TANGLE (Episode 10)


Tangle (Episode 10)

It was afternoon, Jeffery sat down busy with his play station game. Malik had gone out to see a friend and get a few stuff for Helen.
‘Mr. Jeffery, please come here’ Helen called out suddenly from her room.
Jeffery left his game and went to answer her because she sounds frightened.
Opening the door Jeffery saw Helen putting on only bra and panties standing before the mirror.

‘Please, Mr. Jeff does this fit me’ she asked facing Jeff.
Jeffery immediately lost his sanity; his emotions took over his senses. He descended on her and put her to bed.
Malik came into the house with a big bag in his hand. He called for people at home but none answered. He went to check Helen in her room but when he opened the door he found her and his friend copulating.

‘What the hell are you doing?’ Malik roared angrily.
The two love makers finally let go of each other when they saw Malik standing at the doorstep. Helen suddenly busted into tears burying her head under the pillow.
‘What are you doing to her? Jeffery!’ He asked again with boiling blood.
Jeff couldn’t answer; he knew he shouldn’t have committed such an atrocity but he was bewitched by her nakedness.
‘Am sorry Malik…’ he said but before he could finish the sentence, Malik silenced him with a blow.

Jeff was surprised by this, ever since they had been together, they have never engaged with each other in physical combat. Malik descended on him again, this time more fierce than the first. The blow had a terrible impact on him. Blood dripped from the small opening at the edge of Jeffery’s lips, an opening created by Malik’s blow.
Seeing blood on his mouth, Jeffery became consumed with vengeance; he dashed at his friend and slammed him against the wall. Malik tried to get up but Jeff came at him kicking again and again. When he finally got a hold of himself, Malik grabbed the flower vase on the table and smashed it on Jeffery.
Jeffery went down with blood gushing out from his head.


Written by Oluwafunminiyi Komolafe


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