11:00 PM.

I groaned for the hundredth time this evening as another blow comes my way.
I sat my butt on the cemented floor and leaned against the wall.
This place is disgusting. Foul smells emanating from each side of the room.

It’s like this place hasn’t been swept or scrubbed for ages.
What was I expecting?
That a police cell would be sweetly scented like a hotel room?
Literally no.
But it’s a cell. A place where humans are kept not where animals are kept. The least they could do was clean this foul-smelling cell.

And to think I’m going to spend the night, perhaps more nights here for a crime I didn’t commit in the first place. I was only trying to help Alexa.
Talking of Alexandra.
She fainted. Her scar was bleeding badly.
I hope she’s okay. I really hope she’s okay.
I groaned in frustration.
Here I am locked up in a cell and being beaten by two policemen and all I can think of is the girl who’s a father had me locked up?

Ah, f*ck me!
A strong fist connects with my face and all I can do is spit out blood. That’s all I’ve been doing for the past hour.
Groaning and spitting out blood while they beat me up like I was caught committing murder.
“That was a low blow. Real low. I mean seriously, you couldn’t get any other girl to insert your d*ck into other than the rich man’s daughter? Henry Wallace? Don’t you know what happens when poor people mess with the rich huh boy?!” The shorter policeman teases me and his companion laughs, taking a swig of his beer.
I shakes my head.

This is a really f*cked up country.
Police on duty are getting drunk and none of his colleagues care enough to stop him?
“Fool! He is! Now watch how he’s going to rot in jail for attempting to r*pe Mr. Wallace’s daughter! Fool! You could have raped some homeless girl and no one will dare to arrest you because their case will be thrown out by the court. You could have easily escaped. Money talks, bullshit works!” The drunk policeman said and I clench my fists.

My anger getting the better of me.
How dare they spew such gibberish?
“I can’t believe policemen, People who are supposed to protect the country are actually encouraging me to commit a crime. Aren’t you ashamed? You’re shameless enough to tell me to have raped a homeless girl? Why? Because her family will probably be irrelevant in society. Aren’t the police supposed to protect both the rich and poor? Isn’t it your job to protect the weak and defenseless? You’ve put the entire police force to shame! We’re no longer safe in a country with shallow minded policemen like you! Pathetic!” I spit out and the drunk policeman growls in anger and fury hitting me repeatedly.

I didn’t  budge. At least I spoke the truth.
He’s nothing but a disgrace to manhood.
I let him keep hitting me, blood coating my bare chest and belly.
Eventually, he’ll get tired.


“You are fools! Stupid! Nincompoops! Arhh! How could you? I gave you a simple instruction. Get me the girl. And you ended up hurting her? Couldn’t you just drug her to make her lose consciousness? Thank God Lydia told me on time and I managed to avert the situation else my husband would have gathered the entire police force to search for you fools!” Alice bangs her fists on the table angrily.

“Sorry, ma’am. We’ll bring her to you” one of the men spoke up.
“F*ck you! I don’t need your services anymore. I’ll do everything myself from now on. Get the f*ck out of here! You’re useless! And don’t expect me to pay you because I’d be a fool too!”
“What?! But we agreed…”
“We agreed that you bring me the girl, I pay. And you failed like the losers that you are. No pain, no gain. So f*ck off!! Out!!!” She screamed frantically until both men walk out angrily.

Feeling disrespected.
This isn’t over.
“Does that mean I don’t get paid too?”
Alice turned at the sound of the voice.
She smirked.
“This plan just started Lydia. You do your job well and I’ll reward you”
Lydia grinned.
“You know, I really like your son”
“I have two sons Lydia. Twins. Which of them?”
“Marcus. The eldest” Lydia answered shyly making Alice’s smirk widen.

Such a fool she was to think she’ll let an 18year old school drop out like her get into a relationship with her sixteen-year-old son.
She was stupid to betray her so-called best friend for money.
She scoffs inwardly

Oh well, she was useful for now. Why not take advantage now?
For now, she was going to use her to get what she wants and when she was done,
Poof! She too was gonna disappear.
Alice laughs.
“Sure Lydia. Anything you say” her voice drips of pure sarcasm, an evil glint flashing in her dark eyes.


8:00 AM

I cussed when the bright sun rays blinds my vision.
How come it’s shinning suddenly?.
I thought it was evening.
My eyes shoot open and I instantly sat up ignoring the sharp pain coursing through my head.
My eyes roamed around frantically.
Oh my God. William. He was falsely accused.
I have to stop my dad.

Pulling away the duvet from my body, I dropped my bare feet to the tiled floor when a soft hand held me back.
“No Alexa. You just regained consciousness. Relax”
I turned, shaking my head
“No Sophie. You don’t get it. William. He’s innocent. And to think he spent the entire night in jail. Sophie, I need to tell dad he wasn’t at fault. He’s innocent”
“You mean to say he didn’t try to r*pe you?”
“No. He saved me instead. He saved my life”
Sophie sighed beside me.

“Come on then” Sophie wrapped her arms around my shoulders to help me. I smiled appreciatively.
“I think you should let matters be for now” Lydia suddenly speaks up and I whipped my head so fast I heard a crack in my neck.
There she was, seated at the edge of my bed munching on my favorite chips. I glared at her.

“What do you mean? An innocent man is in police custody and all you can think of telling me Is to let it go? Really Lydia?” I asked in bewilderment.
She rolled her eyes.
“It’s the truth”
I can’t believe her!
“Seriously Lydia, what’s gotten into you off late? You act so weirdly sometimes. How can you be so insensitive? Would you rather she stays quiet and lets an innocent man go to jail? It was your fault anyway. If you didn’t give Alexa the tequila to drink she wouldn’t have gotten drunk!” Sophie accuses.

“She wasn’t herself so I wanted her to relax. It was just two shots of tequila!”
“You know Alexa doesn’t drink. Like ever! And two shots was enough to get her drunk!” Sophie retorts.
I sighed, rubbing the bandage around my head.
“Guys it’s enough. What’s done is done. Let’s concentrate on the issue at hand yeah?”
“Whatever” Lydia dismisses lying back on my bed.
I licked my dry lips.
I feel like I don’t know her anymore. She’s become so insensitive.

“Come on Alexa. Let’s go to your father so he can drop the charges against the guy”
I nod and we began to walk towards the door.
Grabbing the doorknob, I turned it to push the door open.
And there stood none other than Alice. The witch of a stepmother.
I ignored her and tried to move but she blocked my way.
“Not so fast dearest stepdaughter”



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