The next morning, he got to Tori’s house at 6 in the morning. He made sure that Kaylie was still fast asleep and it took him a few seconds to explain to Tori what was going on.
“WoW! You mean your ex is around, like right here?” Tori asked they were both standing in the doorway.
He nodded. “Yea, don’t you see fate is playing some kind of trick on me?”
“Well, I don’t know but I do know that if we both stand here, we will both freeze to death, come on in.”
Chase followed her inside. He took a seat while she disappeared somewhere into the house and came back with a hot cup of coffee for both of them.
“So what are you going to do? Has she called you yet?”
“No, she hasn’t and I’m so afraid of checking my Facebook messages. It’s possible she doesn’t have my number anymore and she has probably sent a thousand messages to me on Facebook.”
“Well, calm down.” She said, handing him the coffee before taking a seat as well. “If the worst happens, I can go stay at your beach house and you can stay here or you may choose to leave Hatteras Island.”
“No, that’s not an option, if I’m leaving Hatteras Island, I’m leaving with Kaylie with everything set right between us, I’m not going the way I came.”
“Well, then we can settle for the first option but how long are you going to hide from your ex? Don’t you think its better you check your messages now? Something there might help us make a decision.”
Chase took a very Torip breath. “Okay, let me check.” He brought out his Phone and clicked on his messenger and just as he had thought, he had plenty of messages from Anne.
“Chase, I got your message too late as I’m already in Hatteras Island”
“Are you sure you are not coming?”
“Please I need you to come”
“We can fix this, where are you?”
“I booked the place we were supposed to spend our honeymoon, don’t you want to even check it out”
“If I don’t see you within two days, I will assume you have moved on and I will find my way.”
Tori moved closer to him and read the message, she had a look of disgust on her face.
“This lady is a total mental case. You left a man at the aisle and you expect him to be interested in checking out the honeymoon beach house?” She shook her head. “She is really a mental case.”
“So now, what do I do?” Chase asked.
“Well, she said if she doesn’t see you within two days she will assume you have moved on. That means you need to hide here until you and Kaylie finally come together again.”
“But I’m supposed to not be hiding from Kaylie right? The whole plan is so that she can see me consistently and realize that I’m moving on.”
It was Tori’s turn to take a Torip breath.
“This is all so messed up. How did I ever meet you, people?” She snapped at him. “Anyways, let me see her picture.” She clicked on the profile picture and stared at it. “Well, brunette, brown eyes and nice dimples, cool, but she is still a crazy person.”
“I’m in a Torip shit Tori.”
“Well, I gave you two options which we are opting for the first one, let’s just hope Kaylie wakes up and decides to get back to you, that way, things will be less complicated.”
DAY 4(Morning)
By the time Kaylie woke up, she felt like a very big metal tank was hitting her head consistently. The pain was so bad.
“Please go away, go away.” She whined to herself but had to later open her eyes. She checked the wall clock, it was almost 7, in the morning.
The throbbing pain was unbearable. Gathering herself up with all of her strength, she rose up and moved slowly to her bag which was just beside the mirror, she remembered she had packed some painkillers with her.

She opened the bag and checked the sides, found the painkiller and quickly open it and poured the content into her mouth. She shivered as the chalky-taste of the drug hit her taste buds. She snapped her eyes shut, screwing up her nose as she pushed it down her throat. Quickly, she grabbed a bottle of drink by the mirror, opened it and gulped it down. finally, she wiped her mouth and checked herself in the mirror.
She was a total mess in the morning. Her make-up was all smudged and her hair was so unkept. Her eyes were bloodshot and her head ached terribly.
“I will never drink again!” She said to herself, feeling nauseous, she rushed to the toilet, opened the toilet bowl, held her hair in a place with her hand, s she began to vomit whatever content she had taken last night. She vomited four times and then sighed as she felt a bit better. She sat on the floor, breathing heavily and leaned against the door.
While her head was turned towards the mirror, she saw a paper by the mirror, on it was her phone. She wondered why Tori would leave her a written note when she could have just called her instead.
For a while, she just sat down, her head was throbbing slowly now, she was already feeling better and her body was coming back to normal. Slowly she stood up and walked to the mirror, she frowned immediately when she recognized the handwriting. She picked up the paper and began to read-
Hi babe, I hope you are able to read this in the morning. If you are feeling more headache, I left some pills on the table, it will help you take the bloated feeling and throbbing headache completely. Anyways I just want to tell you that whatever you are doing to get rid of me is probably working, I won’t disturb you or bother you again. I don’t want to be the reason why you will be drunk to stupor as you were last night and I had to carry you all the way. Please don’t get drunk again, it doesn’t fit you.
To make things easy for you, I decided to leave. I want you to be happy and I don’t want to burden you with my presence. I had initially thought we had a shot at another chance because I know how badly I screwed up but believe me, I never cheated on you. I would never do that. I was just going through some things and I could have shared with you but I didn’t know you would react. Anyways, since you don’t want to know the details, I will accept that I have lost you. I want you to be happy as I care Toriply for you. I will be happy knowing you are happy. Chase.

Had he brought her home last night? Kaylie thought, feeling ashamed of her. Why would Tori ask him to bring her in and who told him she got drunk because of him? How dare he decide to just leave the house? Why would he be happy for her and why would he even decide to be happy when she is happy?
20-The Guilt and the drama
For a while she couldn’t say anything, she was supposed to be happy that he was finally letting her be but she was not happy, she actually felt worse.
What was wrong with her?
She took a step back and sat on the bed. He had actually brought her here, no, carried her here? How she wished she was at least half awake to see how it actually felt being in his arms again.
To make things easy for you, I decided to move out and rent my own place
What did he mean that? Did he decide to leave Hatteras Island or just this house? She thought for a while. Maybe she could go out and find out if he was still around or not.
She stood up and tried to open the door but stopped. What if he was around, was she ready to forgive him and listen to whatever explanation he had? The truth was the thought of him carrying her all the way from that party sort of stirred a warm feeling in her. Had she pushed things so hard?
She summoned courage, opened the door and stepped out of the room. She walked quietly to the lounge. If he was around, he most certainly would be here watching the TV. She prayed he would be there but he wasn’t.
He could be in his room. She thought. Maybe she could go check him? What if she finds him in the room, what would she possibly tell him? Was she really ready to make things go back to the way they were?
She had no answer to that but she really hoped he was still around. He motioned towards his room, stopped right in front of the door and firmly pressed her head towards it. Not even a single sound.
She pushed open the door and to her disappointment, he had Indeed gone. There was no shirt or anything that could indicate he was still around.
She sighed. She had Indeed taken this so far and now she was missing him. she could have listened to him and things could have worked out for them and now…her phone rang, startling her. She had actually forgotten she was with it. It was Tori and she picked it.
“Hey babe”
“Hello Drunkard, thank God you are awake, how’s a headache?” Tori asked.
“Yea, it was awful before but it’s better now. Hey, did you see Chase last night?”
“Yea, I asked him to come help cos I couldn’t carry you.”
“So, did he tell you he was leaving ?”
“Yea, he did. He thought he was making things quite awful for you so he decided to leave.”
Kaylie sighed. “Do you know if he’s still around?”
“Why do you care about that?” She paused. “Wait, ain’t you suppose to be happy about it? You wanted him gone right?”
Kaylie took another Torip breath. “Yea..yea…i do. I just thought maybe I pushed things too hard.”
“Well, you shouldn’t feel that way, you totally got what you wanted. So have fun with your freedom, I will come to see you later.” There was a beep sound and the call ended.
Kaylie shrugged and walked out of the room. She got what she wanted and now, she was feeling bad about it. Clearly, she still has feelings for him. She needed to make things work. Bringing out her phone, she quickly scrolled through her phone contact list but she couldn’t find his number. That was so strange. She would never have deleted his number, no matter how angry she must have felt so who did?
She dialed Tori’s number again.
“Hey drunk…”
“Look, stop calling me that okay? Quick question, did Chase go through my phone last night?”
“No, I’m not sure why?”
“Because I can’t find his number.”
“Wait…you want to call him? Why? Besides, have you forgotten you deleted it last night?”
“What? Did I? When? Why? How come I don’t remember?”
“Well, let me think…..oh, yea, you were so drunk last night and you started acting so weird. Don’t you remember?”
Kaylie shut her eyes in disappointment. “I don’t remember. I swear I will never drink again.”
“But why are you trying to call him? Wait are you still drunk?”
“No, I’m not, I don’t know why I want to call know what? Forget it.”
“Oh, No. I’m coming over right now.”
The call ended and Kaylie went back to her room. She was so angry with herself for having drunk excessively but she actually fulfilled one of her stupid goals for the vacation, to drink herself to stupor and now she could barely remember anything. Hopefully, when Tori comes, she hoped she would remind her of the crazy things she must have done, starting with why she deleted Chase’s’ number.

***** ***

“Are you sure that being here is a good idea?” Chase asked Tori as soon as she got off the phone with Kaylie.
“Yea, I think it is until we can get you a place. Why? Are you having second thoughts?”
“No, I’m just wondering, what if she comes here and she finds me here?”
“She’s not going to kill you will she?”
“I don’t know. I don’t want to create a wrong impression about us both. Besides, what did she tell you?”
“Nothing much just wanted to know who brought her home and just like you have predicted, she is feeling pretty bad. I need to go see her.”
Chase smiled, maybe their plan would work after all. “So, what about the whole thing about my ex-being around?”
“Well, that one is pretty fucked up, you know. All you got to do, is to just wait here, it’s better if I go to Kaylie that if she comes here, you understand.”
“I know, but it’s just that I feel, things would have been easily done if you had told her you to know where I am than you having to lie.”
“And you want her to be angry with us both for planning behind her?”
Chase nodded, “Okay, you have a point, problem.” He replied as she took her bag and left the house.

Chase took a Torip breath. Things were becoming so complicated, he wondered why Anne didn’t get the message he had left and why she still came. He really hoped she comes with her husband; it would really be most helpful for him if she comes with her marriage still intact. Taylor had mentioned just her name and even included a ‘miss’ he knew what that would mean but he just wasn’t ready for such drama yet when he was just trying to make things easy with Kaylie.
He felt something vibrating and he discovered Tori hadn’t taken her phone along. Picking it up he released Kaylie was the one calling.
“Oh crap!” He waited until it finished ringing and then went to voicemail.
“Hey babe, it’s Kaylie, I’m almost at your place, don’t bother to come.” She said before hanging up.
“Oh! Crap crap crap!” He stood up immediately and just on time, the door swung open, Tori came in, looking all agitated.
“Kaylie is…” He started.
“She’s here, fast, take the back door.” Tori interrupted, pushing him towards a section of the house which led to the back of the house.
“Stay here. Don’t make a sound. And please don’t go anywhere.” She said quickly slamming the door, leaving him alone outside.
Chase sighed. This was becoming hard work. He looked around and found more houses. He thought of taking a walk around. He couldn’t just stand there and do nothing.
21-The Plan
After some minutes, he found himself at the beach; people were at the beach this time. He sighted one of the ladies that had come over to him the first day. She looked happy to see him as she kept smiling.
‘Hey handsome, come to say hi.” She shouted to him, waving, making everyone turn to his direction.
Chase blushed slightly; he wished she hadn’t done that. As he proceeded towards her so as not to be rude.
“Chase. Oh my God, Chase, you came.”
He froze as he heard his name, recognizing the voice immediately. He immediately regretted not listening to Tori when she had told him to not go anywhere.
“Oh, Chase. I knew you would come. I know how much you love the beach.”
She was right behind him now and he had no choice than to confront her-his past mistake.





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