Sun radio has been one of the most widely listened to. Its wide coverage and interesting programmes were what endeared its listeners. Anita was at the studio with a presenter, listening as her song was being played on air. She had been meticulous when deciding on which media she would use for promotion of her just released songs. After carefully considering cost and other factors, she had eventually selected Sun radio. She told her manager about it and he raised no objection.

When the music was about reaching its end, the presenter stopped it and began his interview.
‘Darling listeners, that is the voice of Anita Okon you just listened to. She is a beautiful and bright vocalist, an energetic performer and a talented song writer.’ Said the presenter.
‘ Miss Anita, welcome to the show.’ He greated.
‘ Thank you, sir, Good afternoon listeners.’ She replied.
‘ That was a very powerful, spirited and inspiring song. What’s the title?.’
‘It’s titled “Lift me up” sir.’ She answered.

‘So tell us, what is the inspiration behind the song?’ The presenter asked again.
‘The inspiration came from my dire need of divine uplift and am sure everyone wants that.’
‘Indeed, especially me. If I may ask Anita do you have any other song aside this?’
‘Yes, I have another one titled “Fill my soul” ‘ She replied.
‘Please, can you sing that one for us right now, we want to hear your real voice.’ The presenter requested.
‘All right.’ She picked up her sonorous voice and started singing.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Segun with his manager were playing for their show in Abuja.
‘Nature we have planned everything but we are leaving something very important out.’ Benson said.
‘What is it?’ Segun asked.
‘The MC, we need a good MC to anchor the programme.’
‘That’s not a problem, I will talk to MC Dolly about it.’ Segun assured.

‘Why don’t we get a more famous MC to attract people?’ Benson suggested.
The radio around suddenly breaks with Anita’s voice singing beautifully.
‘Wait, Benson, this song sounds familiar.’ Segun went to raise the radio’s volume and Anita’s voice rented the air.
‘This is the lady I was talking about, she sat beside me on a plane to Abuja.’ Segun announced with pride.

‘She has a nice voice.’ Benson said.
‘Wait, why don’t we invite her to the show?’ Segun suggested.
‘Are you out of your mind, she is a gospel artist. What would she sing in such a show?’ Benson asked.
‘Don’t worry about that. I will have her at my show.’

The song from the radio stopped replaced by the voice of the presenter.
‘What a beautiful song you sang? You have a very good voice.’ The presenter said.
‘Thanks so much, sir.’ Anita replied.
‘Please drop your mobile number for those interested in calling you for performance or show.’ The presenter said and she called her number.

Segun carefully types the number on his mobile phone as it was being called.
‘I will give anything to have this angelic voice perform in my show.’ He said.
‘Nature hope you are not having an ulterior motive towards this Lady.’ Benson asked.
‘Why is your mind so dirty?’
‘That’s because I know you, my guy. You eat any meat you lay eyes on.’ Benson said.
‘Na u shabi.’


Oluwafunminiyi Komolafe



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