The music was so loud, as loud as the thunder, making the cutlery on the table tops jump consistently. Neon lights flashed everywhere like police siren except that they were a lot more colorful.

The whole dance floor was crowded like a pack of cards, hands were up in the air as the smell of booze, sweat and perfumes flooded the atmosphere.
“Oh my God! This place is off the hook.” Tori screamed as loudly as she could but no one could have heard her.
Kaylie was uncomfortable even though she was trying her best to be comfortable.

The shorts she wore left majority of her ass out and her pink top exposed too many cleavages. This was not her! As she walked, she kept using one hand to pull the shorts down but it was of no use. Tori had given her some of her ‘fun’ clothes and she wasn’t quite catching fun with it.

Tori on the hand was jumping with excitement in her extremely short gown which barely covered her thighs; in her hand was a cup of booze which she had gotten from the waiter.

“So, here we are. You said you needed some fun to spice up your life, well, here you are.”
Kaylie sighed. She hasn’t quite pictured why and how a little fun was going to make her life better within the fourteen days that she would be spending here.

Thinking about her life, she realized she had made many mistakes because she has taken life too seriously. All her relationships had always been too serious, she has never actually dated for fun, or had a one-night stand or get drunk. Maybe this was what she needed. She was sure of it, even though her ass in the open was not part of what she thought.

“So, where is that list again?” Tori asked.
“Here.” She replied, dipping a hand into the purse in her hand and brought out a little jotter. In it, she wrote things she needed to do within the remaining 13 days.
Tori collected it and read it out. “Have fun without Chase, party hard to forget Chase, get drunk to forget Chase, kiss a random guy to make D jealous. …”Tori scoffed and looked at her. “Seriously? Is there anything in his list that you are doing for yourself and not for Chase this, for Chase that?”
Kaylie was quiet. She hasn’t actually thought about that. “Well…I..” She stuttered.

“Kaylie, have you actually thought about not wanting to get back to him?”
“Well, I haven’t but the truth is, I just want to have fun irrespective of whether he is here or not. I came here to have fun. I came here because I thought he wasn’t going to come and now that he is around I don’t want him to spoil my fun. I have lived all my life to please a man, to make them happy and never done anything for me. I am going to do this for me.”

“So what about after the fun? Do you still want to get back together?”
“I haven’t thought about that yet and I am not ready to.”
“Good. Then we lose the list.” Tori said, tearing the paper up. “The best way to have fun is to live in the moment, so, live in the moment.”

“Yea. I will totally do that.” Kaylie replied, picking a cup of booze from the waitress’s tray as she passed by. She smelt it the strong scent and pressing her nostrils together, she gulped down the drink.
“Wow! That was….” She belched before she could finish the statement but looked at Tori and realized her friend was no longer paying attention to her. instead, she was looking at a man sitting at the bar who was looking at them.

“Tori…” She tapped her.
“Yes babe, I think the guy over there likes you but men can wait, first we are getting drunk and we are partying hard. Come, let’s mix with the crowd.” Together, they mingled with the crowd who were jumping and dancing to the fast beat.

****** ****

Chase was on the beach side. He had spent all his morning, afternoon and evening there, just staring at the beach and thinking about everything in general. He was however surprised with how people hadn’t really bothered to come out today when the sun was most beautiful. Now in the evening, few were already there but mostly old people. He decided to try the shrinks number one more time and it went straight to voicemail, again.

‘Hey, what is a fine young man like you doing at the beach at this time of the day, don’t you have a party to attend?”
Chase straightened up to see the speaker. He was surprised to be addressed by an elderly woman who seemed to be in her early fifties and was standing with another old man, probably her husband.

“Oh! Hi.” He responded.
The couple took the seat next to him which was able to accommodate the two.
“I was wondering why we have such a few people at the beach today.” He continued.
“Well, today marks the fifth year of Outer Banks establishment and there will be a party every day till dawn. Every young and vibrant who is renting a house is expected to be there. Except you are not a party fan.” The old woman explained.

“Who wants the oldies anyway?” The man said and they both chuckled.
“Wow! I didn’t know. I wasn’t invited.”
The couple exchanged glances.
“Wait, are you here alone? I’m sure you have lots of girls that are dying for you. I was you forty years ago and I know how I enjoyed the moment.” The man said proudly while the woman ignored him.

“Well, my girlfriend is here but she is giving me a break, we have issues, it is really complicated,” Chase explained.
“Wow! Young people and love uhn?” The woman said to the man who nodded understandably. “Well, you should see the shrink.”
“What? You ‘ve seen her? Where?” Chase said aloud, unable to hide his excitement and surprise.
“Well, somewhere at the psychic center, just ask anyone you see around, they will lead you there. It’s just somewhere at that house there.” The woman replied. Pointing to the far distance. “Once you see people on a queue, you will be able to tell.”
“Thank you so much,” Chase replied, standing up and rushing from the beach.


It was easy to spot the psychic center just as the woman had explained, he could see people on a queue at the front of a tent. Others were sitting and the queue had just a few people. He thought of calling her again but decided to just chill and wait till it got to his turn, After all, others were here before him. He looked around and spotted a place where he could sit.

After about thirty minutes, it was finally his turn, he walked into the tent and the woman looked surprised to see him.
“Chase! Wow! It’s good to see you.” She said with a smile.
“Yea. I heard you were around and thought of checking up since you didn’t say you will be here.” Chase replied bending to drop his fee into the pan on a stool nearby.
“Oh no! You are my regular customer, I think I will read you for free this time.” The woman said with a smile.
‘Wow! Thanks.” Chase replied, putting his money back into the wallet in his left hand.

She was sitting on a mat on the floor with a veil covering her head.
“Yea, you are welcome. Believe me. It was last night I got a call from one of the managers to come here to just add some fun since it is Hatteras Island week. I had to leave immediately. It’s good that you are here. I could detect that my sister had called you, so I’m glad you are here. Please, sit.” There was a section of the mat where a customer was supposed to sit.

“Thanks,” Chase replied, sitting down and afterward placed his right palm into her outstretched hand while she warmly covered it with the other, gave a warm smile and closed her eyes.
“You are in front of a wall, trying to get to the other side…” She said, opened and opened her eyes. “Well, I guess we have covered that before…” She closed her eyes again, frowned and opened her eyes. “Someone is coming from behind you and the atmosphere will be cloudy but you have to brighten things up to see through.”

“Wow! I don’t understand that. But I do understand what is coming behind me.”
The woman smiled, releasing his hand. “What does that mean to you?”
“Seriously, I’ve been trying to reach you since yesterday and I am so glad that you are here it’s like God is actually looking out for me. Anyways, the problem is, remember the ex I told you about?”
The woman nodded.

“Well, she unblocked me on Facebook, sent a message to meet her at the place we had wanted to have our honeymoon before she bailed out.”
“Wait. Did she want to see you? Did you contact her?”
“Yea. I wanted to leave the past behind me, I needed to forgive her and get over her for real. So I decided to drop a message for her and now she wants to come here.”

“What? Here, you mean, like, here?”
“Yea. We planned to book one of the beach houses here for our honeymoon initially but we couldn’t make it and now she wants to come here, and I got the message yesterday. What do you think I should do?”
She sighed. “Well, I don’t usually advise people on what they need to do so the only thing I will tell you Chase, is to listen to your heart, whatever your heart tells you to do, go for it.

I understand that your girlfriend is building a wall because she feels you don’t take her as serious as she takes you, whatever reason it is, just knows that you caused it and she’s making you pay for it. Besides, she never wanted you here initially, and now you both are sharing the same house. Think of how she will feel, give her a break when she is ready to talk to you, she will but don’t push her.

One thing I always tell all my customers having issues in their relationship is for them to relax and don’t push if she is yours, she will come back to you, when she does, make sure what happened never happens again.”
“Thank you so much…you just helped me cross a bridge. “
The woman smiled. “You are welcome.”

He stood up, smiled and walked out of the tent. He felt so relieved. The woman had really helped him and now he had nothing to be afraid of. All he needed to do was to follow his heart. Once Anne comes for whatever reason she might be here for, he would listen to her, forgive and move on. Hopefully, she would be coming with her husband.

That way it would be less awkward, he hoped. He could hear loud music and young couples all dressed up in their party wears, walking towards the area where the noise was coming from. That must be the party they were going to. He thought. Maybe he could go and have some free drink and perhaps have a little fun as well.

The shrink had said…oh crap! He hadn’t asked for her name again, Anyways, she said he needed to have fun, so he would try and do all that. How does someone have fun anyway? It shouldn’t be too much work, should I? Probably get drunk, make new friends. Well, he had definitely forgotten how to have fun. He needed to work on that, maybe being here would bring all that back. He had spent too much time being depressed and even if he would get back with Kaylie, he needed to add some fun. He was so lost in thought he did n’t when he bumped into someone.

“Oh my God! I am so sorry.” HE said quickly. He looked surprised to see the lady that had come to their house that morning. She was wearing too much makeup but he could still remember her face.
“Oh, hi Tori. Nice to see you again.”
The lady smiled. “Wow! You remember my name, I just love you right now.” The gown she wore barely covered her chest and her panties. It was an extremely short black gown and she was holding a cup of drink which seemed to be almost empty. He was surprised Kaylie wasn’t with her.

“What about Kaylie?” He asked.
“Kaylie? Oh! You know you need to forget about her for now. She is having a lot of fun right now unlike you.” She replied, sipping from the cup in her hand.
“Well, I’m glad to know that.”
“Really? You are not even a bit jealous that she is having fun without you?”
“Well..” He stopped, thought for a while and then shrugged. “The funny thing is, I do n’t. I actually think I’m happy that she is.”
He nodded. “Yea.”
“And that doesn’t bother you?”
“Should it? The thing is, we are both cooling things off right now and once we realize we are actually what we both want, we can come back together and continue from where we left off.”

“Hmm, that’s sweet and only if she actually wants to get back.”
Chase felt a pang across his chest. “What do you mean?”
“Well, the reason she is here is to get it over with you and believe me, she is very determined about that.”
“But I don’t want it to be over. I still love her and I still think she loves me too. Is there a way I can just talk to her cos she isn’t talking to me.”
“Well.” Tori started, she was quiet for a while. “First, I think you should let her have her way first.”



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