Beauty, they say lies in the eyes of the beholder. But what happens when no eyes behold your beauty?
Alexandra Wallace has lived all her life fighting to achieve perfection just so she can be accepted amongst peers and society.

But fate seems to have something else in store for her as she keeps bouncing back to her deserted self.
With time, depression and self-esteem became Alexa’s daily meal as she continues to struggle to achieve an unattainable perfection.

In course of her struggles, William Wilson, in an attempt to save Alexa has the tables turned around as he is falsely accused of rape and sent to jail.
After being released from jail, an enraged William is determined to have his revenge on the Wallace family and thereby, disguises himself as their new driver.

But then what happens when William Wilson begins to discover dark secrets he was never meant to discover?
William Wilson is torn between the bridge of revenge and love whereas Alexa is slowly drowning, drowning in her unquenchable quest to achieve the unattainable.

William Wilson and Alexandra Wallace.
Two broken souls.
Two disoriented lives.
A darkened heart and a drowning heart. When both meet.
Becomes the start of a new dawn.
The start of secrets unraveling.
The start of love blossoming.
The start of two worlds clashing
And the start of imperfections turned beauty.



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