Omolara tried to take a siesta but sleep eluded her. The words she said to David kept playing in her mind. She was starting to feel guilty, her words must have really hurt him. Although he had nothing to do with what happened to her she had vented her anger on him while he was only trying to be nice. She really felt she had hurt someone and deeply felt the need to apologize to him.

She picked up her phone and dialed David’s number but it only rang a few times before it stopped.
“He must be feeling really bad. If I were in his shoes, I would feel the same.” She thought in her mind.

David was lying on the couch in the sitting room watching a movie to calm his temper. What was he going to do with his parent? They have always been the one to dictate how his life would be right since when he was a kid. Even now when he has become an adult, they wouldn’t let him decide for himself why? Why can’t he leave his own life? David was thinking about this when he heard his father’s car being driven in. He sat up immediately and prepared himself to confront his father.

Initially, he wanted to use the radical approach which he had always used but he decided to calm down and be diplomatic. Pastor Charles walked in looking so tired.
“Welcome home dad. ” He greeted.
“Oh David, how have you been doing? Have you seen what I dropped it your room?” Pastor asked.
“Yes sir but I don’t think I need that right now. What I need is a job. ” David said.

“David you don’t need a job, what you need is a training to help you utilize your potential and that is why I applied for the theological school on your behalf. ” His father explained.
“But sir, I have no desire what so ever to go such school, I have no business there.” David blurted.
“You like to see yourself as an adult but you seem not to be able to differentiate between what you want and what you really need. Am so glad I didn’t inform you before forwarding the application.” His father spoke angrily before leaving the sitting room.

David later saw Omolara’s missed calls on his phone which he left in the bedroom. He quickly called her back and was happy when he heard her voice. He apologized for missing the call and they both agreed to meet in a coffee shop to talk in person.

David was beaming with a smile as they both sat opposite each other sipping a cup of coffee.
“Mr. David, I really must apologize for what I said back at the house. Am really really sorry. ” She said opening up the conversation.

“Please feel free to call me David. I was told you had a rough day at work so I took no offense. ” He replied.
“That a relief. ”
“Since everything is settled, allow me to make a proposition. Long-lasting friendships with the most amazing woman on earth.” He said stretching his hand to her.
“If only she would be so gracious enough to accept it.” He said.

“Of course I will. ” she reached his, the hand with hers.
This was how they started chatting as if they have been friends for years. Omolara was enjoying the company of such a charming man while David kept asking himself what he would do with the damsel whose smile amused him.


Written by Oluwafunminiyi Komolafe


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