How to protect yourself from pickpockets. Tricks and tricks that they most often go to


There is nothing better than a journey. As a rule, it allows us to get out of the daily routine and just enjoy the sights, new culture and delicious food.

Unfortunately, some tourists face rather unpleasant situations. You can often hear that experienced pickpockets are operating in places of a large crowd of tourists. Naturally, if you lose your wallet, your impression of a vacation will be a bit spoiled. In order to avoid this and travel with a free mind and without fear, you need to know exactly how pickpockets work.

“Accidental collision”

Usually this trick is reproduced in prestigious places with high maneuverability. As a rule, pickpockets go hunting with a drink in their hands and accidentally crash into you and shed everything. Including concern, the quacks apologize, start wiping wet clothes. As a rule, there will be several of his partners around you who will create a noise and start screaming, trying to help you. Naturally, an ordinary person will be discouraged. Taking advantage of this condition, you are robbed. If you find yourself in such a situation, after something is shed on you, squeeze your pockets, take the bag in your hands and drive away the thieves. Do not let anyone help you.


“Kind heart”

One of the best places for pickpockets is the metro station. Trains are a popular form of transport in almost all countries of the world. Pickpockets often visit metro stations, taking advantage of the large crowds of people and the carelessness of individuals. The thief can pretend that something happened to him, while people will try to help him, accomplices will begin to rob the pockets. It is important to be vigilant, and if you want to help someone, make sure that your wallet is in a safe place, in addition, do not leave your bags unattended.


Another popular trick that pickpockets use at subway stations. Basically, they are purposefully trying to pull out wallets from inattentive people. This trick is that a thief can cut a small hole in your pocket and pull out something valuable, be it a wallet or a phone. Almost all pickpockets use large crowds. It is advisable to hide your wallet in the inside pocket of your jacket or jacket.

“Beautiful girl” 

This trick is mainly aimed at young men who are easily distracted when there is a beautiful woman nearby. In such situations, a gorgeous woman with a huge neckline stands next to a man receiving money from an ATM, and before he can actually take the money, the lady opens up a little more of her body. While the man is busy looking at her, an accomplice can quickly grab the money and run away. Sometimes thieves manage to steal a credit card from an inattentive young man.

“Back to back”

You are sitting in a cafe, enjoying the weather or a beautiful day, but after you want to pay the bill, suddenly you discover that the wallet is gone. Many people have experienced these unpleasant emotions. Because of the inability to protect yourself from theft, such situations often occur. And how did it happen? As a rule, while performing this stunt, pickpockets sit back to back with the man who hung his coat or jacket over the back of the chair. Thus, the thieves get an excellent opportunity to rummage in their pockets in search of a phone or wallet. To avoid such situations, it is recommended to keep valuable items as close as possible to the body so that no one except you can access them.


When you are on a trip to another country, try not to withdraw money at night or in places where there are not so many people. In such situations, innocent people are robbed by a group of thieves, usually young people who pretend not to know each other. In fact, they are just waiting for the moment when they can attack their prey. As soon as a person who wants to withdraw money, enters his PIN-code into an ATM, young people forcefully drag him aside or distract him while their friends enter the largest amount that can be withdrawn and run away with cash in hand.

“Let’s take a selfie”

This is a modern trick that allows pickpockets to pull out wallets in crowded places. In this trick, several pickpockets pretend to be photographed with you. At this time, their associates may begin to rummage in your pockets. In addition, some particularly tricky pickpockets may ask you to take a picture of them while you hold the camera, their friend snatches your suitcase or pulls a wallet out of your pocket, of course, you will not immediately chase him with someone else’s device, which will give him time to hide.

“Helpless old woman”

It is difficult to find a person who would not like to help an innocent old woman, however, the experience of many tourists revealed that not all of them are as sweet and innocent as they seem. After you have helped the pretty granny to cross the road or go up the stairs, check your pockets to see if your watch and all the contents of the bag are in place. Sometimes, pretending to be helpless, sly grannies use deceiving hands to rob naive tourists.


Escalators are the perfect place to steal wallets and valuables from people without their knowledge. As a rule, a step away from the escalator, the fraudsters “drop” something on the floor and begin to look for it, the people who bypass them create a crush, which are used by other accomplices. At this time, making their way through the flow of people, they start fumbling in the pockets of inattentive passersby.

“Focus with table”

You probably already heard dozens of times that mobile phones and wallets do not need to be left on the table while you are eating in a strange place. And not without reason. Pickpockets get good money thanks to this habit. They can just grab your things and run away or come up and start a dialogue, confuse you so that you will find the loss in just a few minutes. Thieves can turn this trick in the most sophisticated ways, therefore, in order not to attract their attention, keep valuable things as close to the body as possible.

“Two Thieves”

You walk down the street and suddenly you hear someone nearby shouting: “Thief!” What will you do first? Most people talk about inspecting their pockets to make sure everything is in place. It is worth considering that cunning thieves know that all your valuables have not gone away, it is just a trick to see exactly where your wallet or mobile phone is located. As a rule, pickpockets then track down their victims, catch the right moment and rob them.


Over the years, pickpockets have become more sophisticated in their illegal affairs, some of them have begun to resort to terrible tricks that put people in a light shock or simply distract attention. Sometimes they can throw fireworks under the feet of passersby to divert their attention.

As a rule, if a person was subjected to the effect of surprise or was completely shocked, then he becomes more vulnerable. This is what thieves use. Travel points around the world make it as accessible as possible so that travelers enjoy and relax. However, if the tourist was robbed, it leaves a sharply negative impression of the holiday. In order not to get caught on the hook of the robbers, you need to be alert.

Spread the entire amount of the holiday on several parts, do not carry with you all your money, it is at least rash. No need to lose vigilance, but you should not walk in constant tension. Remember that the cunning of thieves knows no bounds, sometimes they show incredible creativity. Follow simple safety rules and your vacation will be held at the highest level.


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