TANGLE (Episode 4)


TANGLE (Episode 4)

Malik suddenly found himself paddling an old canoe in the middle of the sea. He found no one beside him, not even his friend and partner who they have been together for more than seven years. Seeing that he is alone, he continued paddling and after a moment he saw the shore a few kilometers away.

Malik increased his effort so he can get to the shore quickly but suddenly his canoe began to break apart in pieces. He did all he could to manage it to the shore but everything broke down and he landed in the water. Having failed by his canoe, Malik resulted in his skill as a swimmer to get to the shore.

As he was swimming, he looked back and saw a monstrous looking crocodile heading toward him. He swam fast to the shore but the predator was closing in fast on him and he was now a few yards away from the shore. Malik suddenly found out that he is losing his strength, he could no longer swim well and the crocodile is still on his trail.

He shouted for help and was surprised to see the lady they left at the hospital standing at the shore, holding a pump action gun and attempting to shoot the animal in his pursuit. Malik was happy that he has a savior until he saw the lady dropped the gun.
‘Shoot the fucking crocodile, lady’ he shouted.
‘No I won’t, because you left me to die at the hospital, you don’t deserve my help’ she replied before walking away.

Malik who could no longer swim looked back to see if the animal had backed off, but it was right behind him. He resigned to his fate and screamed as the animal opened its large mouth to start devouring him.
He opened his eyes and suddenly found out that it was all a dream.
‘Oh! What a terrifying dream!’ Malik exclaimed.

TANGLE (Episode 3)

Written by Oluwafunminiyi Komolafe


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