Lost Stuff Don’t Have to Be a Way of Life: A Bunch of Tiles Are On Sale Today

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If you’re sick and tired of losing your keys, your AirPods, your Roomba, your cat, or anything else, a handful of Tile device trackers are on sale right now, now with (clouds part, heavenly choir rains down to Earth) replaceable batteries.

First up, you can get two Tile Mates (with replaceable batteries) and two Tile Slims (with non-replaceable batteries) for $47, down from the usual $70. Or, if you just want the keychain-friendly Tile Mates, you can get four for $50, down from the usual $60.

If you want to step up to the Tile Pro, with double the volume and double the range (300′ vs. 150′), you can pick up a single one for $29 (down from $35), or a set of two for $47 (down from $60). And yes, these have easily replaceable batteries as well.

Source: https://kinjadeals.theinventory.com/lost-stuff-dont-have-to-be-a-way-of-life-a-bunch-of-ti-1833833072


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