10 Reasons Why Many Nigerian Youths Are Supporting Naira Marley

Nigerian born and breed artiste NAIRA MARLEY is sure going through one hell of a roller-coaster period of his life. Charged, and at the face of 7 years imprisonment if found guilty of alleged theft and credit card fraud.
And as we all know Naira Marley is one out of many in Nigerians involved in this so called “crime” .  A lot of people have aired their opinion concerning Fraudsters and Yahoo Yahoo as the case maybe, These crimes have rooted so deeply in third world countries like Nigeria where the real issues causing rot in her nation is swept aside. Those involved in cyber-crime many youths feel should be the least in the chain of those to be dealt with yet.
10. EVERY YOUTH IN NIGERIA IS VULNERABLE-  What makes you or any one in Nigeria think as a youth you ain’t exposed to being attacked and abused physically and emotionally in the hands of the anti theft guys who we have seen in most cases kill and harass innocent youths for crimes they knew absolutely nothing about?  Naira Marley happens to be a a victim in the hands of EFCC , they’d hope will tackle more critical crimes.
9.  DON’T KILL THE DREAM – Naira Marley is a young artiste making waves for some time now. Somehow he is a mentor to many out there. Some of his songs brings excitement  and inspiration to others. He is an embodiment of realness and talent.
8. HE IS A VOICE – He has in his own style, lend his voice in creating awareness for the street. He is for those struggling to make a living by all means to make ends meet.
7.  NOBODY HOLY PASS – This is Nigeria! Everybody be criminal. Our politicians are as guilty as charged. So is NAIRA MARLEY. So are you. Nobody holy pass. If you are against NAIRA MARLEY. You should be against yourself and our leaders.
6. JUVENILE DELINQUENCY – Can we give this juvenile a chance and a benefit of doubt that he just might be into this mess because of the typical excuse that he needed other means of survival in a not so wise way.
5. POLITICIANS VS NAIRA MARLEY – The average politician is as greedy af! The funniest thing is many of them fighting corruption are also corrupt. But NAIRA MARLEY isn’t a politician . He is a puppy ninja!
4. HE’S CURIOUS . HE WANTS ANSWERS – In NAIRA’s recent album , he asked WHY?! Why many of his so called friends aren’t there for him when he needs them. How they show no concern until he uploads a picture on his status. Friends that may have benefited from him at some point. Sad. He’d need genuine friends now more than ever.
3. NAIRA MARLEY IS A MARLIAN – Marlians have no manaz. Yes, he is a legend too. He deserves some respect and a chance to express himself if there is enough freedom at all indeed.
2. HE WAS SNITCHED – News has it that lack of communications and misinterpretation amongst NAIRA MARLEY, SIMI, and TUNDE EDNUT instigated his arrest. Even though he didn’t exactly mean what he said in his ” yahoo yahoo” song .The above names rather than constructively re -advise him, took him straight down to his dungeon.
1. TREAT THE PROBLEM, TREAT NAIRA MARLEY – Sometimes the right question/way to go in tasking the government is by demanding that practical steps should be followed and put in place to end internet fraud. By creating more employment, granted opportunities, delivering comprehensive lectures on the negative impact fraudulent acts can cause, supporting artistes, and welfarism in all sectors. The government needs to approach the problem not the damage it has already caused.
PS – This writer does not in any way support cyber-crime . JAIL IS REAL .
Written by : Olubunmi Faniyan.



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