Omolara tried all she could to convince David to change his decision but she didn’t succeed. When she realized nothing could change David’s mind, she left him to his choice.
Days later, David was waiting to go board the flight which would take him to his destination. He had packed all he needed and was ready to go but he was waiting for Omolara who had promised to come bid him farewell.

He anxiously picked up his phone and dialed her number but she didn’t pick up. David was about making up his mind to leave without her when a knock sounded on the door and he went to open it but was astounded by the figure he saw at the doorstep.
“Good morning David.” His mom greeted.
“Moooom, how did you get here? ” He asked surprisingly.

“Won’t you invite me in?” she said and David opened the door wide for her to come in.
“I see you are about going somewhere. ” She said as she saw the bag.
“David, are you truly leaving the country? Why? Because of your father? ” She asked.

“Am sorry I left the house, I just couldn’t bear it anymore. ” He said.
“You should have come talk to me, I am your mother. I would have devised a means to solve the problem. ”
“Am sorry I wasn’t thinking straight ma. ” He said.
“Look David there is no need for you to travel out of the country anymore, we can resolve this. ” She said.

“Listen to your mother David. ” Said a voice. David turned around to check whose voice it was and saw Omolara standing at the door.
“Forgive me blowing the whistle on you. I just can’t watch you turn your back on your family. ” She said.
“Omolara here had a lengthy talk with us and everything has been resolved, please let’s go home.” Her mom pleaded.

“But mom I can’t, I left home because I want to stand on my own. I want to be able to make my own choices not been told what to do every single day. ” He said.
“I already talked to your father and I made him understand that you are a man now.” His mom said.
“David you have to go home, your family needs you. ” Omolara added.
David made a deep sigh, he knew he had no choice than to return back home so he succumbed.

The Amandi family with Omolara were seated having a celebration of David’s return.
“Dad I want to tender my sincere apology for what I did. Am so sorry for breaking your heart and I promise it would never occur again.” David said.

“You don’t need to apologize, I should be the one who is sorry. If not for this kind lady, I would have lost my only son. ” Pastor Charles said.
“Omolara truly deserves our sincere appreciation. She displayed a trait of a virtuous woman. ” Mrs. Amandi said.

“There is really no need to thank me, I only did what I thought was right. ” Omolara said.
“You have shown us that you are a lady breed from a good home. I must certainly encourage you.” Pastor Charles brought out his cheque book and wrote a cheque of one hundred thousand in Omolara’s name.

“This is a token to show my appreciation. ” He handed the cheque over to here. Omolara became extremely happy immediately she read the figures on the cheque.
“This is too much sir, thank you, sir. May God bless you.” She went on her knees in appreciation.


Written by Oluwafunminiyi Komolafe


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