While a lot of gaming consoles had been out, choosing the best or the most preferable is something so difficult for a lot of gamers. But here, we’ve been able to choose the best consoles accordingly for our viewers to choose from. Here is the list of the Top Ten gaming consoles ever.

The PlasyStation 4 Pro which is an upgrade of the original PlayStation 4 is a console which is stronger, has a more powerful graphics chip, has a CPU which is faster and extra memory for developers.
As there are no much differences between the PS4 Pro and the original PS4. Where as, the PS4 Pro and the original PS4 are similar in the case of the same HDMI (which has gotten a boost to support 4k), Ethernet, PlayStation camera ports and digital optical audio.
Little differences can also be spotted in the WiFi chipset which has been boosted to 802.11ac, the new USB3.0 which is new to PS4 Pro, more hard drive access and a few centimeters bigger than the original PS4 in all directions.

Nintendo switch possesses a unique quality which makes it different from most consoles, being a gaming device that could be played at home as well as on the go.
Nintendo switch could attract third party support that other consoles like XBOX ONE and PS4 could and also support independent games.
Switch is a console made from glass, metal and matte plastic. Asides being portable and mobile, Switch have a battery life up to six hours with a memory of 32GB.
Switch though isn’t capable of full HD resolution but can give a viewer’s delight with it’s 720p display. Coming along with a box of Nintendo Switch are two Joy-Cons controller that sits on the two sides of the Switch’s screen.

The XBOX ONE X is regarded as the most powerful gaming console ever with 1TB hard drive.
It gives a perfect view when connected to a 4K TV with an unmatched HDR visuals and a speedy performance. Using this console with HD TV will only reduce it’s capabilities because it is preferably and originally made for 4K TVs.
In terms of size, the One X is pretty smaller than the One S, a previous product from Microsoft.
In similarity with the One S, it has 2x HDMI, 3x USB, plus Ethernet and digital audio ports with an identically speeced. It has eight 2.3GHZ processor cores paired with a six teraflop graphics process and 12GB of GDDR5 RAM.

Truthfully, if you are looking for the ultimate console excellence, this isn’t it, it is the PS4 Pro.
But yet, the PS4 slim which is the most affordable of the PS4 range is a 3.9cm tall console which best explains it’s name.
Compared to the original PS4, the slim is better in the sense that, it’s quieter and usefully smaller than the original. The controllers are also tiny a d handy tweaked.
But it’s disadvantage compared to the original PS4 is the unavailability of optical output which gives no room for audio connection to either TV or home cinema.

The XBOX ONE S is one of the consoles with the best designs. It comes in a white plastic box, beautifully made for enticement.
Xbox One S will rather be used with a 4K TV since it is sold on it’s 4K and high dynamic range capabilities. Which means the Xbox One S has an HDMI 2.0a port that enables a 4K 60Hz output.
This console has a Blu-ray drive and supports streaming of 4K from Netflix, Amazon and also from a disc. It has a 2TB hard drive and new IR blaster.

This is a virtual reality gaming console. It’s space is a 15x15ft box which let’s you move around the virtual world. Vive is a console which engages the player through movements and action as long as there is enough space in the room to allow a free and wider movement, at least, a 1.5x2m space is well enough.
Vive has an amazing screen with two 1080×1200 OLED screen, pumping frames at 90Hz. With it is a motion controller which becomes your swords, guns, hands or any other thing needed when in VR.

Officially known as PCH- 2000 has a battery life up to six hours. It is lighter and feels more comfortable in hand than the original Vita. It has a 512MB of RAM and 1GB of internal memory.
Vita Slim can only connect to the internet through WiFi and an LCD touchscreen being a downgrade to the original Vita’s 3G connectivity and OLED touchscreen.
In terms of entertainment,you can watch movies and listen to music stored on the memory with the Vita Slim. You have access to streaming apps such as YouTube, Netflixa and a live chat app, Skype with the aid of it’s rear and front camera.

This is a handheld, 3D screen console which has a tiny camera above the top screen and follows the eyes of the gamer to adjust the image adequately.
It’s graphics are well below expectations and the 3D effect isn’t as sharp as it should be.
3D XL has twice as much as the RAM and faster processor than the older generation, 3DS.
The top screen is 4.88 inches while the bottom measures a 4.18 inches. It also gives access to video streaming applications, the Nintendo’s eShop and a web browser.

This console is a 6 inch touchscreen that allows to draw and select items from the Wii U controller and send to the TV.
It is a complete console hardware which supports HD games, has good viewing angles and sizes a 10.5×6.8 inches.
With Wii U, games can be played on TV, the controller being the secondary screen and games can also be played without the TV, choices made by the gamer of using either of the two of options or combining both

PlayStation 3 comes with a single wireless DualShock 3 controller which connects via Bluetooth wirelessly.
Occupying the controller are 4 shoulder triggers, 2 analog sticks, 4 action buttons which comes in different shapes and 4 directional buttons.
The PlayStation 3 supports streaming services such as Netflix, Amazon, YouTube etc, and sport contents also. It has features such as HDMI, composite video outputs for HD TVs. It also supports Blu-ray and DVDs. Has a low RAM of 256MB, two USB 2.0 ports used to charge the wireless controllers and connect storage.


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