Chase realized Kaylie was still outside and he went outside as well. He thought he needed to make her feel comfortable so he wouldn’t push her too hard.
He found her staring at the moon, just as they had always done together back at home.
“Beautiful night right?”
She seemed startled, surprised to see her.
“Yea.” She replied.
They were both standing together outside, side by side but with a considerable distance between them. It’s been a while since they had agreed on something and that little conversation felt so good.
They both gazed at the moon quietly, not saying anything.
“IS it true that wishes come true under the moonlight.”
Chase was surprised and excited at the same time. At least, she was saying something. “I don’t know, why?”
“I think I read it somewhere.”
“So do you want to try it?”
“Why not?”
“I don’t know what to wish for?”
“Well, now that you have told me, I think I will try it out one day.”
She smiled. Oh dear Lord, she smiled! Chase felt like jumping or flying and everything at once. It was too good to be true.
“Urm, I never said thank you for the night you brought me home. That was so nice of you Chase.” She said, turning to face him while he did the same.
“You don’t need to. I just thought I was at fault and I had caused it and….”
“No, stop. Don’t blame yourself, just accept my gratitude.”
Chase nodded with a smile. “Okay, accepted.”
**** ****
Kaylie as never felt so relieved in a long time with him standing so close to her, she felt like melting in his arms and leave all the stupid plans behind her. She was so tired she just wanted to be with him. Why was everything so difficult and why was he looking so handsome than he had always been.
This was so not fair!
Suddenly, he removed his jacket and covered her with it…
She looked surprised. “I’m not catching a cold.”
“Oh yes you are or you are about to. I see the way you positioned your arms. You always do that when you are catching a cold .”
She smiled and wore the jacket. It was a bit oversized but it was enough to restore her shaking nerves. With his perfume in her nostrils and his jacket all over her, she has never felt warmer. It was just like being in his arms.
“Thank you. You know me so well.” She said, smiling.
“Of course, I do,” He replied.
They were now quiet and looking at each other. Not saying a single word. The only thing in her head was a picture of the both of them kissing. She sucked on her lower lip. She couldn’t even remember the last time she was kissed.
“So, Anne..?” She started, unable to stop herself. “Are you two in a serious thing or a casual…I’m so sorry, it wasn’t my business…”
“Casual.” He replied. “I’m not ready for anything serious right now. what we had together was the best thing to me and I messed it up, I don’t want to start something serious right now but who knows, maybe if I fall in love with her, it may turn serious.”
Before she could reply-Tori shouted from the balcony.
“Guys. Are you coming in or not?”
“I think we should go in,” Chase suggested and they walked back together. Everyone was still at the dining table which was already cleared. The two went back to their former seats.
*** ****
Tori exchanged a look with Anne as they spotted Chase’s jacket around Kaylie. Well, maybe their plan was beginning to work after all.
“Okay, now that everyone is here. We are going to play a game. So, Kaylie, please can you help pass these cards around? Please, two cards for each.”
“Sure,” Kaylie replied, removing Chase’s jacket and standing up. She collected the cards from her and some pens which she started handing out. “Now, we are going to play the game truth or dare, and the questions will be written by all of us. So once we are done, please let’s all move to the lounge so I can arrange the cards.”
“Why do you have to arrange them? Can’t someone else do it?” Kaylie asked her suspiciously.
Tori chuckled. “Kaylie, you are having trust issues which I know can be quite unhealthy. Back me up doc.” She winked at Luke.
“Well, you are right. Trust issues can be quite unhealthy, but I support that someone else arranges the card.” Luke replied.
“What?” Tori exclaimed. “I hate you, doc. “She joked.
“So quick, hurry up and write funny and scary and seductive questions, this will be fun,” Tori said, looking at Nick who kept giving her a knowing smile. She realized Kaylie was looking at her and she quickly averted her gaze.
“Are you not going to write?” Nick asked.
“No, I’m not, besides there is no more pen,” Tori replied.
“I will give you mine once I’m through.” Kaylie interrupted them.
“Well, thanks Kaylie, that is s generous of you,” Tori replied sarcastically, sending her a scowl.
Later after they were all through. Everyone had forgotten Tori didn’t write anything. She packed all their cards together.
“So, what if Anne arranges them? Will, you be okay with that?” Tori asked everyone but was looking at Kaylie on purpose.
“Well..I…” Kaylie started.
“That should be fine. I will do it.” Anne said, standing up.
“Good. Thanks, Anne. So everyone, get your butts up and move to the lounge while I get us all drinks. Kaylie, please can you lead them to …”
“Sure no problem,” Kaylie replied and stood up, now holding Chase’s jacket instead of wearing it. Soon everyone was out leaving her and Anne behind.
“Anne, quick, the cards.”
Quickly, Anne brought out a pack of cards from her bag while Tori packed the news ones away from the table and took a book from the stool to hide them in.
“Don’t you think they will know we changed the questions?” Anne asked.
“By the time they realize, we will all be joking about it.”
“I will get the drinks, Okay, you go.”
“We can include some out of the new ones because everyone would be wondering what happened to their cards.”
“Get the cards, I will get the drinks.”





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