the water, water dripped from every part of him down to his torso and his tight black swimming pants which clung seductively to his hips, making his endowment more obvious to the least interested eyes. His wet blonde hair stuck to his forehead, framing his face. His eyes glinted from afar and his full lips were pressed together in a flustered expression. Kaylie looked away quickly as she was beginning to feel uncomfortable after recognizing the dude which was Chase.

“Oh my God! That guy is so hot.” Tori said, her mouth, wide-opened. “Oh crap! Those vultures have beaten me to it.”
Kaylie looked at what she was talking about and was surprised to see three to four ladies all over Chase who was now out of the water. They were all giggling excitedly, all trying to dry him up with their towel and he seemed to be enjoying the attention and that instant, he turned slightly towards her direction and caught her staring. Kaylie felt as if someone just slapped her across the cheeks as she quickly looked away, shutting her eyes. That was so stupid and reckless!
“So Kaylie, don’t you think he’s cute?”
“No I don’t think so Tori, besides; I really need to get a nap. Do you mind?”
“Sorry, maybe later,” Tori replied, now standing up and walking towards the water.
Kaylie felt a churn in her tummy, it was guilt and she felt bad but she didn’t mean to snap but at least, she finally got the quietness she wanted.

She hissed a sigh of relief as the picture she had seen earlier replayed itself in her memory. What was Chase planning? How dare he just decide to show up where he was and trying to make her feel jealous. Who did he think he was? If he thought he could make her feel jealous by looking so hot and flirting all around, he would need to think twice. He was dead to her and she wasn’t going to leave this vacation for him. Never! She had contributed as well, he could flirt as much as he wanted but she wasn’t going to allow that get to her.


Chase took another glance at where Kaylie was lying and realized her eyes were closed. He smiled. Maybe it was working after all.
“So, you haven’t told us your name yet.” Said one of the ladies as he sat on one of his chairs while they floated around him like seaweed. She looked like all those models, cute nose, green eyes, and overly thin body. The bikini she wore covered nothing.

“Oh! I think my name is pretty boring, I love it when beautiful ladies like Y’all could give me a fine name. But I don’t mind hearing your name first.” He replied, smiling as seductively as he could while taking another look at Kaylie who was now standing up.

“I am Monica.” One of the ladies said but he wasn’t paying any attention again, he was looking at Kaylie who was now walking away. This wasn’t what he had expected. He stood up abruptly.
He looked at the ladies again and forced a smile. “Excuse me, ladies. I will join you later.” He said in a rush and quickly stood up to go after Kaylie who was now out of sight.

“I am so sorry about the way I spoke earlier Tori,” Kaylie said softly to her new friend. They were still around the beach side but now under one of the coconut trees and there happened to be many people there. It was like a secluded area where people could sit, eat or drink, like a little café. Tori was sipping a cocktail drink which the waiter just served both of them.

*** *** ****

“Look, Kaylie, I’m good okay, we are both different people and I admit I can be quite a pain in the ass most times so it’s okay. I usually get carried away often so it’s fine.” Tori replied, taking the cherry out of the glass and putting it in her mouth.
“It’s been a while I had a friend, like a girlfriend and I don’t want to ruin things. I shouldn’t have snapped like that, it was really rude.”

Tori scoffed and gaped at her. “I said it’s okay, come on!” Then she lifted the remaining drink to her lips and gulped it down, afterward. “You wanna talk about it?”
Kaylie eyed Tori and thought for a while. Was she really ready to discuss her stuff with a stranger? But Tori seemed really cool and she seemed like the kind of girl you could tell anything.

“It’s okay if you don’t want to share. I get it, I am a stranger but for what it’s worth, I came here because I caught my boyfriend cheating on me with my sister.”
Kaylie gasped as she stared at her in horror but Tori seemed unperturbed.
“Not really my sister, half-sister actually but just like her mother, she ‘s a whore.” She added, looking for something in the purse she was holding.

“I am so sorry,” Kaylie said eventually. She couldn’t imagine what she must have done if we’re to be her. she hasn’t even caught Chase on anyone and she didn’t catch Richard either.
“What did you do?” She finally asked.
Tori shrugged and brought out her phone from the purse. As she went through her phone she kept talking. “I did the only thing I could think of.”

“Which was?” Kaylie asked anxiously but Tori turned the phone screen to her, and as she watched Kaylie found a man half-clothed except for his singlet, his mouth was wide opened in horror, he was on the top of a lady who was holding a blanket to her chest and covering half of her face with her hand.

“You took their picture?” Kaylie shouted.
“Yea and I uploaded it on all my social media.”
Kaylie chuckled as she collected the phone from her and checked the picture again. She realized it was on Facebook and had more than 200 comments and over 10 shares already.

“You are so crazy you know that?” Kaylie commented excitedly as she passed her the phone. “Why did you take their pictures anyways?”
“For the world to know she is a slut and that he is a bastard. Besides, I wasn’t holding a gun, else I would have shot them both, that was the only way to make the world know. Besides, that was enough punishment for both of them.”

Kaylie smiled. “That was really brilliant, I wish I could be that brilliant.”
“What do you mean?”
“I have had my own share of bad lucks with men.”
“Really, tell me about it.”
“The guy you saw earlier, is my ex… I mean, my boyfriend. Actually, right now, I don’t know what we are.”
Tori’s brows went so high and she leaned closer, excitement sparkling in her eyes. “Go on.”

Kaylie sighed and continued. “He has been acting quite weird and I imagined he was probably seeing someone else cos I had experienced all this nonsense before so I just, I broke up with him and came here and now he is here as well.”
The other lady smiled. “That is really a big drama but why is he even here?”
“I don’t know, he said he also paid for the vacation and that is why he’s here.”
Tori thought for a while. “Hmmm, he’s not only cute, but he is also smart as well.” She continued. “So why don’t you pay him back?”
“Yea, pay him back any amount he must have left, you could pay him back and let him leave.”
“Wow! I never thought of that you know. Plus I kinda told him never to talk to me again.”
Tori chuckled. “Hold on, don’t tell me you both are staying in the same room.”
“No, we are not!” Kaylie snapped, rolling her eyes. “I would never allow that. Thank God the house has a smaller room, I took the main room.”
Tori laughed loud and signaled to the waitress. “That’s smart, now that’s what I’m talking about. So, quick thinking. Are you sure you are still not interested in him?”
Kaylie sighed and sipped the rest of her drink. “You know I came here to reflect on that and get over it but now that he’s here as well how do you think I will do that?”
“Hmm. First of all, try to give him back his money, let’s see if he will take it.”
Kaylie Toripened her brows. “But I didn’t come with any cash.”
“Just ask him first, and if he says no problem, you just wire it to him, how about that?”
“No problem, I can do that.



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