“We had so much fun, thank you so much.” Luke was addressing Tori as they were stepping out of the house.
“You are welcome, I am glad you had lots of fun, I hope we can do this again,” Tori replied.
“Yea, I would love to come around again,” Luke replied. “Nick, are you coming?”
“Yea, I will catch up with you,” Nick replied before facing Tori. “So, Tori, this had been fun.”
“Yea” Tori replied. “Stripper hun?” She asked.
“Yea. Is it weird?”
“Nope. In fact, I would love to see you in the costume.” She replied, moving closer to him as he pulled her closer.
“I like you Tori and I don’t think I’ve met a girl like you.”
“Really? Well, that’s because there is no girl like me anywhere.”
They both chuckled.
“I will come back or probably we can run into each other sometimes.”
Tori was surprised. He didn’t even ask for her number.
“Don’t be angry that I didn’t ask for your number.” He said as if reading her mind, but I feel like there is something going on between you, Anne, Kaylie and that guy Chase and I don’t wanna be caught In the middle of it. So once you achieve whatever thing you are aiming for….” He dipped his hands in his pocket and brought out a card. “..give me a call.” He said before kissing her on the cheek.
Tori smiled and took the card.”Goodnight.” She watched as he left and she locked the door after her.
As she turned around, she found Anne who was holding a card in her hand excitedly.
“Luke gave you his card?”
“Yea. He said to call him once I ditch my fake boyfriend.”
Tori gasped. “He knew as well?”
“It beats me. I thought we were so good. How come everyone knew what we were up to?” Anne asked.
“I don’t know.” She walked closer to Anne and whispered. “How about the two lovebirds?”
“Still at the lounge,” Anne replied.
“Are they hooking up already?”
Anne glared at her. “Seriously? No. They are just talking.”
“Well, talking is good too,” Tori replied, taking a seat while Anne did the same.
“You know, I have had so many friends but, you rock,” Tori confessed.
“Really? Wow! I’m impressed.” Anne replied.
“Although I must confess, running on a wedding day, that was still a bitchy thing to do.”
Anne smiled. “Well, I’ve paid for it already. Will you stop talking about it already?”
“Okay, I will.”
“Good. “
“You want a beer?”
“Yea, okay, coming right up,” Tori said, standing up and walking out of the room.
Kaylie laughed at Chase’ stupid jokes.
“I think I’m drunk because those jokes are the most stupid jokes I have ever heard.”
“Hey! That hurt my feelings.”Chase replied, drinking from his glass.
“Sorry but it’s the truth.” She stood up. “I had a great time tonight. It was fun.” She said, handing him back his jacket.
“Yea, me too.” He replied. Then they were both quiet. Chase thought this could be a good time to explain to her…
“Urm Kaylie, I am sorry about everything that happened between us, I was just…”
“Noo….do, please. I think we just started talking and we are okay and it doesn’t matter anymore does it?”
Chase sighed. “I just thought you really need to know what happened that made me….”
“Noo..i don’t want to know Chase. Please, it will only make things worse between us. Now we are both good, let’s not ruin it.” She said, picking up her bag.
“I’m leaving the island tomorrow. “ He declared, to see her reaction. At first, she looked surprised but then covered it up.
“Okay. I got to go home.Goodnight.” She walked hurriedly out of the lounge and bumped into Tori who was carrying two bottles of beer.
“Hey, babe. Are you going already?”
“Yea.” She answered hurriedly, trying not to betray her emotions.
“Hey, are you okay?” Tori asked.
“Yes, can you please sleep over tonight?”
“Sure. I will come once the rest leave.”
“Okay, goodnight.
“Wait, you don’t want me to see you off?”
She didn’t reply as she was already out of the house.
Shortly after, Chase came out.
“What happened between you two ?” She asked.
“I told her I will be leaving tomorrow,” Chase replied.
Okay so did you two work things out?” Anne asked, coming out of the room.
“She just left hurriedly,” Chase replied.
Before Tori could talk, Anne’s phone rang and she picked it. “Hello….” She closed the receiver side and whispered. “It’s Luke”
“Loudspeaker,” Tori said, moving closer to her side.
They all could hear Luke’s voice. “Urm. I don’t know why I’m calling but I want to try my luck, how much will you be interested in getting locked in the room with me tonight?”
Tori almost laughed out loud but she cautioned herself.
“Well, let me see….a hundred percent,” Anne replied excitedly.
“Okay, dress up, I ‘ ll meet you by the beachside”
The call ended and the two ladies screamed.
“God! I love that! That is how to do it!” Tori shouted. “I am so jealous.”
“Bye guys,” Anne said quickly, rushing out of the house.
Tori looked at the unopened bottles of beer in her hand. “You want one?” she was addressing Chase.
“No. If I leave here tomorrow without her, Tori, I will relocate to another city. I think I have tried. I’m hitting the beach.”




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