After a while, Omolara told the family she was going home and David offered to drive her home. Utmost silence reigned in the car while it glided through the tarred road.

“David, I know you are mad at me and you have every reason to be. I was only trying to help, I didn’t mean to hurt you.” Omolara said.

“It’s not that am mad at you, am just surprised you could do such a thing. ” David said.
“David am sorry, I just thought there are other ways to sort things out apart from you leaving your family,” Lara said.

“You don’t want me to leave my parents or you don’t want me to leave the country? ”
“What do you mean? ” Lara asked.
“Why don’t you just admit it that you don’t want me to leave because you were scared you will die of boredom.”

He joked and Omolara smiled.

“Naughty boy, do you think I don’t have any life before I met you? ” She said.

“But I know you can’t survive a day without me. On a serious note, I wasn’t really happy to travel. Since I came back a whole lots of things have drawn my interest in this dear country and I don’t want to leave them behind.” David said.

“Things like what, my dear Yankee friend.” She asked.
“Well first, the lovely weather. I mean no freezing snow here, it rains normally. Second the hustle and bustle of this city I so much love it. ”

“Wait, while everyone complains about the stress of this city, you actually love it? How bizarre of you. And the third? ” She asked.
“You will have to search into my mind with a good flashlight to discover that. ” He said.
“Silly boy”. Lara hit him with her palm jokingly.

The car grind to a halt opposite Omolara house.
“Finally, we are home. ” David said.
“David are you sure you are not still mad at me?” Omolara asked.
“Maybe I am but it would soon pass.”
“My sincere apology.” She hugged him.

The moment their body met, the flame of passion inside David was ignited. When their bodies were to part, David’s lips found its way on Omolara’s and they kissed passionately. When David later came to his senses, he halted the game of passion.

“This is not right, am very sorry for that. Am deeply sorry. ” David pleaded with guilt written all over him.
“It’s alright, I need to go now. ” She opened the door and left while David drove away.

David managed to drive himself safely home. His mind was terribly troubled about what he did to Omolara. What in heaven’s name had he drunk to make him do such a thing? Although he felt some kind of sensation when they kissed what about the lady? What if she felt embarrassed?” He thought.

David picked up his phone and dialed the lady’s number. It rang, rang and rang but he heard no human voice. He tried it again but still, she didn’t pick up.
“I have finally hurt the only friend I have left. How foolish of me to have kissed her. ” David thought.

Omolara was sitting on the bed with tears slowly falling down her face. She was holding her phone while it rang with David’s call but she couldn’t pick it. Even though she really wanted to pick the call and tell him how wonderful she felt to have been kissed by him but she couldn’t. Although his kiss was a bit amateurish Omolara couldn’t help devouring those innocent lips of his.

She wished the kiss would last forever but was sad when David stopped it. He had to, those pretty lips of his weren’t meant to be kissed by a lady like her, they were meant for someone special.


Written by Oluwafunminiyi Komolafe


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