Everyone sat comfortably while Anne held the cards in her hands. Tori handed each one of them a glass of wine from the tray in her hand and then put the tray carefully on the table.
“So, how do we play this game?” Luke asked.
“Well, that makes you the first to play,” Tori said. Sitting down. “Please, go ahead and pick a card. The rule is that we will drink a little once someone does their task and anyone who fails will drain his or her cup alone while we boo unless she gets someone to do it for him or her. Then we will all have a refill. But note that, there is nothing like to change the question. The person who helps get to go their own round. Got it? Good. Now, Go ahead Luke.”
Anne shuffled the cards together and spread them out on the table in a face-down position.
Luke excitedly rubbed his hands together and picked a card.
Everyone waited for him anxiously to read it out.
He at first, frowned and then smiled.
“So, out with it,” Anne shouted eagerly.
Luke sighed and leaned forward. “WHEN LAST DID I HAVE SEX?”
Everyone in the room shouted and clapped.
“So, go ahead and answer it or someone will have to dare you,” Kaylie said, laughing.
“Well, the last time I had sex was last three months. That was before my girl left me.”
“Awww.” Everyone chorused and drank a little from their glass.
“I will go next,” Nick said excitedly, standing up to pick a card.
Everyone watched him as he read it out. “Tell us one secret about you: one dirty secret.”
Everyone giggled as they waited expectantly. “Well, what can I say. I once worked as a stripper before I started my basketball career.” He said directly to Tori who was feeling uneasy
While everyone shouted, Tori gasped. To see him unclothed and playing around poles seductively…that would make all her dreams come true. It was the best dirty secret ever.
Kaylie was having so much fun and she raised her hands. “I will go next.” Immediately she said this, Anne and Tori exchanged glances and she picked a card.
Excitedly, she picked up a card.
Tori watched as the excitement in her eyes vanished and she looked….inexplicable.
“Well, care to read it out?”
Chase looked at both Tori and Anne, wondering what in God’s name they had written there.
“Well, Kaylie, we are waiting. This is a game, remember?”
Kaylie frowned and looked at Chase who was sitting just on the next couch while there was no one at her right except the only empty couch in the room.
“Can you read it out or should I help you read it?” Anne asked.
Everyone in the giggled except Chase and Kaylie.
Chase glared at Tori. They didn’t have to put that, did they?
“Well, there’s someone beside you. All you have to do is kiss him.” Anne explained.
“But, he’s your boyfriend isn’t he?” Kaylie asked.
“Yea, but this is a game and you have to do according to the rule. I don’t mind.” Anne replied.
“ Unless you want me to help you.” Tori pitched in, right next to her was Nick looked quite eager to kiss her.
Chase sighed as he realized how much difficulty this was giving Kaylie. “It’s just a game Kaylie, it doesn’t mean we are back together or anything, if you don’t want to.” He said quietly to her.
“Okay, I will do it. It’s a kiss, that’s all.” He stood up as everyone waited.
Tori held Anne as they watched breathlessly if she was going to do that or not.
Chase couldn’t get his eyes off her as she leaned in closer to him brushed her lips against his cheek.
“That’s it done,” Kaylie said, finally breathing.
“No way.” The rest shouted.
“What do you mean by that?” Kaylie demanded.
“hot passionate kiss is different from a peck. You need to do it right. But I can help you as I said. ” Tori emphasized.
Kaylie looked from Nick to Tori, she didn’t really care about those two. But how would she kiss someone she was trying to get over and who she badly actually wanted to kiss but yet was feeling so uncomfortable toO? It was just …ugh!
“Maybe I should just drain my cup.” She said reluctantly.
“No way.” Tori blurted. Standing up. “You remember the last time you drank?”
Kaylie scoffed, trying hard not to look at Chase. “Yea, well, I..” Before she knew it, Chase’s lips were on hers. He was kissing her, right in front of everyone, right in front of his girlfriend and his tongue..oh, his tongues tasted so delicious. She wanted to pull herself away before she lost herself in the moment but she couldn’t, she wanted more…maybe it was okay to do this time maybe she could just lose herself, maybe….but then he pulled away.
“That is how to do it right.” He breathed into her ear, making her weak
Everywhere roared with laughter while some banged on the table.
“That is what I’m talking about,” Luke screamed.
Kaylie sighed as she went back to her seat. She could taste him and she realized how badly she had missed him.
The game continued and she had no idea who was picking what anymore. Everything else was dead to her except for Chase. She kept looking at him as he laughed and joked with the rest while she sat still. The way he smiled, his laughter, his smell…his taste….she had missed everything. He still made her heart beat faster, he still make her legs grow weak, he was still the only one who would make her speechless…like now. Why didn’t she forgive him all this while? Why did she waste time all this while? why didn’t she give him the time to explain so she could forgive him. Someone slammed the table and she snapped out of her thoughts.
“Who’s next?” Tori asked.
“You are,” Nick replied.
“Wow, it’s my turn already, yaay.” Tori stood up and picked a card. “GIVE SOMEONE IN HERE A LAP DANCE without touching.”
Anne screamed. “me, me, me!”
Kaylie smiled as Tori looked at her as if trying to ask for permission and she nodded.
“Get ready Nick, cos I’m going to give you the baddest lap dance ever.” She said proudly, laughing.
Nick adjusted his seat and Tori walked in between them, turning her back to him .. “remember, do not touch me, if you touch me that will be the end.”
“No problem, you know I’m a good dancer too,” Nick replied but kept quiet as Tori began to wine and grin her butts all up in his face, everyone was shouting. Finally, she was done and she walked back to her place.
“Next is me,” Anne said, picking a card. “WHO DO YOU ADMIRE MOST IN THE ROOM AND WHO WOULD YOU RATHER BE LOCKED UP WITH IN A ROOM FOR A NIGHT? My God, why do I get the longest one?”
“Answer!” Tori shouted.
“Well, the person I admire most in the room as you would guess is my baby boo …” She said standing up and walking towards Chase to sit on his laps.
“Awwww” Tori chorused.
“But I would love to be locked up in a room with Luke here. I heard that Doctors could be very bad.”
“Word!!” Nick and Chase shouted at the same time to Luke who was raking with laughter.
“Chase, you are the next baby,” Anne said, standing up so he could pick his card.
As soon as Chase read that out, Kaylie’s heart skipped a beat.
“Well, I had virtually many romantic moments, but there was one where I met a lady who had been my friend for a long time and whom I asked to be my girlfriend. The day she said yes was my most romantic moment because I can still remember we were both in the rain and our clothes were soaked and I had an umbrella but, I just couldn’t use it. Then we had our first kiss, right there in the rain.

“Awwww…”Everyone in the room chorused.
Kaylie’s heart was coming back to normal. He was talking about them and the day she had agreed to be his girlfriend. It was her most romantic moment too and it gladdened her heart that he still saw it as a special moment between them.
As Chase leaned back, he caught Kaylie starring at him but he acted otherwise. Everything was working perfectly because right there, she was smiling and was looking at him but he instead, looked away.



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